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Non_power Boats - 116 found

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16 Feet 1891 J.H. Rushton "Saranac"

J. H. Rushton’s “Saranac Laker” or “Adirondack or Saranac Lake Boat”, as seen in Rushton’s Rowboats and Canoes, The 1903 Catalog in Perspective, published by the Adirondack Museum and International Marine Publishing, is one of the most-desired of guideboats, both by amateurs and by connoisseurs. Rushton’s shop in Canton, New York, built guideboats from 1888 to 1916, and his design went through three phases. This boat derives from the second period, 1891-92, when he hired a second Saranac Lake builder, Alric Moody, to oversee guideboat construction, a method very different from what Rushton’s craftsmen were used to. Few of Rushton’s earliest guideboats are known today. They had plank seats and square gunwales. They also had typical guideboat decks, let into the gunwales, with pie-slice covering boards, as does this boat. This boat’s caned bow and stern seats, and presumed caned seat-backs, mark it as being of the second period. The far more common boats of the third period, 1893 and later, have strip decks like those of Rushton’s Pleasure rowboats and rounded, or D-shaped, outwales.* So this is a very rare Rushton guideboat. It came down in a family that owned an extremely rustic camp, reached by water only, on South Pond, a particularly beautiful pond near the southern end of Long Lake. It was restored 20 years ago by Long Lake boatbuilder Mason Smith, father of Reuben Smith of Tumblehome Boatshop. Now it is for sale by the original owner’s family. Rushton’s boats in general are highly valued as antiques and as working boats. This boat is missing its original caned seat-backs, single-blade paddle, and yoke. (These accessories can be reproduced.) The price of $13,800 takes that into account as well as some non-original wood in its fabric. At 118 years of age it still calls for vigorous use and is decorative beyond words.

17 ft Feet 1870 Custom-built Boston Whitehall

"Glory" is a Fancy Boston Whitehall and a replica of The Bailey Boat that is on display in the Mystic Seaport Museum. The design dates back to the 1870's. This boat was referred to as a Fancy Whitehall as her scantlings are reduced to an absolute minimum and her hull lines are drawn extra lean and fine. Whitehalls were known for their breathtaking speed as well as being very seaworthy. This one has three rowing positions for 3 oarsmen or can be rowed using the single sliding seat rig mounted in the middle of the boat. A few years back she was used in the movie "Cannibals" which aired on the History Channel. In that movie, they jury rigged a makeshift sail and had 4 actors in the boat. Some of the photos are taken in calm waters in Oyster Bay L.I. The ones with the jury rig sail are taken off Lloyds Neck on the Long Island Sound with a nice breeze. The boat is built with West system epoxy, 2 layers of fiberglass cloth on the outside 1 layer of 6 oz. cloth on the inside. She has some very special details outlined in a separate list. The hull is all solid red cedar with fluted ash rails and spruce cove strip. Transom & bow seats are spruce to save weight in the ends, the center seats are ash frames with cane centers to save more weight. ( See list for other details ) I worked on this boat for a little over one year as I wanted every detail to be perfect. This is the st boat I've built and it's not easy to part with her. If you're looking for something very speciat, that turns heads, can hold 4 people or just go real fast in any weather this is the boat

17 Feet 1920 Square Ended Skiff

17 Feet 1897 Robertson-Arnold Canoe

16 Feet 1950 Old Town Canoe

1950 Old Town Canoe, Good condition,

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