Since 2002, Antique Boat America has become renowned for offering high quality, one of a kind Antique and Classic boats. Antique Boat America will work to get you the best price possible for your boat and will provide you with the maximum exposure. Remember we do not make any money unless we bring you the eventual buyer of your boat.

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Buying an Antique or Classic boat usually involves a significant financial investment. When buying a house you would normally use a real estate broker and when you close on this house you would also utilize a lawyer. We do not contend to be lawyers but WE CAN HELP with your acquisition when it comes to buying wooden boats !!!

1. Antique Boat America .com has resources available to us that can assist in your search or sale of your wooden boat. This normally includes but is not limited to accessing other buyers and sellers of wooden boat across the US and Canada. Our breadth of contacts can many times speed your effort by allowing us to use our wealth of contacts.

2. We can assist in your selection of a wooden boat by clearly defining your needs and requirements and by providing you with information. The net result is that you have a better understanding of what you are looking for and more information to better evaluate the options.

3. We can help in the negotiation part of the process. There are many facets to the negotiation process which extend far beyond the final selling price. These sometimes include, date of possession, payment terms, delivery, warranty, insurance, repairs, transfer of funds, transfer of title and date of closing.

4. We can provide valuable information about many ancillary services such as marine surveying, insurance, repairs, transport, dockage, market trends and wooden boat restorers.

5. We can assist you in evaluating the market and establishing a fair price after you have received your survey and help you navigate the information that you have obtained.

6. We can assist you in navigating the world of title�s and registrations. Did you know that trailers in South Carolina DO NOT need to be registered? With past owners and varying degrees of rules around the country, this can be a confusing time and it may be comforting to have someone working for you AFTER the sale.

7. We are the LARGEST broker of Antique and Classic Boats in the country and receive an extraordinary number of visitors to our site every day. Hundreds of potential buyers have our web site tagged as a favorite site and return to the site frequently so that they can view the boats recently added to our site. We also work with numerous brokers, restorers and private individuals who have buyers and sellers looking for their next boat. Access to these people and this information can drastically improve the chances of selling your boat or finding your boat quickly and with confidence.

8. We DO NOT make any money unless we help you buy or sell a boat. This method of selling involves a risk that is exclusive to our organization. The development of our site and ongoing maintenance is expensive and significant. We offer this effort to you at no cost unless a sale is successful. This ensures that your goal and our goal are the same and in sync.

9. We can handle all of the phone calls and questions fielded by prospective buyers and also offer a 20,000 sq. ft. Showroom in Clayton, New York where boats can be offered for sale throughout the year and without any effort or inconvenience on your part.

10. We know how to promote your boat. We advertise in National Magazines, Local Newsletters within the Antique and Classic Boat Society and do this all at NO COST to you. We are working to locate a boat or sell your boat while you are at work or at play and thus giving you more free time.

11. We can help you evaluate every buyer�s proposal without compromising the negotiation or changing your marketing position.

12. We help with the paperwork and ensure that a legally binding agreement is struck which serves both parties fairly. This ensures a win-win for both parties and lets everyone leave the transaction feeling satisfied.

13. Our commission is 10% of the selling price of any boat that we sell. This reasonable fee is paid by the current owner of the boat. In the event that your boat is valued at or below $ 5000 we would ask for a minimum of $ 500 commission. Buyers receive all of the benefits of our site and experience at no cost to themselves and enjoy the information and data on our site to aid in a successful search.

14. In any transaction involving large amounts of money, there can be many unforeseen issues and possible pitfalls that may affect the outcome. Simply put, we are there to help make this transaction succeed given that both parties feel that this is the right opportunity for them.

Whether buying or selling a wooden boat we ask that you seriously consider a broker, whether it is Antique Boat or another qualified individual in our arena. We can save you time, save you money, relieve stress, anxiety and simplify the process for both the buyer and seller.

Have questions??

Pick up the phone and call us directly at 613-720-0449 and let�s talk about wooden boats. We love wooden boats and it shows ! All you have to do is to give us an opportunity to represent you or your boat and let us show you what we can do.