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Between $10,000 and $25,000 Boats - 363 found

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27 ft Feet 1961 Chris-Craft

Chelsea, a 1961, 27-foot Chris-Craft Sea Skiff is a great day boat that you can camp out in with a fully cushioned V-birth. She is a pleasure to drive and with her mahogany transom attracts attention where ever she goes. She can easily carry six for an evening cruise and with her powerful eight-cylinder engine confidently glide over the water at 20 knots. The handsome engine box in the middle of her roomy nine foot by 12-foot aft deck makes a picture perfect platform for cocktail making and a full-on appetizer spread. Chelsea is a rare find and a beautiful example of the Chris-Craft brand of storied workmanship, attention to detail and Great Lakes style. Her timeless design with extra wide seats up front, a cozy cabin and large aft deck with a wide bench seat in the rear has many newer boats sharing Chelsea’s same layout, for example see the Fortier 26 at six times the price. Constructed of 1/2 inch plywood, she is solid bottom with no structural issues whatsoever and powered by a V-8, 300 hp Crusader engine. The hull was painted last year with some touch ups inside. She comes with a lot of equipment including a 5-inch Garmin GPS, dripless stuffing box, dock lines, porta potty, compass, anchor and rode, fenders, complete cushions for her cabin, compass, transom cover, waterproof bimini, plastic side curtains, radio, antenna, 60-gallon gas tank, wooden swim ladder, and more. While she has been meticulously cared for by her present owner of seven years, like many boats of her vintage problems crop up. At end of the 2020 season the lifters began making noise and need to be replaced. This past summer (2020) my wife and I took her on a seven-day cruise from Darien, Connecticut, on Long Island Sound , out to Block Island and back To Sag Harbor before returning home to Western Long Island Sound. She’s got legs. Chelsea is an beautiful example of an early 60s Sea Skiff and after looking all around Long Island and up and down The Sound, I haven't seen another in half as good shape. I’m a private seller and want to see Chelsea go to a good home and considering her lifter problem is priced to sell. If you have questions give me a call, I have the answers. She is a really great boat and any offer will be considered. John Nickerson 203 556-1096

18 Feet 2017 Slingerland

PERFECT FOR A MOONLIGHT CRUISE ON THE LAKE! QUIET, SAFE, DEPENDABLE, NO MAINTENANCE, ECONOMICAL ELECTRIC POWER! The "Little Dipper" is custom built, electric powered boat, based on the famous Disappearing Propeller Boat popular in the first half of the 20th century in Canada and the US.  These boats are the subject of a book entitled "The Greatest Little Motor Boat Afloat" (see one of the photos).  They were powered by a small, usually single cylinder, gas motor, and they had a clever mechanism to raise the prop and shaft into the hull for beaching, and due to this feature they were nicknamed Dippers, or Dippys. Like this boat, most featured 3 full beam seats and one single aft seat for a 7 person capacity.   Little Dipper was built using offsets for one of the Canadian Greavette models. She is powered with a 110 pound thrust, salt water capable, 36 volt electric motor, which is removable for beaching or trailering.  A bank of three sealed 12 volt batteries under the center deck, is charged with a built-in 120 volt marine 3 bank charger.  The boat will operate for hours and has a range of more that 20 miles. Top speed is about 7 knots, but speed and range will depend on load and power used.  I have taken the boat up the lake about 8 miles and back then cruised another hour, and later out for a moonlight cruise of another hour using the LED running lights, and had plenty of battery power remaining. The quiet electric motor is wonderful for a relaxing evening cruise.  Dependable electric power requires no maintenance, has no fumes or hazardous fuel, and is economical!  At the end of the day, just plug it in and it will be ready for another day of cruising in the morning. No winterization is needed, so the boat is available and ready to go year round! This boat has had light use and has always been stored under cover. It is in excellent condition. Construction is lap strake of okume marine plywood, sealed with penetrating epoxy and bonded at laps with 3M 5200 for a strong and tight hull - NO LEAKS.  The keel and frames are white oak, the deck is mahogany and ash, and the seats are mahogany. Rudder is white ash.  Included are seat cushions, two life jackets, one throw cushion, LED Stern light with flag, one paddle, two fenders, bow and stern lines and one extra prop. The trailer is a galvanized Load Rite single axle with recent tires, bearings, and LED lights. It is in excellent condition.  Have titles for boat and trailer. THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN A QUIET MOONLIGHT CRUISE ON THE LAKE!

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