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Between $10,000 and $25,000 Boats - 354 found

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15 Ft. Feet 1959 Dorsett Eldorado

Complete ground-up restoration completed 2006.

17 Feet 1947 Higgins Speedster

Details to come

17-foot 1969 Larson All-American

This is a one owner boat that was garage kept it's entire life. Mr. Smoot (yes that's his real name) bought her brand new in 1969 for his family to fish and ski with. After his children grew up and left home, no one in the family had an interest in her anymore so he winterized her and stored her in his garage for the past 21 years. About 4 months ago, he gave the boat to his granddaughter to do with what she pleased. She didn't have any use for the boat so she put it on the internet for sale. I restore antique boats for a hobby. I was just browsing for my next project and came across an ad that said "old boat for sale ran good 20 years ago make me an offer." The picture was of a V hull under an old dusty canvas boat cover. I called the number and all she knew about it was her grandfather bought it new and took her mom and the other kids fishing and skiing with it and it had a car motor in it. I asked her if I could come look at it. So the next afternoon I pull into her driveway to find a 1969 17 foot Larson 166 All American that was in pristine condition with a 3.0 Mercruiser engine and a spotless Alpha 1 Mercruiser outdrive. I made her a fair offer, told her what I planned on doing with it and waited on her reply. She looked at me with eyes tearing up and said I will be right back. I thought boy I just screwed this up. In about 10 minutes she came back out of her house smiling from ear to ear. Just then a 1966 Chevy pick up pulled up with an elderly man and a middle aged (mid 50's, my age) man inside. It was her dad and her grandfather, Mr. Smoot! After introductions, Mr. Smoot looked me dead in the eye, told me 20 stories about the boat and how they all loved her, especially his youngest daughter (the girl's mother). He said he only had one thing to ask me to do. Please make sure his daughter got to see the boat finished before I sell her. I agreed, shook all their hands and left. She will get to see her today, not a picture but my wife and I are taking Belle (that's what they named her) over to her house so she can see the boat brought back to life. So here's what is for sale: New upholstered seats on the original frames (all done right here in Bristol, TN, U.S.A.). New white side panels on the ORIGINAL top, done at the same upholstery shop and still soft as it was the day it was made. (I went with white side panels to give it that extra classic look.) The floor in this boat is solid with no soft spots or rot. New EVA 3M marine faux teakwood non-slip flooring. New carpet in the bow/forward storage area and on the side storage areas. Brand new upholstery on the rear jump seats done in 2010 when the family thought they were going to restore the seats but something halted this idea and they were stored in plastic bags inside cardboard boxes. I didn't have them recovered to preserve the originality of the boat. All new light switches and wiring up front. New light bulbs in the bow and stern lights and the instrument lights. They all work. Original Taylormade spot light that is super bright. ORIGINAL FACTORY TRAIN HORNS that are SUPER LOUD. New bilge blower, blower tubes and switch. New fuel line from tank to carburetor. New brass fuel shut-off ball valve. Two new fuel filters, a canister type before the pump and a Holly clear glass water separator before the carb. New rear view mirror. Replaced old mechanical fuel pump with new electric fuel pump. Carburetor rebuild. New spark plugs, points, condenser and spark plug wires. Fresh oil and filter change. Three new, brushed stainless motor cover hinges. The transom in this boat is solid inside and out. All chrome parts on this boat are factory original. The wind shield is original with excellent clarity and minimum fine scratches. The paint and gel coat are in excellent condition and high gloss. The hull has minimal bottom scratches and side scratches. [I only do quality restorations on boats with good bones. If it's safe enough for my grandchildren to be in, then it's safe for anyone. My wife and I did all of the work to this boat except the upholstery, including 20 hours of buffing and waxing. She's a beautiful , great running , great riding boat with no issues. Thank you for looking, Tam and Dave]

27 Feet 1961 Chris-Craft

Chelsea, a 1961, 27-foot Chris-Craft Sea Skiff is a great day boat that you can camp out in with a fully cushioned V-birth. She is a pleasure to drive and with her mahogany transom attracts attention where ever she goes. She can easily carry six for an evening cruise and with her powerful eight-cylinder engine confidently glide over the water at 20 knots. The handsome engine box in the middle of her roomy nine foot by 12-foot aft deck makes a picture perfect platform for cocktail making and a full-on appetizer spread. Chelsea is a rare find and a beautiful example of the Chris-Craft brand of storied workmanship, attention to detail and Great Lakes style. Her timeless design with extra wide seats up front, a cozy cabin and large aft deck with a wide bench seat in the rear has many newer boats sharing Chelsea’s same layout, for example see the Fortier 26 at six times the price. Constructed of 1/2 inch plywood, she is solid bottom with no structural issues whatsoever and powered by a V-8, 300 hp Crusader engine. The hull was painted last year with some touch ups inside. She comes with a lot of equipment including a 5-inch Garmin GPS, dripless stuffing box, dock lines, porta potty, compass, anchor and rode, fenders, complete cushions for her cabin, compass, transom cover, waterproof bimini, plastic side curtains, radio, antenna, 60-gallon gas tank, wooden swim ladder, and more. While she has been meticulously cared for by her present owner of seven years, like many boats of her vintage problems crop up. At end of the 2020 season the lifters began making noise and need to be replaced. This past summer (2020) my wife and I took her on a seven-day cruise from Darien, Connecticut, on Long Island Sound , out to Block Island and back To Sag Harbor before returning home to Western Long Island Sound. She’s got legs. Chelsea is an beautiful example of an early 60s Sea Skiff and after looking all around Long Island and up and down The Sound, I haven't seen another in half as good shape. I’m a private seller and want to see Chelsea go to a good home and considering her lifter problem is priced to sell. If you have questions inquire to the ABA website and give me a call. She is a really great boat and any offer will be considered.

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