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Search Results: Boat type Runabouts. 462 boats were found that matched your search.
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  IDBoat DescriptionPrice (USD)Picture
3162413 Feet 1954 - 55 Glaspar$2,500
This Glasspar was in a farmers barn for many years. friend bought at auction 10-15 yrs. ago and i bought from him for me as project.
2680013 Feet 1956 Aristo Craft Seaflash$7,900
Boat and trailer rebuilt in 2004. The boat is all ready to go and capable of 100 horse motor. The boat is in excellent shape and has new decks and upholstery. The dash is also new. Using the new rack and pinion steering. the hull is yellow and the deck is mahogany. No windshield although the owner has the original windshield brackets.
3671813'6 Feet 1958 Speedliner Outboard Runabout$2,800
Rebuilt mahogany runabout. It was completely rotted, seats were torn and motor did not run. I repaired the frame, replaced the entire outside of the boat with new mahogany, refinished the seats, put in a new steering system and had the motor tuned up and water pump rebuilt. I also purchased a new trailer. It's a fun boat and runs great, but I need a bigger boat.
3151014 Feet 1956 Canadian Canoe Company$2,800
1956 Canadian Dart, Cedar Strip Runabout. 15 hp Johnson electric start and Tee Nee Trailer. Hull has been fiberglassed by previous owner. The boat does need to be refinished but the wood is in good shape. Good solid transom. A couple of ribs could be replaced. I am the second owner and the boat was always stored in a boat house since new on Lake of Bays. For some reason the controls (Steering wheel, throttle, Forward and Reverse) are Evinrude Simplex. The plexiglass windshield is broken but complete enough to use as a template for a replacement. Boat has lots of potential for restoration! Original gas tank and electric starter box included.
3715014 Feet 1957 Penn Yan Sapphire $7,495
Dual Cockpit, completely restored. Reupholstered with original blue/white scheme. Motor recently serviced. Penn Yan "Triotite" hull design. Original Steering wheel and all chrome plated brass hardware. Ready to cruise!
3179314 Feet 1960 Pipestone Classic Glass Outboard$1,100
This 1960 classic is a great collector that needs a little TLC. Just used this week for a 5 day fishing trip. Steering cable is out but use tiller arm. Boat is solid no dents or leaks.Motor starts/runs great. Pictures make condition look better than it is. But this is a working solid vintage boat that includes 80's galvanized trailer.
3703814 Feet 2001 Aristocraft Torpedo $6,495
The boat has been well cared for and only used a handful of times each summer .It has always been stored indoors and not used for the last two summers.
3683814.5 Feet 1957 Wagemaker Wolverine$3,600
Restored with new cedar boards replacing plywood deck. Removable rear deck added for runabout appearance with 3rd seat underneath. Rebuilt engine with new coils and wiring harness. Running lights, horn, spotlight, clock & compass. New gas tank and battery and new Sunbrella traveling cover. Photo log of restoration. Trailer has new wheels, tires and bearing buddies.
3024214.5 Feet 1960 Peterborough Outboard$3,850
This Peterborough is a nice little boat and was in my wife's family since new. We are from Saskatchewan and the boat was refinished 5-6 years ago, no time to enjoy, runs like a top.
3103015 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Cavalier$10,000
This is a true complete original numbers matching Chris Craft Cavalier.
3733615 Feet 1958 Lakefield Chinook$4,500
Varnished cold-moulded mahogany construction on oak framework. Varnished cedar decks and mahogany transom. Oiled teak accordian floorboards. Vessel is equipped with a good running 35 H.P. Evinrude outboard motor and tank, trailer with brand-new tires and new cushions. "Chinook" has been repaired and refinished to excellent condition throughout.
3219415 Feet 1965 Century Resorter$15,000
This boat was bulit for Buick's President of their V6 program. It was the only boat built in 1965 with steering on the port side. The boat was completely restored in 2013 including a new 3M5200 bottom and rebuilt engine. All parts are original with the exception of the engine block. The boat is in excellent shape.
3032515 Feet 2011 Boomslang Single Cockpit Runabout$28,500
Made of all new epoxy composites and modern propulsion, yet looks like the 1930's. Seamless hull construction and epoxy makes this boat virtually maintenance free. Lightweight and fast, it will fit in any ordinary garage.
3697215 Feet 1963 Penn Yan Outboard$2,900
Second owner. Boat is mostly original. Deck, interior, floor, lap strake, and transom are all solid, and seats, windshield, steering wheel, and speedometer are all original and in excellent condition. The motor starts right up and runs well. The carburetor was rebuilt, impeller was replaced, lower unit oil was changed, and the fuel filter and fuel lines were all recently replaced.
3138715' 6 Feet 1933 Chris Craft Special Runabout$25,000
Recent Survey/Above Average Condition Asking $18,500 including the trailer. Flags (Chris Craft front pennant and American Flag rear pennant, paddle, life jackets, bumpers, lines, anchor, manuals, and all the information that was sold to use with the boat when it was purchased. She’s been kept inside storage, winterized every fall and launched every spring. She was shown at a few antique and classic boat shows and did quite well in her class. We would have done better if we had a more complete history of her.
3655015'6 Feet 1942 Mullins Sea Eagle $11,000
Mullins Sea Eagle inboard twin cockpit runabout boat. Hull and top deck are stamped steel construction. Boat has the original 5 floatation tanks that make it unsinkable. The hull number is 11057 and the boat has the original Lycoming inboard engine, all numbers match the manufacturers plate in the engine compartment. Engine was completely rebuilt in the spring of 2014. This restoration included, but was not limited to: replacing pistons, valves, bearings and rings, rebuilding starter, generator, distributor, water pump, transmission and carburetor. Engine starts and runs great but does need the final adjustment to achieve high speed. Paint on the boat is in the original scheme and colors. Interior leather has been replaced to match the original style using the original seat padding. This boat is very original with all of the factory chrome such as the bow eagle, windshield, cleats, etc. This is a rare boat with a very rare original engine that is in excellent condition.
3701815'5 Feet 2014 Giesler/Blackbird Outboard Runabout$18,750
This runabout is a Giesler hull, attractively finished by Blackbird boatworks of Port Sydney, Ontario in 2014 in the classic Muskoka style. Its running length is 15'5"with a beam of 65" and a trim of a gentleman's racer. The engine is a brand new 40 hp 4 stroke Yamaha with less than 10 hrs run time. Top speed is 32mph. The engine has not been run full throttle as it is still breaking in. It features a remote start, tilt and a speedometer. The boat has never been trailered and is boat house stored on Lake of Bays Ontario. The sale includes life jackets and paddles. Storage compartment in the stern. Red pinstriping between deck planking. Owner moving to Alberta.
3683615'6 Feet 1939 Chris Craft Special Runabout$15,000
Fully restored boat with West Bottom and rebuilt engine. The engine has less than 100 hours since rebuild. Also kept inside and babied since restoration. Seller has a pictures trail of the restoration which was done about 6 years ago.
3062415.5 Feet 1956 Sears Roebuck Kit Boat$5,500
My father built the boat in 1956 with the help of his dad. My brother and I grew up water skiing behind it. The boat had a 25 hp Elgin when first built, but we out grew it and my dad bought the 50 hp Chrysler to help us to water ski as we got heavier and older. The boat performed remarkably throughout the years. It,s a great boat!
3650016 Feet 1929 Dee Wite Outboard Runabout$15,000
Owner deceased. Purchased 2006, needing full restoration, completed 2013 and never launched. Very rare outboard model with covered engine compartment. No outboard included.
3042116 Feet 1934 Chris Craft Double Cockpit Forward$15,000
Chris Craft built the 16' Double Cockpit Runabout for only a few years. A total of 282 hulls were built during this time. She is in good overall condition and complete with a Shoremaster Trailer, mooring cover, and new 6 volt battery. Original 60 HP Chris Craft Model B engine runs well. Currently stored indoors.
2773116 Feet 1934 Dodge Runabout$32,500
1934 Dodge 16’ Runabout. Amazing original with mermaid, Many awards, Museum Quality 92 points at Clayton National Meet. 45hp UAB Lycoming. Custom trailer & cover. Extra spares included.
3134216 Feet 1935 Gar Wood Runabout 16-35 Model$64,900
Absolutely stunning restoration!! Spotless bilge area with detailed Chrysler Ace. 2007 Tahoe show this georgous Garwood and start collecting trophies. Hull #5631, one of the five known to have survived. MOTIVATED SELLER
2874116 Feet 1936 Chris Craft Double Cockpit$22,000
One of the very popular double cockpit boats created and built by Chris Craft in the mid 30's. Great boat, new varnish top sides, bottom caulked and painted, newer marine grade vinyl upholstery, 75hp, 4 cyl. Gray Marine with 95 hrs.
3219916 Feet 1936 Gar Wood Split Cockpit Runabout$63,000
Originally displayed in the Gar Wood display at the 1936 New York Boat Show. Was then owned by A prominent Marine engine dealer in Boston. Boat has a new 5200 no soak bottom put on by Katz's Marina less than a year ago and has only been in the water once since. Had refresher coats of varnish. The decks have been replaced but the hull sides are original. Engine is a Chrysler Crown in-line 6. Has a new fuel pump, carb rebuilt, new prop shaft installed. Stuffing box rebuilt. Starts with push of the button. Runs beautiful. Comes with fenders, dock lines, and a waterline cover. Was a winner at Clayton in 2002. has a number of other regional awards. Trailer is a 2002 Quickload it was completely rebuilt. All new bearings springs were gone over, new wheels and tires. Completely ready to go. Moving and I can't take it with me. Open to offers.
2914016 Feet 1939 Gar Wood Runabout$45,000
A nice 16 foot 1939 Gar Wood of which very few are remaining. This boat has always been used in fresh water and could go home without a restoration. The boat comes with a great trailer and boat cover and will be sold as a package. This boat runs very nice and will look great the Clayton Boat Show in 2010 which this year is featuring Gar Woods. It bears the Hull ID # of 6351 and was a model 903. It was delivered to Columbus Ohio.
2861516 Feet 1940 Alan Jackson's Chris Craft Special Race Boat$89,500
This is one of the most desired Racing Runabouts and unique in that it was one of the very few that were delivered with the mahogany varnished sides. Triple carb KBL engine for fun and noise. The boat itself is in excellent condition and has a new 5200 bottom. It has red leather interior and the chrome hardware and gauges are in great condition. The engine was rebuilt in the 1990's and is in very good strong running condition. Only 167 of these hulls were ever made and it is quite probably the nicest one in existence today. Be the one to own something that almost no one else has in the area of these rare Chris Craft's.
3207616 Feet 1941 Chris Craft Double Cockpit Forward Runabout$14,900
Project boat that has had new wood put on the sides. Bottom is original. Most of the Hardware is there, missing side windshield bracket, one lifting ring, and front nose piece. Chris Craft only built this model for 1 year and only 372 were built.
3133916 Feet 1942 Chris Craft Hydroplane$129,900
This is a very rare Hydro racer that just came out of a bottom up restoration. The boat is all original, no details very over looked during the restoration. The boat is 100% correct. 5200 bottom, rebuilt original engine, chrome, wiring, gauges, interior, and more done. This rare Hydro would be a great addition to any collection.
3138116 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Rocket$12,500
Delivered to McCall in June 1947, the boat has spent the past 66 years on Payette Lake. Owned by one family for over 50 plus years, the boat has been properly stored and maintained with original engine, running gear, gauges and interior. In mid-1950's the boat received a complete fiberglass hull treatment (the West System), to insure its integrity and that it not have the misfortune of two other Rockets that now reside with Sharlie somewhere on the bottom of the lake.
3715416 Feet 1947 Century Deluxe Utility$33,000
Wooden inboard powered 16' open twin cockpit runabout. The 4-year restoration of this vessel has been thorough, keeping original hardware, bringing every piece of the boat up to "as new" condition. The SAMS surveyor reported, "actually better than original condition." Alaskan cedar plank-over-batten on sawn white oak frames. Decking and transom are varnished mahogany. Features a foredeck with aluminum-framed glass windshield at forward cockpit seat where the helm is located to the starboard side. Engine is beneath a cover in forward in the forward portion of the aft cockpit with excellent access. Across the rear of the aft cockpit lies an upholstered transom seat, just forward of the short aft deck.
3611516 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Special Runabout$19,995
Clean dependable boat. The bottom sides and decks have all been refastened. Engine has been rebuilt and has low hours since. Have receipts of all work done on boat since 1997. Comes on a single axle trailer
3073416 Feet 1949 Century Deluxe Utility$20,000
1949 16 ft. century Deluxe open utility , it has the original 6 Cylinder grey marine 112 hp that goes with it , boats in very nice condition. with a replacement 4 cylinder inboard .
2963616 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Riviera$43,000
This beautifully restored 16 foot Chris Craft Riviera was built in 1951 and is in Showroom condition. It has been rejuvenated by a master restorer over a 2 year period with no budget restrictions. The boat is equipped with a Chevy V8 marine engine and is perfect in all ways. the boat has been run for a total of less than 3 hours since the restoration and comes complete with a EZ Loader galvanized trailer.
2895916 Feet 1953 Mercury Runabout$19,500
This 1953 Mercury runabout is in good, solid condition. Hull could use a fresh coat of varnish. Powered by a Gray Marine Phantom 112hp engine. Comes with a single axle trailer and a cover. Current owner purchased the boat 5 years ago from the previous owner of 25 years. Was stored in a clean, climate controlled garage.
3712216 Feet 1956 Lone Star Starfire Inboard$9,999
The one and only aluminum Lonestar Starfire inboard ever found! A real collector's piece! She has been restored as closely as possible to the brochure images. This model may not have been in production, but rather a concept boat for the NYC boat show. Extensive research shows that it is the only example uncovered. Restored by the current owner's husband and late father...many memories! The interior woodwork is currently being refreshed. Fully documented restoration.
3722116 Feet 1956 Bowman Sarasota Outboard Runabout$4,900
This is a beautiful extremely well preserved 1956 Foot Bowman Sarasota with a 35 HP Evinrude outboard motor. This boat has spent most of his life in the garage. Everything on this boat is original and in very good shape (See pictures). Boat comes complete with original trailer. Original sales brochures and manuals included as well.
3109416 Feet 1957 Century Resorter$11,900
This 1957 Century Resorter "Tournament Ski Master" with all it's rigging is of a little different pedigree. It was designed and built for water ski exhibitions and recreational boat users. It has a 135 hp rebuilt Gray Marine engine as opposed to the std 110hp engine. In excellent condition this unique Century Resorter is an absolute eye catcher! This is a unique opportunity for the wood boat collector, vintage boat enthusiast, or recreational boat user. 2010 complete engine rebuild, 2011 2 fresh coats of Petit Marine varnish, 2012 completely refurbished original Century trailer, 2013 re-caulked bottom and new Captain's copper bronze non-fouling paint.
3005816 Feet 1958 Shepherd Outboard$7,500
Shepherd Runabout for sale, with Suzuki 75 hp outboard and a trailer. This boat is mahogany plank and rebuilt in 2009, boat cover needs replacing. Boat, trailer and motor in fine working condition. Great to look at and great to use - quick and agile -- just too small to suit us any longer.
3647416 Feet 1963 Century Resorter$12,000
Restored with soaker bottom seals up very well. New velvet drive transmission. Siren works, nice interior, new carpet, new tires and wheel on trailer, new battery. Runs and looks great...not a show boat but a fun and nice boat for using
3149816 Feet 1966 Pipestone Commanche$1,500
I believe there have only been 3 owners for this boat. Our family have had her for almost 22 years.The boat is in great condition with original imprinted seats. We had a custom Bimini made back in about 2000 which includes clear zip out curtains and aft. A drop down stereo was added about the same time. This is a nice boat. There is one small section on the top of the boat where the fiberglass was damaged and another spot that had to have been a touch up from the former owner. There are 2 props with the boat. Spends winters in the garage.
3162916 Feet 1975 Endura Runabout$3,500
Original owner of this great all around ski, fishing (electric trolling motor included), crabbing fun package. It has a life time of all year garage storage- finish and vinyl upholstery shows little wear and looks great. Great family fun. Towing weight 1500 lbs. Two single ski's (an Obrien and a Torque), a wake board and one pair of double skis plus rope and ski vest and four life vests.
3008016 Feet 2003 Donzi Classic$25,900
This is an excellent exaample of the 16 Foot Donzi Classic. It is offered with a mercury 5.0 liter engine and is in great hsape in every way. Always used in fresh water and always stored indoors this beauty has been highly loveda ndb lightly used with only 54 hours on the engine ( barely broken in).
37281 2013 Hacker 16' Gentleman's racer$18,500
Beautiful tribute of a Hacker Gentleman's Racer...powered by a completely rebuilt Buick V-8 with closed cooling system mated to a C-71 Borg Warner 1:1 velvet drive transmission that drives a 1" stainless steel shaft moving the boat along at top speeds of 40mph plus!
3162216' Feet 2012 Aristocraft Torpedo$24,900
This is a brand new boat that has only 1 hour on the engine. The boat was a life long dream to own but the owner does not use the boat. The boat is perfect in every way and needs nothing. Enjoy the pictures and ask for the additional ones if interested.
3199916.5 Feet 1969 Cobalt Boats$12,000
Very rare Ultra Hot Coabalt XV200
3622417 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Runabout Model 99$10,000
We have the original build list. The hull number is 14161. Per the build list the boat was originally sold to the dealer Minnesota Marine in Minnetonka, MN in 1930. They then sold it to a resort in northern Minnesota on Pelican Lake. My father then bought it from the owner of the resort in the early 70's as he said it wasn't a very good fishing boat and didn't want it. So he bought a trailer and hauled it out of the guys boat house where it was stored. He did some work to it then and used it on Gull Lake outside Brainard, Minnesota. My father had the original 4-41 Gray Marine engine rebuilt and then shortly after restored the rest of the boat around 20 years ago. But life and other projects got in the way and it never made it back in the water and none of the metal pieces made it back on as you can see in the pictures (although we have them). All the wood seems solid and so we think all it would need is a sand, a few screw heads fixed and a re varnish and painting to make good again.
3156017 Feet 1932 Pigeon Inboard Runabout$15,000
Originally built on the east coast, Pigeon produced this 17 semi-displacement runabout with an early Johnson/Lycoming inboard/outdrive unit. She was repowered many years later, and eventually repowered with a modern engine and surface drive unit during its recent restoration. While slightly modified from its original configuration, the boat has been nicely refitted and performs well! Classic design, quick, maneuverable, and lots of fun!
3670817 Feet 1935-36 Dodge Model 103 Runabout$5,500
I've has this boat since 1992. I bought it with the idea of restoring it when I retired. I never got around to retiring until last fall and no time to do it. The previous owner was told that it was a 1931 Chris-Craft. However, the hardware that came with it looks like Dodge. I couldn't find any ID # on the engine stringers or the hull. It appears to be a 1935-36 Dodge 103 with double cockpits. The previous owner had Bath Marine Museum do quite a lot of work on it. The engine came out of the 1936 parts boat and was rebuilt by Banks Machine in Belfast, ME. The engine never been run. The parts boat is included in the price. Note: steering is on the left of the boat and is on the right of the parts boat.
3706917 Feet 1936 Hacker Craft Sport Runabout$39,950
Extremely rare 1936 Hacker Craft split cockpit runabout with new 5200 no soak bottom. Engine is a Chrysler PC Ace 70 hp inline 6 cylinder, that has been completely rebuilt and has very few hours on it. Hull sides and decks are original and have been refinished. The boat performs beautifully and comes with a custom built trailer and cover. This boat still has its original leather interior, is a multiple award winner and is a very rare find. Ready to show or go.
3005517 Feet 1937 Chris Craft Runabout$20,000
This Chris Craft runabout has been owner restored. Chrome redone, leather interior, and rebuilt motor. Comes on a new trailer.
3102617 Feet 1938 Gar Wood Split Cockpit Runabout$59,995
Fully restored boat that shows exceptionally well. 5200 bottom, all deck and side wood has been replaced. Endine was rebuilt, all chrome and gauges done. This boat is ready to use or show. All offers considered.
3176917 Feet 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback$39,900
Originally delivered to St. Louis in the fall of 1940. Purchased by her current owner from Lake Minnetonka in 2001. This lovely Barrelback has a West bottom and is in very nice overall condition. Completely refinished 9 years ago. Received a fresh topcoat of varnish 1 year ago and the boat absolutely sparkles! 105hp Chris Craft engine runs well and burns no oil. Owner is moving to a more "accessible" style of boat - needs nothing but a new captain!
3212317 Feet 1940 Chris Craft Barrel Back$95,000
This award winning preserved barrelback has been completely refinished, reupholstered, rechromed, and meticulously turned into a 100 point show boat. The boat includes a user friendly 5200 bottom. She is powered by her original Chris Craft KB engine with 6 volt generator charged system.
2984817 Feet 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback Runabout$48,500
Fully restored and Show ready. This Barrelback has just had a 5200 West System bottom installed, new decks and transom. Clawson gauges, new flooring and new upholstery. The boat has all of its original hardware and has been converted to a 12 volt system. She is as close to a 10 as you can get - correct everything. The seller now wants to buy a bigger boat however and as such is ready to sell the boat.
3708417 Feet 1941 Chris Craft Barrel Back$29,900
Nice clean boat. Was reportedly fully restored around 1990 by Walter Kade, said to be long time Chris Craft employee. Boat has a West no-soak bottom, new gas tank and a Van Ness refurbished 120 HP Chris Craft KLC in (2005). The boat has almost no hours since the new engine, and has been inside stored the 10 years I've had it. Sits on a Magic Tilt custom trailer made for the boat. All hardware in very good shape. Includes both pennant/pole and globe stern pole. No tears or ware on interior seats and backrest. Also has matching blue cushions.
3662417 Feet 1942 Chris Craft Special Runabout$32,900
Clean boat that has been fully restored with 5200 style bottom and rebuilt engine, leather interior and more. The restoration was completed in 1996 but the boat has had extremely little use since restored. The boat comes on a custom single axle trailer.
3646817 Feet 1942 Chris Craft Barrel Back$45,000
Fully restored roughly 10 years ago and has been in storage ever since. Has not been in the water. Bottom is 5200. All chrome and stainless in pristine shape. Motor has been rebuilt. Only item not restored are the gauges. Interior in new. Boat was just appraised and condition is just shy of Bristol. This boat has been in the family since early 80's and spent it early years on Lake Winnepesaukee. Only 5 hours on the boat since restoration and
3208417 Feet 1942 Chris Craft Special Runabout $36,500
Complete restoration including engine, chrome, interior and electrical system. This is an absolutely beautiful special runabout that is ready to be used and shown.
3170417 Feet 1942 Chris Craft Barrelback Runabout$49,000
One of the last 17 Foot Barrelbacks that were shipped from the Algonac Plant in 1942. This boat was professionally restored and maintained and is offered with the records to show the level of effort undertaken and costs involved. Ten coats of Epiphane varnish and, a new 12 volt electrical system, chrome parts all re-done, gauges restored. Boat comes complete with a full mooring cover, fire extinguisher, flags, step plates and new windshield. Restored to factory specifications and used since 1996 in fresh water and carefully stored in winter. It is now in better condition than when it left the factory 70 years ago.
2776317 Feet 1947 Correct Craft Runabout$7,000
A once popular model of boat the Correct Craft's were well known in California being towed to lakes. This is a survivor which was used up until recently. Has an upgraded Corvette engine and trailer. All ready to go
3699017 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout$15,500
Boat was originally purchased as part of a pair of 17' Deluxe Runabouts and used by the Viking Resort hotel on Kueka Lake. It was restored by Ed Wightman in Hammondsport NY in 2003. Repowered at the time of the restoration. Pictures show boat with no hardware, all hardware has been rechromed and will be reinstalled by the owner. All new upholstery. Engine has been professionally winterized and boat has been stored inside ever since. Engine runs great and boat needs nothing except a new owner. Compare to listing 36991
3699117 Feet 1948 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout$16,500
This boat was part of a pair of 17' Deluxe Rbts. that were purchased and run by the Viking Resort Hotel on Kueka Lake. . It was restored in 2003 by Ed Wightman of Hammondsport, NY. It was repowered at the time of restoration. All New Upholstery. Engine was laid up professionally and the boat has been stored inside ever since the purchase in 2003. If interested in this boat also look at 36990 ( the twin of this boat)
3629817 Feet 1948 Chris Craft Sportsman$17,500
Same owner since 2006. The boat has been refastened: Bottom, Hull, Transom, & Top Sides. Powered by a Chris Craft model B engine. Comes with a spare B motor for parts.
2631317 Feet 1948 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout$18,000
This Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout was completely restored back in 1992. It has a West System bottom over marine plywood. Chrome was replated, the gauges were restored and the interior was done by a restorer in California. It has been repowered by a 1967 Chris Craft 327 ci Chevrolet conversion. The engine was completely rebuilt in 2003. Boat is currently in need of a refinishing. Make an offer!
2569117 Feet 1949 Higgins Speedster$22,000
This is an excellent water ski boat that is in mint condition. Very clean boat needs a little work on the deck and splash rails. Present owner has had this boat for three years and waters skis on it regularly. Bottom was repainted last year and the interior was replaced 3 years ago. The Higgins story is well documented and Higgins were very involved in the war effort during the 2nd World War when they made beach landing craft similar to the ones we all have seen in documentaries surrounding the D-Day anniversary. This is a 3 owner boat and has been well cared for by all of it's owners.
2912117 Feet 1949 Chris Craft Special Runabout$15,000
A lovely Special Runabout 17 which should be restored and is a very worthy project. Bearing the Hull ID# SR-17-1079 this unit needs some planks replaced and a new complete interior. An engine is not in the boat right now but a correct engine could be purchased with the boat as a complete package.
3199117 Feet 1949 Higgins Runabout$7,900
1949 Higgins, all original trim, gauges, windshield, spotlight, siren in good working order. No cracked glass. Engine stars right up and runs strong. Small area of plywood separating inside by engine. As far as I know boat is in original condition.
3130317 Feet 1949 Chris Craft Special Runabout$33,900
Very clean boat that has gone through a bottom up restoration by a professional restorer 2008/2009. New bottom, interior, engine rebuild, chrome, too much more to say. Restoration costs of over 100K. All receipts and pictures of the restoration are available.
3461817 Feet 1949 Chris Craft Special Runabout$35,000
This boat has only been on Lake Michigamme in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and has only ever had two owners, both in the same family.
3684417 Feet 1949 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout $90,000
Brand new professional restoration with new bottom. Original deck and topsides. New ceilings and upholstery, Engine rebuilt, brand new electrical. New safety features added: fuse block, battery switch, blower, auto-manual bilge pump, seacock for raw water intake. New Fusion stereo, blue tooth and iPhone ready. Brand new custom trailer and boat cover. Less than 10 hrs post-restoration. This baby is ready to go! Just pick a name for her and drop her in the lake!
3684817 Feet 1950's Chris Craft Kit Boat
Bought this boat on Craigslist, been sitting in a guys barn for 20 years. Believed to be a Chris Craft Kit Boat. Very nice preserved condition!
3011817 Feet 1950 Chris Craft Special Runabout$15,500
Current owners have had this boat since 2005. The bottom and transom were replaced in 2006 and she has been in use every season since then. Engine was rebuilt in 2002 and the carburetor was just rebuilt this season. The boat runs well and shows well. The varnish should be redone at some point, but it is not yet in a critical stage. Restoration documentation and original documents are available. Asking price is considerable less than amount invested. The owners do not have time to enjoy this lovely boat and must sell.
3145217 Feet 1952 Chris Craft Kit Boat$13,000
This boat was restored approx 3 years bottom new interior and rechromed comes with cover and trailer.Fun day boat.
3010217 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Runabout$32,000
Just completely restored w/5200 bottom, frames, custom Aluminum fuel tank, wiring, authentic gauges, stainless shaft, bilge pump, marine battery rebuilt spotlight. Engine completely gone through by professional engine rebuilder and everything replaced as needed. It purrs like a kitten. No expense spared to bring this classic up to better than new condition.
2780317 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Runabout$19,000
This boat was specially built for the Harbour Master of Grand Bend and was later owned and restored by Charlie Roberts. She is extremely rare and bears the Hull ID # of D-17-2073
3165217 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Runabout$28,500
This is a second owner boat. Always boathouse kept in the summer and then in a garage in the winter. All original, bottom, sides and decks. All original hardware. Engine was rebuilt and reinstalled then the father died. Boat has been out of the water since.
3182517 Feet 1962 Century Resorter $21,000
A show piece! 2 owners; full complete and detailed restoration by David Lobb, NW Classic Boats in 1998 (including original color upholstery with Century logo on aft seat; see pix); extra ribs installed, hull sheathed w/multiple layers of epoxied marine plywood followed by mahogany planking; mahogany and white strip decking; fresh water cooling; electronic ignition
3174417 Feet 1964 Greavette Sunflash$14,500
Excellent condition and very original - including original interior and varnish! Partial bottom replacement completed by current owner and the boat has been very well kept. This year of Sunflash had a solid mahogany planked hull rather than the later versions sheathed in plywood. Very sharp, contemporary styled runabout that performs well with a 140hp Mercruiser inboard/outboard powerplant.
3715217 Feet 1964 Century Resorter$30,000
This boat has been totally restored with new interior, new 5200 bottom, all hardware re-chromed, rebuilt engine by VanNess engineering. Photographic record of the restoration and receipts included.
3639217 Feet 1967 Century Resorter$13,500
Super Nice ALL ORIGINAL non-restored Resorter...sparingly used the last 25 years...always in fresh water...Always stored inside. Almost Everything is Factory Original, from the rubber on the floor to the varnish on the sides! One single crack in the rear bench seat!
3691317 Feet 1987 Sea Ray Seville
Great little boat for the River! This '87 Sea Ray has a closed/bow design with lots of freeboard. Should be a safe and dry boat in rough conditions. 3.0L Mercruiser engine w/ Alpha 1 outdrive. Decent overall condition, not abused. It will clean up well!
2598517 Feet 2004 Thunderbolt Century Replica$35,000
A fine example of Canadian Craftsmanship based on the 1939 century Thunderbolt of which ONLY 6 were ever made. This boat is 100% fiberglass which will shock you, as most people would believe that it is wood. It is maintenace free and needs only to wiped down, rather than refinishing. Comes equipped with all Coast Guard equipment, including ropes, bumpers, lights and a flag. This boat was a demo boat for the manufacturer and has only 20 hours on the engine, so it is barely broken in. This is a unique patented design with no other boat like it in the world.
3198717 Feet 2007 Electric Powered Barrel Back$125,000
She is the Tesla of the water! The elegance of the past meets the technology of the future. This is a 17' solid planked mahogany runabout designed after the iconic Chris Craft Barrel Back of the 1940's. It is a clean, quiet running boat and powered by twin DC motors and a 23.2 KW battery pack. It accepts 110 or 220 Volt charges and is a stunning combination of clean running technology and classic wood boat design.
3702117 Feet 1966 Greavette Sunflash$14,900
This lovely Greavette Sunflash has been in the same family since new in 1966! She was used as a family pleasure boat for many seasons, then put into dry storage. The boat received a full restoration in 2011, which is well documented. Fresh varnish was added during the 2015 season. Fuel tank was replaced in 2013. Original 110hp Mercruiser engine runs well and is very reliable. Comes complete with bimini top, anchor, paddle, and trailer! Add gas and enjoy.
3173117' Feet 1947 Chris Craft Dlx Runabout$55,000
Wow....this Deluxe Runabout has undergone a totally complete restoration including new stringers, framing, chines, keel, transom, side & deck planking along with a 5200 bottom!!! All new upholstery, all hardware re-chromed, new gas tank & lines, complete all new antique cloth wiring, totally remanufactured engine with rebuilt carburetor, fuel pump, distributor, starter, generator & water pump!! It has been converted to a 12 volt. Nothing was left to chance!
3694517 Feet 1953 Chris Craft Sportsman$7,000
Third owner has maintained this classic boat and engine in good original condition; boat has solid wood throughout, reupholstering and some additional refinishing needed.
3157617'6 Feet 1963 Higgins Magnum$10,000
Re-upholstered seats; restored and in good working condition; shifting lever and foot pedal; boat trailer included
2704917'6 Feet 1968 Century Resorter$25,000
First year that Century built this Fiberglass Sport Classic, which ultimately revived Century's boat business. This boat has been totally restored and is in pristine condition. New Bemini Top original slider top, and custom cover. Newly Restored Trailer. Original Papers included.
3712817.5 Feet 1947 Century Resorter$18,500
This boat has been fully restored including new upholstery and a complete V8 engine rebuild with lots of extras. New crank shaft, custom ground cam shaft, new high performance flat top pistons, new rings, new gaskets, timing sets, new heads, new crank, new rods, new oil pump. Excellent condition and ready to be enjoyed!
3704817.5 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Special Runabout$10,500
Second owner boat. Boat was taken to restoration shop several years ago. Owners filed ch 7 and disappeared... She was recovered by current owner, but is missing seats, floor boards, motor box and chrome.
3167917' Feet 1947 Chris Craft Dlx Runabout$39,900
Stunning Deluxe Runabout...the boat has been 100% completely restored to perfection.....previously owned by country music star Alan Jackson....Van Ness engine refresh and detail & runs perfect!! this and win shows!!! Absolutely no disappointments here.
3653318 Feet 1934 Chris Craft Double Cockpit Runabout$26,000
This project was started by a friend's father. Upon his passing, the boat sat half-completed. Boat went into the current owner's shop in 2012 and was completed during the summer of 2014. New bottom and a complete refinishing completed. Original engine available. Great little Chris Craft that shows well and runs even better! Lots of restoration work completed....add gas and enjoy.
3136518 Feet 1935 Chris Craft Split Cockpit Runabout$16,900
Chris Craft only made 453 of this model between 1932 and 1935. The 18 foot split cockpit runabout has beautiful lines and features Chris Craft's distinctive 2 tone decks. This example has been nicely restored and shows well. Traditional bottom in excellent condition. She has been repowered with a peppy 283 that really moves her along! The current owner has enjoyed the boat since 2008 and it is ready for a new captain!
3144218 Feet 1936 Gar Wood Double Cockpit Forward Runabout$38,900
Very clean boat that has been fully restored to include replaced bottom, rebuilt engine, gauges and chrome redone, replaced interior and more. The boat is all original and a pictures documentation of the restoration is available. This is a rare find for any collection.
3674418 Feet 1938 Penn Yan Luxury Runabout$28,000
Very Rare Penn Yan Runabout. Complete restoration completed in June of 2009. 5200 bottom. Original engine and electrical. Truly a must-see!
2983618 Feet 1939 Port Carling Sea Bird$29,000
Beautifully restored triple cockpit Seabird. Multiple award winner at a number of Dixieland and Blue Ridge Chapter ACBS shows. Comes with a trailer. New fuel tank, bilge blower, lift rods, and electronic ignition. Dark green pleated upholstery was new in 1999.
3145818 Feet 1947 Century Sea Maid$29,900
The Century Sea Maid is the most desired model of Century due to it's iconic design. This vessel is a nicely restored boat with no soak bottom. Engine runs strong and has good compression. Comes with custom trailer and cover. This boat is water ready for this season.
2580418 Feet 1949 Mercury Racer$11,000
This is an excellent user boat. It has been repowered with a 1995 Mercruiser 275 hp engine. The upholstery and finish are good and it is water ready.
2913418 Feet 1950 Chris Craft Riviera$46,500
Only 288 of these sought after Chris's were ever made between 1950-1954. They offered the beautiful blonde king plank and great flare and styling. This boat has been completely and professionally restored and is what a great Riviera is supposed to look like.
2955918 Feet 1950 Century Resorter$25,000
Beautifully restored Century. Wood, Upholstery, Carpet and Chrome are immaculate and everything Mechanical and Electrical is in great working Condition. Nearly $18,000 in restoration with receipts to show. Great trailer and canvas cover are included. This boat is a rare find and a real gem. Must see to believe.
2917818 Feet 1950 Chris Craft Riviera$39,900
Here is a chance to own one of Chris Crafts most popular small runabouts. This boat has all new paint and Varnish, New Seat Frames, New Floor boards with new rubber flooring. Very solid Boat, no rot. Always stored indoors. New Reliable Ford interceptor installed with new bottom. Boat LOOKS GREAT, RUNS GREAT and SOUNDS GREAT.
3056418 Feet 1950 Chris Craft Riviera$33,000
Runs Perfectly. Electrical Upgrade to 12 Volt. New Fuel Tank. Boathouse Kept. Same Owner for 19 years. Original Manual. Impeccably Maintained. Turn Key.
3690518 Feet 1950 Chris Craft Riviera$18,500
One of the most popular runabout models made by Chris Craft! The Riviera is stylish and performs well. This example is very original and has been enjoyed by the current owners for many years. Original bottom, original wood, and believed to be the original interior. Chris Craft K-95hp engine runs well. She is a good user boat that can be used this season, or freshened up over the winter.
3586018 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Riviera$24,499
The boat is a 1951 18' Chris Craft Riviera (Hull number R-18-186) with a Chris Craft Model K 6 cyl 95 HP Engine (#54356). Brasil Boatworks did full refinish in 2008/2009. It had a new green interior installed at that time. Since it's been refinished, it's spent summers on Lake Bomoseen in VT and was always garage kept in the winter. Comes with a cover and a tandem axle trailer. Overall very clean boat. It is currently garaged in Rutland VT.
2920418 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Riviera$28,000
This lovely Chris Craft Riviera is one of 1210 that were m ade between the years of 1950-1954. This is a great user boat with a fiberglassed bottom and nice interior. The engine runs strong and is in nice shape. The varnish is due for a freshening but will be fine for this year.
3643318 Feet 1953 Chris Craft Riviera$27,500
This beautiful Riviera is turn-key correct and ready to go! Newly refreshed KLC 120hp engine with valve job and reconditioned carb....totally mechanically sound. She is in need of new upholstery to bring her to back to full glory. Has been on Lake Placid in a boat house since 1992. Have many historical manuals & etc.
3707818 Feet 1953 Chris Craft Riviera
This Chris Craft Riviera has a new West System bottom, chrome has been recently re-plated and new upholstery installed. It has the original 120HP Chris Craft engine which runs well and gives very good compression. The package is complete with a new, custom built trailer.
3642918 Feet 1954 Chris Craft Riviera $25,000
Very nice Riviera with a newly rebuilt KLC with only about 5 hours of run time. Excellent aluminum Venture fitted trailer. Beautiful interior and gauges.
2987518 Feet 1954 Chris Craft Riviera$29,900
1956 Chris Craft 18' Riviera Double Cockpit Runabout. Powered by a Chris Craft Marine 110hp inline 6 cylinder inboard. Single axle bunk trailer included. ALWAYS stored indoors. Recent renovation by Nichols Restoration inside and out. All new interior vinyl and vinyl carpet. All new varnish. Motor restored by Drakes Engines. This shows pride of ownership and this owner is ready for a larger one.
2582218 Feet 1954 Chris Craft Riviera$30,000
This boat has been in California most of it's life and has been in Oregon for the last few years. The bottom is original and is in very good condition. It has been repainted using Chris Craft copper bronze. The upholstery is in excellent condition and looks like new. This boat has been restored and is 95% good to go with only some minor TLC. Two (2)12 volt bilge pumps are currently in use on the boat. The engine runs good and strong. The trailer has been repainted recently and is in great condition. The only item that is not original is some trim on the engine cover hatch. All of the electrical wiring is new as well as new fuel pump. The prop has just been returned and is true.
2667718 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Cobra$125,000
Bearing Hull ID# 47, this rare and desireable 18 Foot Chris Craft Cobra is an excellent example of the 51 that were ever made by Chris Craft. Natural mahogany deck color is set off by the distinctive gold fiberglass fin. Special interest for Canadian buyers as there would be no tax required to bring the boat into Canada as there might be with a boat located outside of the country.
3103418 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Cobra$129,900
Fully restored boat with 5200 bottom, rebuilt engine, chrome and gauges done, interior is in excellent condition. This boat is ready to go use or to Show.
3172918 Feet 1955 Shepherd Runabout$25,000
An original-owner 18' Shepherd Runabout! She has been kept in the same boathouse since new and has been impeccably maintained. This Shepherd is in very fair condition and receives regular use. In the water during the 2013 season. Varnish, upholstery, and chrome in good condition. Engine runs well and has had an ignition upgrade for easy starting.
3700718 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Holiday$22,000
A very stunning example of one of 324 Holidays built in a 4 year run. Full restoration was completed in 2008 and is still 100 % original with all topsides bedded with 3M 5200. The original KLC engine and transmission has been rebuilt by Van Ness and has under 100 hours on it. This is a must-see in-person boat to appreciate her outstanding condition.
3723018 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Continental $22,500
Restored by a graduate of the Wooden Boat School. Most of this 18 foot Chris Craft Continental is original and correct. It has a 3m5200 Bottom which was professionally installed. The boat has it's original Chris Craft KFL 6 Cylinder engine which offers great compression after being recently rebuilt and has very low hours. The boat also has dual updraft zenith carbs and an aftermarket thermostat for piece of mind. It also has a rebuilt fuel pump, re-chromed instruments , hardware, and a re- chromed Iva-Lite. New upholstery, 16 coats of Captains varnish and fresh bottom paint complete the boat. The boat looks great and runs great and is being offered for $ 22,500. The boat does not have a trailer as it was always stored in a boathouse but transport could be easily arranged.
2604018 Feet 1957 Skee-Craft Runabout$7,500
Hull is lapstrake construction. Deck and seats are all mahogany. All hardware except the stern light is original. Volvo Penta engine and outdrive are original and runs excellent. The boat is sound and seaworthy. It is a show winner and has always been operated in fresh water and stored inside. It was manufactured in Intercourse Pennsylvania and is extremely rare. Could possibly be the only one left.
2997918 Feet 1959 Shepherd Model 105 Runabout$16,000
Clean user boat, with totally rebuilt engine, New Upholstery, new SS gas tank, prop, rudder, and shaft. Bottom has no rot but is original and does need to swell.Comes on a tandem trailer and with a cover.
3602618 Feet 1959 Duke Runabout$30,000
Built by Duke Boats in Muskoka. Well loved and maintained to a high degree by its owner.
3723318 Feet 1962 Chris Craft Holiday$15,000
Chris Craft made only 170 of the 18 Foot Holidays. They were attractive and distinctive by the 2 tone decks. the engine in this boat was rebuilt in 1986 and it still runs strong today. The boat was fully restored in 2007. Flooring was replaced 4 years ago. Equipped with optional horn package. Matching numbers engine, completely rebuilt with low hours.
3073118 Feet 1963 Greavette Sunflash$5,999
1963 Greavette Sunflash. Mahogany plank deck, Mahogany ply hull. 18 ft, 4 cylinder Mercruiser 120hp inboard/outboard. Stored the last 15 years. Partly restored. Includes original manual and shows all original vin numbers. Engine starts and run but has had ice damage and needs repairs. All electric and hydraulic work. All trim complete. Includes trailer.
2787418 Feet 1965 Kennel & Perez Runabout$40,000
This boat is all original with the exception of the motor. The original Chris Craft 327 has been replaced with a new 2008 PCM 5.7L. Used weekly for water skiing and wakeboarding with the family; it was the boat of the Argentina wakeboard tournaments in the 1994. Constructed of cedar & oak. Hardware is chrome plated bronze & stainless steel.
3012618 Feet 2005 Hogan Marine Eclipse$29,000
Beautiful unique runabout constructed of mahogany & teak veneers over marine grade plywood bonded with West System Epoxy. The 4.3L is coupled with a ZF direct drive trans driving a Michigan 3 blade prop. Steering is rack & pinion with Grant steering wheel. Faris gauge package and seperate shift & throttle controls. Equipped with a fresh water flush system if used in salt or brackish water.
3688018 Feet 1936 Chris Craft Double Cockpit Forward$26,500
Beautiful rare runabout with only 208 boats built between 1934 and 1936. She was given a complete new bottom and other restoration work in 1998 with little use since.....still in excellent condition. Bottom is structurally sound and tight and is ready for inspection and viewing at any time.
2842926 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$154,000
This is a verty rare and desireable Chris Craft triple Cockpit Runabout. It recently when through a partial restoration which included having 2 planks replaced in the bottom andfresh coats of bottom paint. it also had a complete strip and refinsh with 8 coats of fresh varnish. This is a classic upswept deck and well presrved spending all of it;s life in the New England area. It has modern power and reliability and is a classic boat for any lake and your boathouse. Delivery arrangemenst may be arranged for any successful owner.
2924426 Feet 1929 Dart Triple Cockpit Runabout$150,000
Built in Toledo, Ohio this is a very rare 1929 Dart Triple Cockpit Runabout. The boat is in very good condition and ready to go in the water.
3033926 Feet 1929 Minett Shields Runabout$275,000
Minett Shields only built 4 hard chined runabouts between 1928 and 1933. All are exquisite examples of the company's craftsmanship. This 1929 example has all of its original hardware including the original Minett Shields ornament on her bow light. These were often removed or lost. She was repowered with a Mercruiser V8 but the original Scripps engine is included. The boat was varnished this year and shows very well. Always boathouse kept and maintained to a high degree. A new bottom was installed in 1986 ( traditional) and the always sits in it's boathouse all year long. Currently in the water and ready to use!
3715826 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit$129,000
This is a beautifully restored Chris Craft Triple cockpit built in 1929. Fully restored in side and out you will notice the attention to detail by the quality work inside the engine compartment. New 5200 bottom, upholstery and fresh show quality chrome and gauges. No detail spared and kept in an environmentally friendly showroom in Colorado. The Chrysler 440 engine has been stroked to 498 cubic inches. Leather seats and custom leather removable floors.
3654826 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$235,000
Owned by the same Family for the last 50 years. This 26' Chris Craft triple is an excellent survivor that is very original and correct.
2959626 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Custom Runabout$365,000
JP III was delivered to Sweden in 1930 to Mr. JP Åhlén, a very famous Swedish entrepreneur. Today she's totally restored back to excellent condition including her original engine and a sister engine beside. With new decks, bottom and interior built to old specifications, she's a real one-of-a-kind and a beautiful boat to drive and use.
3066426 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$89,000
An absolutley gorgeous 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout. This boat is perfect in every way. The boat has all of its original hardware including gauges, fresh varnish and was professionally restored a few years ago and hardly used since that time. The electrical system has been changed over to 12 Volt. The bottom is original with a few planks replaced a few years ago and refitted with 5200. The trailer is new and in new condition with very little actual transport use. The modern power engine runs strong and moves the boat along nicely and the owner does not hjave the original power plant that came with the boat in 1930. This is a great boat with a great history and with no excuses....It is ready to go and enjoy..
3070126 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout Upswept$59,900
This 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Upswept is a rare jewel. The boat has a new bottom installed in 2009 by Dan Mertaugh and a new interior in 2008. The story for this boat is the engine which is a specially carfted 454 but bored out to a 496 which will produce about 600 HP. This boat offers the elegant looks couple with ther ablity to go fast and enjoy the way in a way the few do in a wooden boat. A variety of ten props is offered with the boat to achieve the perfect performance while using 93 octane. This is the boat that can cocktail cruise and / or poker run. Since the power plant was installed in 2009 the boat has seen less than 40 hours of actuall running time as it was used only at a few boat shows.
2758226 Feet 1931 Chris Craft Triple$ Call for pricing
1931 26' swept deck triple cockpit Chris Craft Model 212. 22 of these boats were manufactured and only 5 are known to exist today. She has all original gauges and hardware. New bottom, stainless fuel tanks. Powered by a 454 Crusader engine that runs perfect. This is a multiple award winner and has been featured in many publications. Special seat design armrests in first 2 cockpits. Comes with a custom tandem axle trailer. She has spent a lifetime on fresh water Lake Winnepeauskee, NH.
2859626 Feet 1936 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit$130,000
This is an amazing Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout which has been exceptionally well maintained and very original. The boat was at one time owned by J.P Morgan Jr. The boat has always been carefully cared for and the boat has never been in salt water. The current owner has had the boat since 1962 and has ensured that the only time the boat saw the sun was when the boat was out on the water. The Hull Id # for this boat is # 25047 and it is a 50 MPH boat with it's strong powerful engine. it is NOT the original but the original was a Chrysler as well. This is a rare jewel and the boat is only in need of a new Captain to enjoy her for the next decade.
2683526 Feet 1939 Hutchinson Triple Cockpit$59,900
Featured in Classic Boating this stunning 1939 26 foot Triple Cockpit Runabout was built by Hutchinson Boat Works of Alexandria Bay, New York. An unusual design for Hutchinson this Triple Cockpit was described in Wooden Boat No. 49 as the "the apothesis of the sleek runabout". Modelled after the 28 foot Hacker Craft Triple cockpits but shortened for use on the St. Lawrence River, this beauty is a classic and in excellent condition. Originally named Ripalong IV and later Dottie V this boat has spent its entire life on the St. Lawrence River and always in fresh water. Bearing the Hull ID # 215-21E-1057 she has been repowered with a Crusader 350 in 1992 which delivers 260 HP and replaced the original Sterling Petrel motor. The boat was last in the water in 2004 and was carefully stored in a dry secure location. The boat only needs to be soaked up and enjoyed.
3062026 Feet 1939 Ema-Rold Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$99,500
One of a kind, professionally restored to show condition including 5200 Bottom and totally rebuilt engine with 20 hours since rebuild. Comes on a nice tandem axle trailer. Original Scripps 202 engine is available with boat for 10K. It will not be sold separately.
3037826 Feet 1949 Greavette Streamliner$199,000
This is a very rare length of Streamliner that is absolutely stunning! She has been meticulously maintained and always boathouse kept. The boat was completely restored in 1989, revarnished in 1995, and received an engine rebuild in 2004. She has always been used gently and remains in impeccable condition.
3130426 Feet 1954 Greavette Streamliner$245,000
Very rare and very desirable! This Greavette Streamliner is absolutely gorgeous! S-shaped cockpit configuration and original Buick Nailhead V8 engine. One of the most iconic Canadian built classics! Original bottom is in nice shape. All original gauges and hardware. Purchased by the current owners about 10 years ago, fresh varnish applied to the topsides, used little, and stored in a climate controlled facility. Upholstery is in excellent condition. This boat was originally built for a customer in New Hampshire. Original documentation and extensive correspondence and documnetation between the orginal owner and Tom Greavette is included with the sale. Great chance to own a very rare 26' model as it is believed that only 5-6 of this size of Streamliner were ever built.
3707626 Feet 1958 MacKenzie Cuddyhunk Bass Boat$20,000
This MacKenzie Cuddyhunk Bass boat is a great all weather boat. The top decks are in pristine condition but the bottom could use some attention. Otherwise solid and ready to go with a new engine in 2011 with only 25 hours on the motor. The boat was purchased in 2008 and professionally restored in 2011. Minor cosmetics required down near the splash rail. Boat has always been stored indoors and the owners are now cycling out of boating.
3700926 Feet 1972 Lyman Sleeper$37,000
An outstanding example of one of Lyman's most desirable designs. She is a very well maintained boat with the highly sought after teak decks, teak windshield, teak and holly sole, teak swim platform, teak boarding ladder, teak steps and storage boxes. Boat is turn key with all safety equipment. Exhaust is a Corsa performance system with mufflers and crossover pipe. Off white upholstery with dark blue piping through out. Fresh topside and bottom paint and varnish in 2013. Hardwired battery charger system. Trim tabs. Teak decks and trim have just been cleaned and reoiled! Looks fabulous!
3651226 Feet 1973 Skiff Craft$5,500
A nice fresh water boat looking for some TLC and to get splashed back into service. Lapstrake build makes for a very comfortable ride and a seaworthy day cruiser. Equipped with wet bar sink, space for ice box and comfortable seating for 8 she would be perfect for family or day cruise use.
371101989 26 Feet Hugh Saint Triple Cockpit Runabout$165,000
Originally built for the owner of Donzi boats. The boat is in very nice condition and needs nothing. She is a great handling boat and runs fast with twin 350cid Crusader engines. It was revarnished in 2013 and is always stored indoors. The bottom is in solid shape condition and it would survey out very well. The green interior is in excellent condition as are the gauges, chrome, bilge, etc. This boat has been lightly used and well cared for during its career and is now available for a new owner.
2960126 Feet 1990 Shamrock Predator$24,500
Full "tricked out" fishing station, two depth finders, GPS, VHF, half-tower, full canvas, trim tabs, down riggers, cuddy with enclosed head, dual batteries w/switch. 1995 tandem axle trailer for over the road use, bunks, aluminum beams.
3156626 Feet 1994 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$80,000
This 1994 Hacker Craft Traditional Triple Cockpit Runabout is fully restored and was last in the water in May of 2013, running perfectly. Many upgrades and a very unique boat! Custom triple axle trailer included.
3123126 Feet 1996 Hacker Craft Double Cockpit Runabout$99,900
This is a gorgeous 26 foot, 1996 Double Cockpit Hacker Craft. It has recently had a new bottom installed by the Hacker factory featuring new mahogany frames, keels and chines. It also has a Triple planked West System. It also proudly shows new varnish inside and out as well as a new interior and a banjo steering wheel. The boat has 2 covers, a 2nd bilge pump and is powered by a very strong 1996 Mercruiser 350 with only 155 hours. All of this is set off by a brand new 2012 Loadmaster aluminum tandem trailer. Since the restoration the boat has only had 3 hours on the boat and it shows. Overall this boat is in new and excellent condition and ready for a new owner with nothing to do other than to enjoy a turnkey boat.
3012726 Feet 2005 Hogan Marine Legacy$39,000
Beautiful unique runabout constructed of marine plywood with veneers of mahogany and teak wooded bonded with West System epoxy. The Idmar 6.0L is couple to a ZF direct drive trans driving a Michigan 3 blade prop. Rack & pinion steering, Faria gauge package,full stainless hardware,fresh water flushing system, dual batteries, dual bilge blowers & side mounted shift/throttle combination controls. It bears the Hull # UYQDAN03J505
2720826 Feet New Production Classic Marine Imports$169,000
STANDARDS: Inlaid Cabin Sole; Mahogany Interior; Molded Step-in Transom; All Instrumentation; Portable Head arrangement; Upholstery throughout; V-Berth Access under foredeck; Interior lighting; Electric, Engine Hatch-lift; Boarding Ladder under Transom bench; Marine Grade Hardware; Hull Color of Choice OPTIONAL - EXTRA COST EQUIP: (All Subj to Quote Before Order) Bow Thruster; Stereo-CD; Special Electronics: GPS Nav, Shore Radio etc; All Mahogany Clad Presentation for Hull; Flat, Traditional Transom Line (Requires Custom Swim Platform vs Molded Transom with Platform integrated); Picnic accessories: Sink, Wet Bar,(on-board fresh water storage) Propane Stove-BBQ, Refrigerator; Shore Power Options; EXTRA Battery Power; Foredeck - Access/Ventilation Hatch; Flush Toilet( w/ gray water storage pump out tank); Convertible Top Custom Made to Unit; Sun Pit Space over Engine Room on selected Models; OTHER OPTIONS OF CLIENT’S CHOICE and SUGGESTION as Available to Builder.
3065526' Feet 1929 Fitzgerald & Lee Runabout$36,000
Built in Alexandria Bay, Fitzgerald and Lees were renowned for their design an craftsmanship. They were also the largest Gar Wood dealer This boat has a new WEST bottom, engine and gas tanks. The decks have been reconfigured to make a very nice split cockpit runabout. New hardware a upholstery make this a fun and easy to maintain recreational boat. Trailer reconditioned w/sandblast, military primer, finish coat dk green, new wiring/LED lights, New treated full length (30ft.) planking w/new industrial grade carpeting, re-packed bearings.
3610726 Feet 2010 Custom Built Triple Cockpit Runabout$79,000
This is a professionally built, contemporary triple cockpit runabout. It is cold molded construction encapsulated with WEST System epoxy. Both topsides and bottom are sheathed with 6 ounce fiberglass cloth. Fastenings are silicone bronze throughout. All inside surfaces have been coated with two coats of WEST System epoxy and two coats of epoxy paint. All decks and the transom have 10 coats of Epifanes gloss varnish. Topside finish is three coats of primer and three coats of Sikens two part urethane. The power plant is a Mercruiser Mag 350 fuel injected engine with a 1:1 transmission. Custom manufactured hardware includes: engine mounts, oil drip pans under engine and transmission, windshield brackets, cutwater, transom bands and exhaust tips. The dry weight of the boat is 3180 pounds. This outstanding example of a triple cockpit runabout has seen only 15 hours in the water. It has been entered in four boat shows and won four awards.
3017027 Feet 1929 Minett Shields Runabout$200,000
This boat was the first boat built under the Minett-Shields name and was the prototype hull design of Minett Shields for the construction of Fleetwood II and Llanlady. The well engineered hull design delivers a smooth ride in all kinds of water. She has been kept locally since day one. The original 6 cylinder motor was removed and replaced with its current Buchanan 283 in 1956.
3038227 Feet 1938 Chris Craft Model 936 Runabout$185,000
Chris Craft only built 62 of model 936 Runabouts between 1932 and 1941. This 1938 example has been owned by the same family since new! She has been repowered with a small block Mercruiser V8. Brand new 5200 bottom installed in 2013 - new frames, battens, keel, chines, marine ply inner bottom, 1/2" mahogany outer planking bedded in 5200, fresh copper bronze, and a fresh coat of varnish on the entire boat.
3017627 Feet 1955 Shepherd Commuter$140,000
This is a very rare model of Shepherd that is renowned for its dry ride and ability to handle rough waters. She was fully restored by Butson's Boats and has been a show winner wherever she goes. The restoration was completed in an accurate, period correct manner, faithful to how Shepherd originally finished the boat. The original Chrysler Crown engines were rebuilt and detailed at the time of restoration (reliable and push boat well). This is one of North America's premiere Shepherds and would be an excellent addition to the fleet of a discerning collection or Shepherd enthusiast.
3725027 Feet 1956 Shepherd Twin Engine Runabout$125,000
One of the nicest twin engine Shepherd runabouts you will find! This example has been beautifully restored and shows real pride of ownership. Built in Niagara on the Lake, Shepherd boats were built for rough water conditions with double layer bottoms, significant bow flare, tall hullsides, and a wide beam. 27' models are regarded to be one of the best entertaining boats with ample room for passengers and an open cockpit configuration with engines in the stern. Powered by twin dual-carb 135hp Chrysler engines, this boat can also perform! She features a custom interior, wheel, and gauges that add a unique flair.
2823527 Feet 1993 James Anthony Runabout$75,000
One of seven built by renowned builder James Anthony for private buyers of note. This boat has very nice provenance. Beautiful Jade Green fiberglass hull, topped with wonderful soft mahogany topsides. Striking new white interior, rosewood cockpit table, marine head, tri-axle trailer included. Always boathouse kept.
2716027 Feet 1997 Custom Baldwin Runabout$125,000
No expenses have been spared in both materials and detailing in the construction of this boat. Several exotic woods such as Australian Lacewood, Birds Eye maple, Macassar ebony, Cypress and Padouk were used. She was designed by a well known Naval Architect and a Design Associate for Boat Shows and general use. Leather roll and pleat upholstery, custom made chromed bronze hardware, hydraulic steering, and VDO instrumentation. A Sony 10 pack CD stereo system has been installed. Comes with tonneau covers, fitted travel cover and a custom built tandem trailer. With only 10 hours of use, this boat needs nothing.
2835727 Feet 2008 Anka Cabin Classic 27$110,000
Enjoy the styling of the 1950's with a blend of art, technology and master of craft with the 2008 Royale Craft. This is a handcrafted boat that encorporates classic styling and modern technology. Designed to provide safety and performance.
2842227 Feet 2008 Great Lakes Boat Co. Rum Runner$89,900
Brand new Great Lakes 27 Rum runner with full manufacturers warranty. Fully complete and ready for delivery. Includes custom trailer, full cover, cockpit covers;
2853227 Feet 2017 Chris Craft Design Barrel Back by Fish Brothers$199,900
Designed to represent the classic barrel sterned hull lines, in a 27' model. Modern construction means a no-soak bottom and modern power makes the boat easy to own and use.
3718527 Feet 2010 StanCraft Deluxe Sport Runabout$275,000
A beautiful example of a deluxe sport lowboy! This boat has VERY low hours and is in immaculate like new condition.
3718727 Feet 2014 StanCraft Lowboy Surfer Edition$265,000
The beauty, grace, and elegant lines of a StanCraft, with a hidden fun side for the whole family. This boat has everything you would expect from a high end wood boat plus the added features of a wake/surf boat.
3182928 Feet 1929 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$35,000
Triple cockpit with Scripps 202 6cyl 678ci 200hp engine. Original gauges. Was bought in the 1000 Islands region of NY two years ago. Hull #293170
3183028 Feet 1930 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout Model 28-30$25,000
Has original windshield, consilidated panel and some hardware. It was bought from an owner in Michigan just two years ago.
2900128 Feet 1930 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$200,000
Boat is registered with the Gar Wood society. Number 209 of 305. Boathouse stored and ready to use. The boat has been repowered and is quick and reliable.
3726628 Feet 1930 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$215,000
Purchased from the original owner in Louisville, KY in 1998. Engine and boat was completely refastened and restored from 1998 through to 2001. New varnish applied in 2012. Bottom is excellent and water tight. Restoration by the best, engine done by George Shinn, balanced and blue printed. All original hardware, instrumentation, engine, seat springs, seat frames, bow and stern poles, running lights and lenses. Marine seat leather dyed to original color specification of the boat. All wood framing has matching serial numbers. Engine has added steering wheel choke. Boat is in overall excellent condition and was in the water in summer of 2015.
3172528 Feet 1934 Hutchinson Triple Cockpit Runabout$85,000
This coveted boat is one of only seven John Hacker designed 28 ft. triples produced by Hutchinson, providing the buyer a rare opportunity to own a piece of American boat building history. The exquisite renovation includes a no soak bottom and a freshly rebuilt Chrysler 318 cubic inch motor with zero hours. A recent survey by a SAMS accredited surveyor is available for review.
3067428 Feet 1936 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$205,000
Originally built for the department store magnate Marshall Field this gorgeous 1936 Triple Cockpit GarWood is almost all original except only the modern conveniences such as electronic ignition and an epoxy "no soak' bottom. The boat has won many best original and best in class events in various boat shows and is powered by a rare 12 cylinder Scripps
3136128 Feet 1939 Hutchinson Sedan $125,000
Built and delivered in the 1000 Islands this boat spent many years on Grindstone Islands and was owned by a well known Washington socialite and her husband. The boat has received a full restoration with a new bottom and is powered by a modern 350 engine which moves the boat along nicely whether it has one or ten passengers. Stable and roomy these are the perfect boats for entertaining. The boat requires nothing and is ready to go boating right away.
3662228 Feet 1942 Fitzgerald & Lee Commuter$29,000
Located in Alexandria Bay, New York and in the heart of the 1000 Islands, Fitzgerald & Lee was at one time the largest Gar Wood dealer in America. They would go on to build boats of there own as special order for the well to do Summer residents, crafting the boats themselves and using Gar Wood hardware and instrumentation. This Fitzgerald and Lee is believed to be the last boat built. This 28 Foot Commuter from 1942 is in very original condition. It is now ready for a full restoration but is a very worthy project especially for those who appreciate the quality craftsmanship that came from the boat builders in the 1000 Islands.
3176828 Feet 1968 Bertram Barron Racing$75,000
Bertram made only 11 of these special speedboats. Nine (9) of these went to the. Israeli Government as special gun boats. This boat was used in the famous 1968 Miami to Nassau Race. The boat was then unused for many years. The chrome, gel coat, engines have all be redone along with a new teak floor. Dash and gauges have also been redone to the point where the boat needs nothing. It is powered by Twin Ford Engines offering 300 HP each Since the engines have been redone the boat has seen only 2 hours of use on the water. This is believed to be the last of the 11 boats known to exist. For Bertram lovers this does not get any better.
3141528 Feet 1988 Grand Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$150,000
This is a reproduction of a Triple Cockpit Chris Craft made by Grand Craft. The boat was built in 1988 and has been lightly and lovingly used since then in the fresh water lakes of Minnesota. The hull is sound and strong. The twin Chrysler V-8's are also in good running condition with only about 30 hours of use each season. This boat is in overall excellent condition with a walk though to the second cockpit making it easy to access and very sociable. New Leather, new cover and recently varnished with mahogany floors throughout.
2795828 Feet 2003 Chris Craft Launch$69,500
This is an exceptional well maintained boat and in nothing short of excellent condition. The boat has been used very little since he boat it new and has decided to now part with the boat after only 60 hours of use. The boat has ample space, battery charger and every available option.
2844228 Feet 2005 Hacker Craft Super Triple Cockpit$175,000
This is a very desireable ALL mahogany Hacker Triple Cockpit. Rare in terms of it's size as Hacker has made very few in this size and with the power that this model has with twin Crusader 350 MPI engines offering 660 HP. Simply put this boat is in "like new" condition with all areas of the boat in very good condition.
3698128 Feet 2008 Gar Wood Runabout$159,995
Immaculately clean boat. Looks better than new. This boat is loaded with options including bow thruster, fender storage, cockpit covers, full waterline cover, and new 2015 custom trailer. This boat looks better than new at a fraction of the cost.
3182828 Feet 1929 Gar Wood Baby Gar$30,000
1929 Baby Gar 28 ft.(my favorite boat out of the 4 I purchased). Includes mostly complete original numbers matching Chrysler Imperial 6cyl 106hp engine. This is an unmolested very original boat down to the remnants of original upholstery. I have grand plans for this one. It is one with the "Black Beauty" option from the factory with black painted sides and red bottom. It is a striking combination when done properly.
3718828 Feet 2008 StanCraft Deluxe Sport Highboy Runabout$255,000
Luxury and power all in one package.
3718928 Feet 2013 StanCraft Rivelle $295,000
A beautiful example of the Rivelle Series. This 2013 280 Rivelle is the perfect boat for fun and family on any lake. Twin engines and Axius Joystick controls make this a breeze to maneuver at any dock and plenty of power for any water. Seats up to 12.
3652728'6 Feet 2012 Comitti Venezia $189,000
Boat was imported by Comitti North America in 2012 with non-catalyzed motor which we replaced in June 2013 with new catalyzed identical 8.2 MAG HO ECT motor and Bravo IIIX Outdrive. Boat being sold as a show demo model with full warranties and in excellent condition. Never registered or title transferred.
3723229 Feet Hinckley Talaria Runabout $173,000
This is a beautiful example of a Hinckley Talaria. It is also one of the popular models from this much heralded boat builder. It is the perfect boat for a day on the water with friends and Family or a weekend away for a couple. This boat has been well maintained and sparingly used in the fresh water of the St. Lawrence River. Powered by a Volvo 370 HP Diesel engine and accompanied by a Hamilton HJ252 with the Hinckley Jet stick this boat moves swiftly at up to 34 knots with effortless maneuvering in tight spaces with surgical accuracy. The Hinckley 29R offers a very comfortable V-Berth forward cabin in varnished cherry. The sit down steering console features a varnished teak deck. The unique water jet propulsion system and legendary Hinckley construction and quality make this a perfect day boat.
3181030 Feet 1921 Duke Launch$30,000
Found in a barn in Muskoka after decades of storage is this rare 30 Foot Duke Launch. It is in fact the last boat built by Albert H. Duke. It will require a full restoration but is a fabulous boat and most worthy of restoration.
3701230 Feet 1927 Hutchinson Triple Cockpit Runabout$77,500
Very Rare John L Hacker Design Hutchinson. 30" model in original, untouched condition. Could be used as is but the boat will need a thorough refinish. Boat has been repowered with a Crusader 454. An original Hall Scott Invader (for rebuild) is available through Antique Boat America at an additional cost.
3141630 Feet 1929 Sea Lyon Model 45 Runabout$280,000
Howard Lyon was a smooth talking salesman who convinced Gar Wood to grant him the exclusive arrangement to sell his Runabouts after Gar watched him successfully sell his 33 Foot Baby Gar's in record numbers. Eventually going on to build his own boats, Lyon purchased land in New York City and built 6 different models of runabouts including the 30 Foot Sea Lyon with a 200 HP Sterling Petrel engine which would sell for $ 5950.00. Known for their level riding and excellent visibility, 5 section windshield, the long deck boats were made to be at the high end of the market. The stock market crash ended this dream and left behind a handful of these exquisite boats. The boat is in showroom condition today and ready to contend at the country's top boat shows!
3087030 Feet 1929 Sea Lyon Triple Cockpit Runabout$199,000
Lyon was a smooth talking salesman who at one time had the exclusive rights to sell Gar Wood boats to well heeled clients in New York City. His desire to build his own boats damaged that relationship and the stock market crash served notice that the company would not survive. As such few of these boats remain to this day and they are prized by collectors. This boat was originally owned by the founder of the Colgate Company and the boat has Won Best of Show" in every show that it has entered. The boat is solid in every way and ready for a new Captain.
3001530 Feet 1929 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout owned by Alan Jackson$675,000
This Hacker Craft triple was purchased new in 1929 by a Manhattan Episcopalian bishop at the New York City Boat Show. She remained on Lake George, NY until 1989, when purchased by renowned wood boat afficionado Mark Mason of Lake Winnipesaukee. She was purchased by Alan Jackson in 2003, at 74 years old in unrestored and original condition. Will O’ The Wisp then went through a 3-year professional restoration and is now undoubtedly the nicest 30 ft Hacker in the World!
3670430 Feet 1981 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$85,000
A classic triple cockpit Hacker Craft. This boat had a new bottom with a West System put on and has been gently used since and still is in exceptional condition.
3694630 Feet 1985 Hacker Triple Cockpit Runabout$69,000
This boat was custom built by Morgan Hacker for its current owner, a friend of Bill Morgan. Exceptionally well maintained, always used in fresh water. Single 454cid Crusader 350hp engine.
3710830 Feet Serenella Venetian Water Taxi $110,000
Built in 1987 and fully restored in 2008, this Venetian Water Taxi by Serenella is in immaculate condition. The boat is still with the original owner and is only used 4 months a year and always stored indoors. Hull and finish are excellent and the upholstery, bright work and interior are also perfect. The power plant is a Diesel Volvo Penta offering 147 HP. For those who have travelled to Venice they will always remember their first ride in a Venetian Water Taxi.
3631830 Feet 1987 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout $95,000 
This is a one owner runabout that has been a fresh water boat it's entire life. Maintained throughout. New Holy and Mahogany sole in 2002 along with a completely new epoxy bottom.
3029530 Feet 1987 Serenella Venetian Water Taxi$159,000
This is a very beautiful water taxi which has found its way over here to North America. The boat has JUST come through a complete thorough and total restoration and is now being offered in Show Condition needing only a new captain. These boats make perfect tour boats and are ideal for transporting any number of people in a variety of weather conditions. Traveling in this boat will bring anyone back to Venice and let them imagine gliding down the canals.
3663030 Feet 1988 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$49,500
This 1988 Triple Cockpit Hacker Craft has had the same owner since new. Nice user boat and ready to go this season! A new bottom was installed in 2011. Included is a tandem axle Trailwise Trailer which pulls the boat beautifully.
3687430 Feet 1989 Hacker Craft Twin Engine Triple Cockpit Runabout$47,500
Here is a very nice user quality Hacker Boat Triple Cockpit Runabout! Desirable configuration with twin 350 Crusader engines. She is well equipped for pleasure cruising with a stereo, VHF radio, and depth finder. Great triple axle trailer included.
2923430 Feet 1989 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit$60,000
This is a shining example the Hacker Boat Company's most popular Triple Cockpit Runabout. The boat has always been boat house kept in the 1000 Islands and has been used lightly as the owner had the luxury of a stable of boats. The interior, gauges, finish and chrome are in nice condition. The condition of the wood, hull and frames are also structurally sound with a new bottom and frames being applied in the winter of 2015. The boat is currently offered WITHOUT a trailer and has been priced accordingly.
2689730 Feet 1991 Calibre Race Boat$249,000
This is a unique, one off performance boat. Concours condition, test hours only. Powered by a 1944 1,400 HP Allison aircraft engine with custom spliter box, designed to run on regular pump gas. Dual transmissions & dual surface drives. Custom leather interior, aircraft certified instrumentation, mooring and cockpit covers.
3711730 Feet 1992 Venetian Water Taxi$125,000
This 1992 Venetian Water Taxi was recently restorer and is now in very nice condition. The engine was replaced in 2001 and currently has 600 hours. The boat was once owned by the Mayor of Venice and was later used as Water Taxi for a luxury hotel. The restoration included a new deck, a new roof and fresh varnish.
2660530 Feet 1998 Custom Built$175,000
2926330 Feet 1998 Hacker Triple Cockpit Runabout$100,000
Custom built Hacker reproduction boat with white leather U-seating. It has a small cuddy with cushions and porta-potty. Beautiful mahogany boat with ski ring and swim platform. Looks like an antique, but with modern features. A real head turner! It is located in a boat house on a boat lift on Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, NH. The slip is also for sale for $100,000 including boat lift.
3690730 Feet 2009 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout w/extended cockpit$139,900
Very Clean boat that has always been boat house kept since new. The boat has a roomy extended 2nd cockpit, dripless shaft, and closed cooling on the engine. The boat was recently varnished in 2013. The owner is very meticulous and the boat shows real pride of ownership.
3690330 Feet 2011 Hacker Craft Sterling Runabout$249,000
WANT TO OWN THE MOST STRIKING AND EYE CATCHING YACHT THIS SUMMER! DON'T MISS THIS ONE OF A KIND 30' TRIPLE COCKPIT STERLING HACKER CRAFT. She is in beautiful condition and this is one of the most rare and sought after Hacker Crafts on the market today. Custom features include a hard hatch third cockpit rumble seat, bow thruster, grated style floor hatches, bright mahogany finished cuddy cabin storage, custom Hermes orange interior, 8 speaker Bose & Clarion stereo system, engine-turned stainless steel dashboard trim, custom fabricated wine rack in the walk through, humidor and dedicated storage, cigar lighters with custom orange fabricated buttons, dual chrome air horns and hand made custom teak swim platform. "Mueca" means "Grin" ...and this boat sure makes people smile!
2720930 Feet New Production Classic Marine Imports$204,000
STANDARDS: Inlaid Cabin Sole; Mahogany Interior; Molded Step-in Transom; All Instrumentation; Portable Head arrangement; Upholstery throughout; V-Berth Access under foredeck; Interior lighting; Electric, Engine Hatch-lift; Boarding Ladder under Transom bench; Marine Grade Hardware; Hull Color of Choice. OPTIONAL - EXTRA COST EQUIP: All Subject to Quote Before Order Bow Thruster; Stereo-CD ;Special Electronics: GPS Navigation,Shore Radio etc; Mahogany Clad Hull Presentation; Flat, Traditional Transom Line(Requires Custom Swim Platform vs Molded Transom with Platform integrated); Picnic accessories: Sink,Wet Bar,(on-board fresh water storage) Propane Stove-BBQ, Frige; Shore Power Options; EXTRA Battery Power; Foredeck-Access/Ventilation Hatch; Flush Toilet(w/ gray water storage pump out tank); Convertible Top Custom Made to Unit; Sun Pit Space over Engine Room on selected Models; OTHER OPTIONS OF CLIENT’S CHOICE and SUGGESTION as Available to Builder.
3719031 Feet 2012 StanCraft Twin Arrow Runabout$355,000
It just doesn't get much better than this 31! This boat is equipped Axius Controls for the two Bravo III drives and makes the handling a breeze. Seats up to 10 people!
3185032 Feet 1997 Grand Craft Commuter$129,000
A beautiful cruising Grand Craft configured for entertaining 12-16 easily and comfortably with its generous seating capacity. The boat is mahogany with a West System. Hardware has all in excellent condition as is the interior and hardware and gauges. Boat is offered with a diesel generator with a marine air AC with reverse cycle heating and battery charger. A large storage locker and head complete the interior. An elegant and perfect boat for a day on the water with room for all.
2652732 Feet 2006 Oceanus Royal Runabout$249,000
Beautiful Classic Runabout with Cherry Dash, JVC-CD Player, V-berth,cockpit with "U" shaped settees on port/aft bench seat, cockpit shower, swim platform,head and refrigerator in cockpit with a bimini top for protection from the Sun and Rain. This style boat takes you back in time but with the technology and materials of today to rival the best of the best today.
3003032 feet 6 inches Feet 1928 Orville Wright's Gidley Launch$395,000
Purchased by the famous inventor Orville Wright and owned by him until his death in 1947. This Gidley Boat Works Launch is a piece of living history. The Wright Brothers of course are credited with the first manned flight with a heavier than air machine and this boat was used to ferry Mr. Wright to his Island cottage up in Ontario. Named Kittyhawk, Orville was a familiar site being seen navigating his boat in and around Georgian Bay until the time when he was recalled to Washington. The launch has been restored to her original pristine condition at the Greavette Boat Company in Gravenhurst, Ontario and is complete with her gleaming chrome, fantastic history and acknowledgement to another era. Over the years she has received many prestigous awards at a number of Boat Shows and is now ready for a new custodian.
3682132 Feet 1991 Fred Heim Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$125,000
A custom boat built by noted Massachusetts builder Fred Heim, based on a 1932 Chris Craft design that the company never produced. All Honduras mahogany, beautiful varnish, with reproduction Chris Craft hardware. The boat is fast and spacious, modern features include a stereo system; front cockpit has a split seat with full walk-through. It is powered by twin 350 cu. in. 270 hp. Crusader engines. Boat has been kept in a boat house, received annual maintenance and is in the water for the 2015 season. A custom tandem axle trailer is included.
3633033 Feet 6 inches 1942 Gar Wood Four Cockpit Runabout$78,900
This boat is a radio Controlled Target boat. It was a special Gar Wood concept which the Army found to be vital for training gunnery personnel on rapidly moving targets. Gar Wood was given an Army contract to provide a total of 29 of these boats in 1942 and all were powered by a single engine Kermath. This is Hull# 4 bearing the Gar Wood Number 6768, U.S. Army Target Boat (JR-4) delivered on August 18th of 1942. This original 33 foot 6 inch, 4-cockpit Gar Wood is now ready for final restoration. The bottom of this boat has been re-done and now has a West system bottom with new ribs and frames. All the hard work has been done.Very rare find and with only a few ever built! Powered by a V-12 Kermath engine, complete with an additional parts motor.
2756633 Feet 2005 Riva Aquariva 33$565,000
This boat is fully equipped with every accessory imaginable. It has the beautiful lines of the classic Riva, but is constructed of modern materials. Powered by twin 370hp Yanmar diesels for speed, manoevrability, and fuel economy.
2910833 Feet 2006 Hacker Craft Sport Boat$169,000
A gorgeous 33 Foot hacker Craft Sport twin. This lovely boat offers the natural slanted stern "Riva" style to the water. It also has twin 8.1 Crusader Marine Power engines with 385 HP each. It also features a Cuddy cabin and custom mahogany pull-down door cabinets with drink holders. Upholstery is white with teal piping and has no rips or tears. This is a dream to run and looks awesome on the water. Best of all it is turn key condition.
3041533 Feet 2007 Hacker Craft Sport Runabout$169,000
This boat was built in 2007 and has only had one owner. It is one of only 4 that were ever built by Hacker with the 9 foot 6 inch enlarged beam. All others are much narrower. She is 33 foot twin engine Hacker Craft Double Cockpit that has been used very lightly. Excellent for entertaining with an enlarged second cockpit and walkthrough. Her owner is retiring from boating and this is a fantastic opportunity to own a pristine boat that now retails for over $300,000.
3104333 Feet 2009 Riva Aquariva Luxury Runabout$659,000
This gorgeous Riva has very low hours and is ready to go! The Aquariva model is a sleek and stylish craft that draws serious attention wherever it goes. Classic Italian styling with modern luxuries and equipment. Powered by twin Yanmar 380hop engines, she is smooth, fast, and efficient.
3719133 Feet 2008 StanCraft Flash Sedan$325,000
The first "Flash" of the series this boat is an original. Single engine 700HP and a literal wave slicer! Absolute blast of a boat! Seats 8 people.
3706634 Feet 1947 Greavette Streamliner$150,000
The rarest of all of the Greavette Streamliners are the 34 Footers. It is believed that only 2 of this model still exist and they exhibit all of the craftsmanship that made Greavette's reputation. With an 8 foot beam this model is large and impressive. This particular boat has a modern power engine installed in 2010 which allows it to perform at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The boat is in need of refinishing with a new bottom and perhaps frames and ribs. Fresh varnish is also required although the hardware is all intact and not pitted No trailer is offered with this vessel.
3053234 Feet 2009 Resort Boat Shop Custom Runabout$575,000
A fabulous 34 ft custom two time winner of the ACBS international Contemporary Class, (2011and 2013) design by Jerry Gilbreath built by the Hagadone Marine Group in Coeurd'alene ID. This cold molded masterpiece is created from Western red cedar and three full layers of vacuum bagged African mahogany , laminated bent frames and epoxy resin. finished with 35 coats of clear inside and out. The interior was created to the Bentley style leather interior upholstery with teak flooring. Equipped with custom Livorsi gauges GPS speedo and depth gauge and Latham throttles Custom Stainless steel rap around wind screen optically perfect made of safety glass . Powered by twin Custom electronic fuel ejection 400 H.P Mercruiser Bravo 1 stern drives, Custom Stainless Steel header exhaust system, 100% water jacketed - thru prop exhaust for quiet running. Jefe can reach speeds in excess of 60 mph while using very little fuel.
2915434' Feet 1995 Hugh Saint Triple Cockput Runabout$399,000
This is a Hugh Saint design, triple cockpit runabout with all West System construction.She is in excellent shape and is made with Honduran Mahogany finished with 10 coats of fresh varnish. The chrome is in excellent condition as is the green interior. The boat has always been stored indoors and carefully cared for since new. Its care shows and it is show ready. This boat needs nothing!
307271928 34.6 Minett Shields Triple Cockpit Runabout $500,000
This gorgeous Minett-Shields was made in 1928 for Mr Boxer who summered in the Muskoka Lakes in Canada. The boat was converted from Launch to Triple Cockpit Runabout in 1937. At that time the boat was then re-powered with a Scripps V-12. The current owner had the boat since 2005 and has maintain ed the boat in excellent condition. The boat was in the water in 2010 and has had a fresh coat of varnish at that time. The engine runs very strong. This boat is very original since it's 1937 changeover and has almost all of it's original wood above the waterline. Discerning buyers will note that a Minett-Shields Runabout in excess of 30 feet are hard to find and very rare. Included in the boat is the original ice box from 1928, original gauges both in good working order and hardware.
2843835 Feet 1944 Hacker Boat Co. Super Runabout$395,000
This 1944 Hackercraft is in a class of her own. She has been lovingly restored and maintained by her owner for over 20 years and is only the 3rd owner since new. powered by a 1300 HP Allison aircraft marinized engine. The cockpit area has room for 9 people and runs ultra smooth even at high speed. The hull is constructed of cedar and has a green bottom color with gorgeous green leather uplholstery. All of the hardware is original and was rechromed in 2003 with the leather being re-done in 2004. A great piece of marine history
2966335 Feet 1989 Hacker Craft Super Runabout$99,000
This boat is Super Triple Cockpit 35 foot Runabout made by Hacker. It had twin 454 engines but both motors have been removed from the boat. and has just had $ 10,000.00 recently put into redoing the chrome.the interior is excellent and the decks are very good. This boat should survey out very well and is the perfect boat for large groups.
3700036 Feet 2001 Van Dam Custom Limousine$275,000
This Van Dam boat resurrects the classic style of the 20's and 30's. This Limousine style runabout offers 6 feet 2 inches of headroom and such modern amenities as a wet bar, refrigerator, icebox, coffee maker and head. A snug V-Berth offers room for an overnight stay. The planking for this boat is all hand selected, comes from one log and is perfectly fit. The twin 502 Mercruiser power plants in this boat offer 50 MPH cruising speed and 430 HP with generous room for up to 12 people.
3719235 Feet 2008 StanCraft Litespeed Runabout$255,000
Just re-finished! This boat is in amazing condition and has a custom painted 700HP Viper V10 engine. Seats 6 with comfort.
3713037 Feet 1982 Venetian Water Taxi$300,000
Restored in 2014, this Venetian Water Taxi was previously used as a Hotel Shuttle. The boat is now offered for sale and would be ideal for this same effort or for entertaining groups aboard. The boat is offered complete and ready to go. Equipment includes Radar, VHF, Compass, Spotlight, Wiper, Microphone w/ speakers, new propellers in 2015. The upholstery is in very good condition. The engines run strong and the bottom is tight and sound.
2901437 Feet 1998 Hacker Super Triple Cockpit Runabout$169,000
An awesome opportunity to own a magnificent 37 Foot Hacker Giant triple Cockpit capable of seating 18 people comfortably. The boat has been recently refinished and has 1 brand new engine and one rebuilt original engine. The boat also comes with a spare engine. Spare props and rudders. It also has 3 block heaters and 3 starters. The recent finish work included over $ 40,000 of work to reinforcing the flooring and ribs as well as the flooring. This boat is like no other in the country with it's unique size and configuration and is the ultimate for entertaining.
2921037' Feet 1975 Riva 2000$399,000
This is Hull #1 of only 53 units ever made by Riva. Hull # 2 was sold to the Shah of Iran and Hull #3 went to the Price of Monaco. It is believed that there are no more than 5 of this model in North America today. The condition of this boat is very good. The trim tabs need to be redone or replaced. Some minor cosmetic work could be done to the boat but otherwise this boat is ready to go with it's 3 454 engines.
3720638 Feet 1972 Pellegrini Venetian Wayter Taxi$79,000
This Venetian Water Taxi is not a DUPLICATE listing to 37205. In fact, Antique Boat America is offering two 38 Foot Water Taxi with a single Volvo Penta Diesel engine offering 270HP. A hotel in Italy underwent financial hardship and has had these 2 boats in storage for almost 10 years. Both of the boats are structurally sound and were previously used a shuttle boat for their hotel guests.
3719339 Feet 2009 StanCraft African Queen Sedan$625,000
The Queen says it all. This beauty is big and powerful with over 6'-6" of head room throughout. 39' Sedan style runabout equipped with twin Mercruiser 8.2L engines.
2843740 Feet 2002 Hacker Boat Company Picnic Boat$275,000
One of the finest designs by the hacker Boat Company were these Picnic Boat's constructed after 1914. Their popularity was brought about by wealthy businessman who would want this type of boat to commute to work or to entertain guests. This is a modern creation by the Hacker Boat Company in Silver Bay New York which is truly a one of a kind picnic boat. It was a custom creation of Hacker and is totally hand built offering uniqueness, reliability, speed and comfort of her original sisterships that were constructed in Detroit. The hardware, chrome and wood are all in very good condition as the owner has shown great care with this boat and is preparing for another addition to his fleet.
3656242 Feet 2014 J-Craft Torpedo Runabout$1,050,000
The j Craft boat is like no other. This boat evokes the glamour of the Classic Wooden Speedboats but offers the latest design and engineering techniques. The boat easily sleeps four adults plus one Captain in two generous cabin areas. The main deck is complete with a refrigerator, ice-maker, sink for easy entertaining. Glassware and china designed by the Prince of Sweden. Powered by two unique forward facing Volvo Penta IPS engines the boat will easily reach speeds up to 60MPH. A joystick helps you in tight quarters and the interior is sumptuous both inside and out with world renowned designer driven materials throughout.
3148144 Hacker Craft Super Triple Cockpit Runabout$440,000
This custom made hacker Craft Super Triple Cockpit is truly one a kind and designed after the famous Pardon Me which for many years was the largest Runabout ever built. The boat is a massive 44 foot Mahogany Triple Cockpit which will carry up to 20 people easily. It includes a lavatory, shower, galley , sink and fridge as well as a berth which is queen sized. the boat has a bow thruster and a pair of Twin 502 engines which move the boat nicely on plane. This is an impressive boat and in very nice overall condition. the boat is structurally sound, interior is excellent, chrome is bright and shiny and is impressive wherever it goes.
3033744 Feet 2000 Hinckley Talaria 44R$600,000
Hinckley has the reputation of one of America's preeminent boat builders. They are superbly crafted and handle easily giving an excellent ride with remarkable maneuverability. The plush interior, stylish helm and stunning joinery signals the craftsmanship that Hinckley is known for. This boat has been lovingly maintained since new by her owner and with no expense spared. In fresh water, she plays the waters of the St. Lawrence River. Below deck, these boats offer one stateroom which is very roomy and offer grain matched teak interior aft facing cockpit seating, wide sidedecks, shallow draft and a jetstick control system and bow thruster for easy docking. Powered by twin 420 HP Yanmar diesels matched to Hamilton waterjets, this boat will easily cruise at 24-29 knots and needs NOTHING but a new Captain for it's next career.
3655277 Feet 1941 Elco PT-Boat$500,000
Of the nearly 400 small, fast, versatile wooden Patrol Torpedo boats which were built around WWII, only a handful survive to this day. PT 48 is the only remaining 77' Elco PT Boat and a member of the heroic WWII "Mosquito Fleet". With its stylish look, cold molded cabins, reverse S bend stem, it was one of the first successful ELCO designs. PT 48 has arguably spent more time in the combat zone than any other PT Boat in existence from October 11, 1942 to August 7, 1944 and is officially credited with sinking IJN TERUZUKI. A combat highlight, while on patrol with PT 109 (led by John F. Kennedy), PT 48 was damaged by high seas and rescued by PT 109 and the use of a hand pump. The rich battle record of PT 48 is an intrinsic part of US history. Early after her 1941 launch and shortly after Pearl Harbor, PT 48 aggressively attacked enemy vessels in the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal and Funuati. This vessel is not currently running and is a great restoration candidate.
3727018 Feet 1946 Gar Wood Deluxe Runabout $59,900
The boat is number 7002 of only 12 made. Model was discontinued due to lack of matched mahogany as a result of the war. Only 4 of the 12 are currently water worthy and in service. All hardware is original and correct for this boat as it came off the line in August 1946. The wood is also all original with the exception of a 1-ft patch piece below the portside waterline. Windshield is original and unique to only 3 boats. The prototype and the first two units have this windshield. Gar Wood did not like it so it was changed on subsequent boats.
2920318' Feet 1952 Chris Craft Riviera$31,500
This is an excellent full restoration Chris Craft Riviera. The engine has been freshly rebuilt with less than 12 hours since the rebuild and the systems have been upgraded to 12 volt and completely re-wired. It also has a new epoxy bottom, sides and decks. All of the hardware has been recently re-chromed along with a burgundy interior.
3145418' Feet 1952 Chris Craft Riviera$36,000
This wonderful Riviera has been fully restored. Rebuilt engine, fresh new interior. Has only been used twice since completed and has a total of 5 hours of use. Trailer built for the boat but could use some cosmetics.
3699618 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Cobra $84,000
This very original Chris Craft Cobra is an excellent example of the 51 that we ever made. Natural mahogany deck color set off by the iconic gold fin and is powered by a six cylinder Chris Craft KBL engine with triple carbs. Overall the boat is superb and ready to carve up the water or add to your collection!!
3106318.5 Feet 1946 Van-Craft$13,000
She has a painted white hull with varished Mahogany decks,interior and transom.6cyl chris craft top end all done 2 years ago.Fresh varnish in Aug. This boat was built in Wallaceburg.Ont.and is very rare.Always boat house kept.
2620618.5 Feet 1967 Greavette Sunflash$24,000
This boat has just come through a complete restoration including a refastened bottom, new interior and a new transom. The interior is tan in colour in keeping with it's original look. decks are original mahogany and they are in excellent shape. Boat has been done from stem to stern and has always been a Muskoka Lakes boat.
2714919 Feet 1936 Chris Craft Custom Runabout$69,900
This 1936 Chris Craft Custom Runabout was professionally restored by Old Time Boat Co. over a 4 year period, and was completed in March 2006. Restoration was performed using West System. Green upholstery, brand new 305ci GM 250hp engine with enclosed cooling, tandem axle custom trailer, and a custom cover. This package combines the beauty of a pre war runabout with the convenience and performance of modern power. Award winner at Mount Dora in 2006.
3172119 Feet 1936 Dodge Double Cockpit Runabout$29,000
This pretty 19' Dodge runabout is a very original boat and has been well kept since restoration in the early 1990's. She has been used sparingly and shows very well. Brightwork, chrome, and upholstery all in nice condition. Gray Marine Phantom 225 powerplant is tidy and the original gauge cluster is still in place! This is a wonderful example of Horace Dodge's work and would be the perfect addition to a collector's fleet. A recent comprehensive marine survey is available for serious parties. Complete with a custom fitted cover.
3700319 Feet 1936 Chris Craft Double Cockpit Runabout$67,000
One of only 328 made. This boat was dispatched from the Chris Craft Factory in Algonac, Michigan on August 20, 1936 to the Wilmington, California Chris Craft dealer H.G.McKinney & Co,Inc. Al Schinnerer of California Classics bought the runabout along with a collection of boats stored in a warehouse in Long Beach in 1978 from Mike Ferruli. No further history is known of the boat. The boat was laid to rest in Al’s Redlands warehouse until she was purchased in the early 1990’s by restorer Dave Wright. In 2003, still with no restoration, Wright sold the boat to Ron Figaro then bought her back again three years later. In 2009 Dave sold the boat to Don Vehimeyer who fully restored the boat in the winter of 2009-2010. A full waterline cover is included. The boat has appeared in multiple ACBS shows garnering third place in class in her first appearance and second place in 2011 and 2012. Finally in 2013 she garnered a 1st in class! She is in the state of “as dispatched from the factory” condition.
3677319 Feet 1936 Eddy Marine "Aqua Flow" Runabout$79,900
This wonderful runabout was built by Eddy Marine in 1936. The "Aqua Flow" runabout was a modern desgin, lofted by Douglas Van Patten. The Eddy Marine company produced 60 boats in 1936 and closed shortly thereafter. With its outboard rudder and prop configuration, this design was years ahead of its time. This example has been lovingly restored and shown by its current owner of 25 years. Power comes from a 90hp flathead Ford V8 engine, through a v-drive unit. This is a very unique boat with a wonderful history!
3701019 Feet 1937 Chris Craft Custom Runabout$20,000
Current owner purchased this Custom Runabout over 30 years ago! When purchased, she was painted white & black and was in fair condition. A restoration was started and the boat now needs finishing touches and assembly. The restoration work included new decks, transom, engine stringers, re-chromed hardware, etc. Comes with many extra parts (hardware, engine parts, steering parts, lumber, boat magazines 1933-1958).
3172819 Feet 1937 Gar Wood Runabout$59,000
This 1937 twin cockpit Gar Wood is a real winner and runs as well as she looks! Wonderfully restored and in show condition, the 19 foot Gar Wood has many wonderful features found on larger models, but in a manageable size. Current owners have enjoyed the boat for many years and she has been well kept.
2705219 Feet 1938 Chris Craft Barrel Back Runabout$87,000
This unique “Custom Runabout” (produced from 1935 to 1938) was the only year produced with each cockpit dimensionally identical. This “Custom” was professionally restored from bow to stern, including bottom and transom frame replacement. The bottom was restored utilizing traditional methods, with the exception of a new material replacing the canvas between the inner and outer planks. The complete deck was replaced and 90% of the freeboard planking was restorable. The instruments are original and were restored by Clawson Classic Instruments. All the “Customs” hardware (brass and stainless steel) was restored and polished. The original steering wheel was replaced with and a banjo style wheel. The original model “L” 128hp was replaced with a rebuilt Chevy 350, 285hp.engine. The boat wiring was replaced meeting ABYC standards. This “Custom” does not require any pre-swelling and is a 55 MPH runner.
2796619 Feet 1939 Chris Craft Barrelback$91,000
This Classic Barrelback has been owned by the present owner for 30 years. It has just completed a complete restoration including a new interior, new bottom planking with West System, polished stainless and complete rechroming. The glass was also recently replaced, and the engine rebuilt. She has had 4 hours of use since the rebuild. A great turnkey opportunity for a true classic in pristine condition!
3179419 Feet 1939 Chris Craft Barrelback$59,500
2 owner beauty....recently surveyed and appraised to be in "Bristol Condition"!! Just refinished inside and out with original Chris Craft Hercules 95 hp engine which was also fully tuned and serviced. Original storage cradle included!
3123219 Feet 1939 Chris Craft Barrelback Custom Runabout$80,000
Exceptional example of a 1939 19' Barrelback built with the distinctive single covering board and Bugatti windshield. Only about 100 were produced with this combination. 1939 models had other unique features and are very popular among collectors. This boat, Hull # 48576, was delivered to Rochester, NY on 1/26/39. It has undergone a complete restoration and is in immaculate condition, featuring a new 3M-5200 bottom over new bottom framework. Almost all of the hull sides are original and the boat retains its original cover boards and decking. The 125HP LC engine was replaced in the 1960's with a 1964 Chris Craft 327F engine- 210HP. Wiring was upgraded to meet ABYC standards. Instruments restored by Clawson Classic Instruments. Chrome and interior are in excellent condition. The boat has a Fireboy fire suppression system and includes a Loadright fixed bunk single axle trailer. Awarded Best Chris Craft and Best Runabout at an ACBS event in 2012.
3109719 Feet 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback$89,000
This is the iconic, 19' Chris Craft barrelback. She was originally sold in western NY and spent her entire life in the same area. The current owner purchased the boat from its original owner and an extensive restoration was completed 4 years ago. A new 5200 bottom was professionally installed and it has only been used a few times since completion. Owner has a good collection of documentation and history for this particular boat. Complete with a roadworthy trailer and a lined cover appropriate for trailering!
3111019 Feet 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback$100,000
Beautifully restored 1940 Chris-Craft Custom Runabout. Completely restored to perfect condition by Dave Lobb of Northwest Classic Boats. It has a new West Coast Bottom that was put on about a year ago. Everything is original including the very unique Bugatti Type 2 windshields and all of the gauges and hardware. The original engine was rebuilt. It also won Best of Show at the Coeur d' Alene Wooden Boat Show.
3725619 Feet 1940 Chris Craft Custom Runabout$67,500
Agitator is a stunning, properly preserved, barrelback runabout. All hardware has been rechromed and instruments are rebuilt with fresh Navy blue dials and bullseye pointers, as original. The engine is rebuilt, starts well and runs strong. Converted to 12V for easy starting. While the engine has been upgraded, it maintains the original data plate to look correct. The immaculate interior has traditional box springs and horse hair / burlap padding. Traditional style bottom is extremely tight allowing it to be a launch & go boat. Topsides and decks are the gorgeous original Philippine mahogany. Same fussy owner/restorer for the last 25 years. The MCL's exhaust rumble brings excitement to any waterfront. Paint and gloss varnish are fresh. She shows well and is a pleasure to operate.
3123319 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Red & White Racing Runabout$15,000
This is one of only a few hundred Red and White racing runabouts produced during this era. It has most of the original hardware except the windshield and bow light. It needs to be restored but is structurally very solid. The owner has had the boat for 10 years and has not been able to restore this boat as he has too many. The hull number is R-19-085.
3101219 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Red& White Racing Runabout$65,900
This boat is hull number 1 for the Racing Runabouts. It has the correct blue interior it originally came with. Boat has been fully restored to include a West bottom, and all sides and decks have been redone. This boat is in excellent condition and would be a prize to any collection.
2625619 Feet 1947 Higgins Sport Speedster Deluxe$11,000
Lost Storage! Boat must go. photo documented, Professional "Show Quality" restoration. Boat was completely stripped of all paints and finishes, bottom refastened and covered with West System epoxy and hand laid fiberglass. All exterior surfaces received a base of 10-15mil hand sanded epoxy coating prior to painting. Hull and decks were hand faired and block sanded and repainted with marine polyurethane.9 coats of epiphanes varnish. All thru hull fittings were sealed with #M-5200. Engine is freshwater cooled with a 1967 Oldsmobile 330 V8 with velvet drive trans. 80% completed and needs only to have the engine installed. includes many new parts and have over 20K invested already in this restoration. LOST Storage and boat must go. Will also consider an interesting trade for this rare boat.
2663019 Feet 1948 Higgins Deluxe Runabout$30,000
Bought from the original owner the boat was completely and throughly restored. This boat is in excellent condition and is a very rare and fine example of Andrew Jackson Higgins work. The chrome has been redone, original hardware is all on the boat. The interior is white and is also in excellent condition. Bottom has been redone, new topsides and new decks.The boat is really in mint condition. The engine was rebuilt. All the instruments were done by Mark Clawson and are gorgeous. Hull ID# 4012-7-7799
3196019 Feet 1948 Chris Craft Red/White Racer$49,995
This boat has been completely detailed, new painted sides, interior hull, and motor detailed. Runs strong. Excellent trailer and cover included.
3677619 Feet 1949 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$50,000
This boat is a local boat to the Portland, Oregon area. Last owner had it for 20 years. Boat has had extensive work completed and is in great condition.
3212419 Feet 1950 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$74,900
This stunning Mahogany Racer went through a full restoration at a professional restorer in 2011 to make her show worthy to the full extent. This boat left the Chris Craft plant with a rare blue interior that was re-done and brought back to life during the restoration. Upon restoration a new 5200 bottom was installed. She is powered by a freshly rebuilt Chris Craft Model MBL engine with 158HP and a 6 volt electrical system.
3150419 Feet 1951 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$58,500
This Racing Runabout was purchased in 2008 and restored in 2012. The boat will score very high and is correct as per Chris Craft and ACBS Guidelines. The boat is a double class winner at the prestigious Lake Tahoe boat show and is offered complete with a newly rebuilt, no soak bottom and a new tandem axle custom trailer. Ready for the boating season.
3207219 Feet 1952 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$78,000
Completely restored. Has won several ACBS awards and Concourse'd Elegance and is on it's way to Tahoe again this year for it's last showing. This is a perfect show quality boat. Comes with new custom fit trailer as well as a new custom cover. Owner has at least $130k invested in this beautiful restoration.
3680919 Feet 1952 Chris-Craft Holiday$18,500
I have owned this two owner boat for 35 years. Great running boat, used lightly every season. In recent years: complete engine overhaul, complete transmission overhaul, new stainless steel shaft and shaft log, new water pump, overhauled original carburetor, updated brass exhaust manifold elbow, all original gauges re-faced, original cloth wiring, factory overhauled and re-plated Iva light original, all chrome original- stripped polished and replated, original bottom in good shape stripped of lead paint. Starts first time every time.everything on the boat is from 1952.
3678119 Feet 1953 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$20,000
This is a complete, and mostly original 1953 Chris Craft Racing Runabout. Ready for restoration and a great boat to start with. Trailer is not roadworthy. Some disassembly already completed but all parts are there.
3683119 Feet 1953 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$54,900
Very clean, fully restored Racing Runabout. The seller has owned the boat since 1984. It was bought as a pattern boat that went through full restoration with almost all new wood. The bottom, sides, decks and transom were replaced. The engine also went through a full rebuild. The boat comes on a nice single axle trailer with electric brakes. Seller has a detailed picture album of the complete restoration.
3692119 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Capri$22,500
Clean solid user condition boat. Has a West bottom installed by Hacker Craft in 2006. The engine went through a full rebuild at that time. The interior has been customized but clean. Does need some cosmetic work to make it really nice. Comes on a storage trailer.
3068319 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Capri$39,000
1955 19ft Chris Craft Capri 6 cylinder with tri power. The boat sports new upholstery, fresh chrome, and a rebuilt engine. Comes complete with a trailer. Boat is in good overall condition.
2598319 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Capri$25,000
Completely refinished 4 years ago and used very little since this Capri is a great boat for someone looking for a user boat. Vessel has a enclosed water cooling system. Seats are not original but everything is in good to very good condition. Chris Craft made only 786 of these boats between 1955 and 1958.
3650319 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Capri$29,900
Beautifully restored 5200 bottom, rest of boat original. Engine was completely rebuild by Smith Machine Shop of Brandt Lake, NY and now having just over 10 hours of run time. New original color upholstery. Winner at Lake George Best Restored storage since. Fireboy halon system, & bilge exhaust blower, auto/on/off bilge pump.
3631719 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Capri$25,900
Clean boat that just went through a full refinish winter of 2013/2014. 90% of the chrome was redone at that time. Transom was rebuilt and rebuilt 350 was installed. Come on a single axle trailer.
3727119 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Capri$19,500
This great looking Chris Capri has the original Chris Craft K engine with 120 HP. It also has a 350 engine in it currently and runs fast and strong. The boat has a no soak bottom professionally installed. This model of Chris Craft is very desirable and sought after for its attractive two tone look. This model was made from 1955 through to 1957. A total of 786 of these units were made during that time and they were very popular then as they are now. The original needs to be rebuilt if it is going to be put back into the boat.
3212819 Feet 1957 Chris Craft Capri$34,900
This Chris Craft Capri is a very original boat. All of the wood is preserved from back in 1957 when it came from the Chris Craft plant. Along with the wood, it still has its original engine and interior. This boat would be a great user boat and quite the conversational piece to any enthusiast.
3212919 Feet 1957 Century Arabian$74,900
This is a great user and show boat! It has been fully restored with a 5200 bottom. This boat is powered by its original Cadillac 265 horsepower single carbureted engine, and is one of the very few Arabian's in 1957 that left the factory equipped with this engine option.
3726319 Feet 1958 Lyman Islander $24,900
Nicest Islander available today. Only 11 hours since complete restoration. Includes Loadmaster trailer and 2 original life jackets from the 1950s. Runs strong. Excellent condition.
3642219 Feet 1958 Century Arabian$22,900
This is a nice 1958 Century Arabian - she's a great user boat that also shows well. Recently varnished and painted, sides & decks refastened by previous owners. Only 30 Arabians were built in 1958 and few are known to exist today. 136hp Gray Marine engine runs well and she was used frequently in 2013 with no issues!
3004919 Feet 1959 Century Arabian$28,000
Great condition - ready for immediate use. Has been a Tahoe Only boat and meets the new TRPA inspections. New West Marine bottom. Refinished interior with new vinyl throughout. Complete rebuild engine Chrysler Interceptor (under 80 hours) New Battery. Includes all required safety equipment, flags and fire extinguisher. This Boat is ready to go anywhere. Shipping across US approx $2,000.
3112619 Feet 1960 Chris Craft Capri$34,995
This is a very clean, original boat that could be shown or used. 283 engine was rebuilt by Van Ness and has very few hours on it since. The interior is in perfect condition, Chrome and gauges are also in show condition. Bottom is original but swells tight in one day.
3631519 Feet 1960 Century Arabian$28,900
This 1960 Century Arabian is a true "Thoroughbred". She has received a comprehensive restoration by a well known Canadian boat shop. The boat was entirely stripped and refinished, engine and v-drive were rebuilt, and the boat received a new West System, no soak bottom. New keel, stem, chines, bottom frames, battens, transom frames, and lower transom. Upholstery was also replaced. Only one owner since 1973. She is in great overall condition. 1960 Arabian models are fairly uncommon today and this is an excellent example!
3639719 Feet 1961 Shepherd Runabout$20,000
An original 1961 Shepherd Runabout with her original Chrysler powerplant. Very sharp, 1960's styling highlighting the design attributes of the 1960's Shepherd boats. Built for big water, these boats are very dry and comfortable.
3213019 Feet 1961 Chris Craft Capri$129,000
This is the last wooden runabout built by Chris Craft. This Beautiful 1961 Chris Craft 19 foot Capri with 5200 Bottom is beautiful and ready to go. It is powered by a Chris Craft 283, 185HP 8 Cylinder Engine. Interior is in excellent condition,
2909019 Feet 1962 Mason Utility$10,000
Fully restored to 95%. Restoration included new ribs, new transom, and new upholstery. Engine has also been rebuilt. Comes on a recently painted tandem axle trailer.
2859019 Feet 1962 Higgins Magnum$35,000
Everything on this boat is new or rebuilt. West system bottom, 10oz cloth over bottom and hull, deck has 25 coats of Stopanni, hull has been faired and painted (sterling majestic blue), bilge is coated in west system. Reupholstered vinyl seats. New floor boards, transom, engine box, engine beds. Nice chrome, polished fasteners. 33 gallon fuel tank; new lines, wires, hoses, water pump, prop, shaft, cutlass bearing, dash board, dash gauges, dripless shaft seal, battery and cables, battery switch, coil, bilge pump, blower, sea strainer. Rebuilt engine, carburetor, velvet drive transmission, alternator, starter, Mallory ignition. This boat is show ready and needs nothing.
2962719 Feet 1964 Greavette Sunflash$9,995
This is a great Canadian-built Greavette Sunflash. The 160's Mercruiser engine has been rebuilt, has a new impeller, and an upgraded cooling system. The entire boat has been redone and is in nice shape. Custom sunbrella travel cover, convertible top. Interior is in great shape. This boat is ready to go and is a fine example. New price - December 2010!!
3711219 Feet 1966 Century Arabian$36,000
This Century Arabian has been in the same household for 20 years. Ten years ago, a new "no soak" bottom was installed. New upholstery and chrome is good shape. Engine was completely rebuilt and runs excellent. The owner is now at an age where he is simply no longer using it and is now ready to pass it along to the next custodian.
3716119 Feet 1966 Century Arabian$32,000
This beautiful Arabian has been under single family ownership since new! Believed to be one of only two Arabian models of this series powered with the mighty 427cid Ford engine. Nicely restored and features a replaced interior and no-soak West System bottom, professionally installed. New deck vinyl and twin fuel tanks at the time of restoration. Optional factory-equipped spotlight. This is a very rare model of which on 84 were made over a 3 year period! Complete with tandem axle trailer and boat cover.
3118619 Feet 1967 Vidoli Stresa Italy$28,000
Only 3 hulls built in 1967 of this model, for the endurance race "Pavia Venezia".she is in very good conditions, original Ford-interceptor V8 engine, transmission Eaton Marine Drive. Maogany and teak Hull and deck.
3646019 Feet 1968 Lyman Runabout$12,500
Boat was updated for ribs and a few planks in 2011. I have original paperwork for boat, build production worksheet, manual, motor manual, only 17 built of this type and only a few had vanished splash rails. Engine and boat run great and looks even better. Interior is mahogany plank, custom storage area forward, new dash of mahogany with Lyman wheel hub. exterior was epoxy painted two years ago. Bottom tended to each year and is in very good condition.
3164019 Feet 1994 Butson Runabout$43,700
This gorgeous 19 Foot Runabout has been boathouse kept all of its life. It is a one of a kind with recessed hardware and a 5.0 Liter Mercruiser with very low hours. It has a Fibreglass Edson hull; mahogany deck and interior; custom hardware; leather seats; always kept on a lift in a boathouse; good condition; never used for water skiing etc.
3625219 Feet 2009 Chris Craft Barrel Back by Fish Brothers$79,900
Fish Brothers 19 Barrel Back that has very low hours. Modern construction boat mean never any swelling and modern power make the boat run 50 plus MPH. These are truly wonderful boats to drive and give the driver complete vision of the water in front of him at all speeds
3672419 feet 2009-2010 Custom Barrelback$39,999
This is a beautiful Hankinson design 19 foot Barrelback, Reminiscent of 1940’S Chris Craft Barrelback. It is custom made of all Honduran mahogany planks and BS1088 certified marine plywood. The boat was finished and certified at the end of 2009. It has been used less than 2 hours and stored in owner's garage. This is a beautiful brand new boat, with the looks of the past and technology of today with hydraulic steering, easy oil filter change kit, dual batteries with easy access battery switch and charging outlet.
3085119 Feet 2010 Vintage Craft Barrelback Runabout$68,000
This is a modern interpretation of the iconic 19' Chris Craft Barrelback. The boat shares the lines of the classic, but features modern construction techniques including a triple planked bottom and double layer sides. Cold molded construction. She is ready to be enjoyed and offers modern reliability with a 228hp Marine Power V6 engine. The boat sports original Chris Craft gauges and hardware. Complete with an in-floor beverage cooler and interior lighting. The interior is nicely appointed with leather upholstery. She is an absolute beauty.. No faults, no flaws, no excuses - turn the key and enjoy!
3065619 Feet 2012 Tweto Craft Custom Barrel Back$125,000
This is a traditionally constructed plank and batten hull and deck fastened with screws and 3M 5200 adhesive. The bottom is cold molded epoxy construction. The hull and deck are quarter sawn book matched African Mahogany. Finished with 15 coats of Epifanes varnish, sanded to 2000 grit and polished. Includes EZ Loader trailer and full cover.
3694319'4 Feet 2014 Glen-L Monaco $33,000
Framing is African mahogany with cold molded construction using layers of marine plywood. The outer layer is 1/6" mahogany veneer. The bottom is sheathed with fiberglass. All wood is completely sealed with epoxy against moisture. The finish is 8-10 coats of Epifanes varnish. The engine was purchased new from Marine Power and was turn key ready. The hull was designed by Ken Hankison.
2852919 Feet 2017 Fish Brothers Barrelback$103,945
New custom built boat made to look like the classic and highly collectible 19' Barrelback. Triple layer bottoms and double layer sides and decks. This boat is constructed of Epoxy System and is a no-soak bottom.
3185419 '6 Feet 1940 Gar Wood Twin Cockpit Runabout$55,000
This Gar Wood Twin Cockpit Runabout was built in 1940 and has been in the same family since 1965. The Chrysler Crown was replaced by a modern power Pontiac 389. The boat has the original sides and decks. The interior was re-done in 2011. The bottom is traditional with regular maintenance done through the years. The boat has been confirmed by Tony Mollica of the Gar Wood Society as Hull # 6566 which is number 85 out of only 122 ever made.The owner is no longer using it and is now ready to have the boat move on to a new owner.
3715319 Feet 1960 Chris Craft Capri$35,000
A complete 100 point restoration of this Chris Craft was completed in 1997 by Macatawa Bay Boat Works. Included in the restoration was a complete new plank bottom, transom and decking using original restoration methods and materials. The 283 cid CC engine was rebuilt to original specifications, along with transmission and water pump. Gas tank was removed and restored. New wiring harness. Complete, new upholstery throughout to original color and spec. Original gauges rebuilt. New dash panel. New Plexiglas molded windshield. Original steering wheel restored (remolded). All chrome fittings and wheel parts were re-chromed. Since restoration, approx. 25 operating hours have accrued on engine. Boat has been stored in weather protected building for all times when out of water. This CC comes complete with single axle “Integrity” brand trailer custom built for this boat, water line canvas cover, bow and stern poles and flags, fenders, ski equipment, life preservers, extra prop with puller. This boat runs strong and swells tight quickly.
3602419 Feet 1964 Shepherd Model 401 Runabout$19,900
New electronic ignition installed on the 275hp Big Block engine in 2012. All wiring was redone and the interior was replaced at this time as well. Side panels were replaced in 2001. Nice boat overall!
2891119' 10 Feet 2009 Vintagecraft Custom Runabout$88,500
Allow Classic Restoration to introduce you to Our "New" line of classics... Vintagecraft. Combining old world Craftsmanship and modern building methods, Vintagecrafts are easy to maintain yet possess the beauty, quality and traditional styling of the original classics of summers gone by. Built to the highest standards of construction, these boats are sure to provide you and your family with many years of memorable experiences on the water.
2962919' 6 Feet 2003 Custom Sport Runabout$45,000
Mahogany with maple inlay deck, burl dash. West system construction and all bronze fasteners. 325 hp Chevy engine pushes the boat to an honest 45mph. Show quality construction and finish, absolutely beautiful.
3059919'4 Feet 2010 Glen-L Monaco Runabout$35,000
Less than 20 hours on recently completed all mahogany classic twin cockpit runabout. Everything brand new. Only the finest of materials and hardware used. No expense spared - this is a real beauty that runs very strong!
2700019'6 Feet 1938 W. J. Johnston Runabout$28,000
This is a very popular style of runabout that was built by a highly regarded builder. She was built by W. J. (Billy) Johnston in Port Carling, Ontario. Johnston is credited for developing the Disapearing Propeller Boat company, the builder of the Dispro. This boat exhibits fine Canadian craftsmanship. She is a well proportioned boat that is planked in mahogany over white oak framework. New fuel system, rebuilt engine, velvet drive hydraulic transmission, and all original hardware.
3177319'6 Feet 1966 Century Arabian$47,000
This late model Arabian is in exceptional condition. Fully restored with mahogany decks, the boat is clean and detailed throughout. It has a new WEST bottom, new frames, (2008) and engine has been rebuilt and blueprinted. Upholstery is new and chrome has been re-plated. Boat is fast, powerful and water-ready. Complete package includes a new custom mooring cover and trailer.
3122119'6 Feet 1969 Riva Olympic$92,000
This wonderful Riva Olympic has been with the same owner since 1994. She was compeltely restored in Sarnico (Italian Riva town). It is a very original boat with a documented history. Hull n°29. Used during summer and garage kept during the winter months.
3170919'6 Feet 2002 Custom Runabout$14,500
This vintage 19'6" runabout is a beautiful and powerful boat. It has a classic "rumble seat" and is in good condition, being powered by a 350 V8 engine with 200hp.​ This mahogany boat with cold molded mahogany hull was built in 2002 and comes with a custom crafted mahogany trailer with drum brakes designed specifically for this boat. Includes bow thrusters allowing easy docking in windy conditions.
3716019'6 Feet 1940 Gar Wood Custom Runabout$29,000
Rare Gar Wood Runabout,-Hull # 6550, #79 of only 122 built. New stem, knee, keel, chines, transom framing (8 of 10), bottom frames with gussets to side framing, all in white oak. All fasteners silicone bronze. New 5200 bottom with 5mm Bryunzeel Okume plywood followed by 7/16" philippine mahogany. Some side planking lumber included. All hardware including rare 5 instrument cluster gauge. Gray 6 fireball to be rebuilt. More photos available
2885919.5 Feet 1988 Brookins Barrelback Runabout$100,000
Hula Moon is a barrelback runabout and was built in 1988 in Honolulu, Hawaii by Brookins Classic Runabouts. She was completely restored to Concours standards in 2007-2008 by Sierra Boat Company in Lake Tahoe (where she is currently stored). The restoration included an engine upgrade to a Chevy 350 with a 283 conversion (260 hp) which was personally installed by Herb Hall, president of Sierra Boat. She has been a prize winner in both the 2008 and 2009 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance, one of the US premier boat shows. She has also been featured in a Tori Richard’s ad, a premier Honolulu clothing company. The deck is Honduras mahogany with a curly Koa (native Hawaiian wood) dashboard and Classic Instruments gauges. Her hull is a cold-molded wood –epoxy and does not leak. I have all the restoration paperwork, invoices and documents including pictures during the process. This is a one of a kind runabout since no other runabout was built like her.
2900520 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$85,000
This boat is a proven Show Winner and has a nice pedigree. Boat has been re-done completely and this year just had the chrome all re-done. The boat is completely dry with a new interior and correct engine. The boat has scored 98 at the Clayton Boat Show and is correct and perfect in every way. It has also won Best Pre-War Chris Craft at another prestigous Show.
2727520 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$29,900
Rare classic 1930 Triple Cockpit Runabout. Purchased fully restored in 1993. New Marine Power 350 engine with low hours. Professionally refinished again in 2000. At that time a West System epoxy bottom was installed. The bottom is still sound and provides for a no soak experience. New drive shaft, steering mechanism and prop. Rarely used over the past 4 seasons. Carefully stored inside year around. In showroom condition, and perfect running condition. Motivated Seller.
2714020 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Model M-100$44,900
Antique triple-cockpit runabout. This boat was completely restored in 1998 by Dale Tassel in Mount Dora, Florida. Engine was restored by Robert & Peter Hentle. If you have been waiting for a 20 foot triple in great condition, this is it. Rollf Axle Corp tandem axle trailer is included. Priced at only $44,900.
3084920 Feet 1934 Barnes Runabout$65,000
Earl Barnes was a premier Canadian builder who built some of the finest runabouts and launches during the 1920's and 1930's. His boats are known for the high quality of craftsmanship and custom hardware. This example was custom built for regatta racing. She looks like an ordinary runabout from the outside, but fire up the engine and the side exhaust will tell you otherwise! Originally powered with a Gray Marine 6, she was repowered in 1947 with a tricked out Flathead Ford/Offenhauser V8 to push her into the winning circle. The boat is still powered by the same engine today. It requires a new bottom, but is a very worthy boat with a decorated racing history.
3671420 Feet 1934 Ditchburn Runabout$157,000
This truly could be the last of its kind, a lapstrake built by Ditchburn. The boat has undergone a complete restoration over a period of three years to restore it to its original showroom condition. This triple cockpit runabout has had all of its mahogany hull and deck planking replaced using traditional brass clench nails, however we have made two modern day additions by treating all bottom planking with CPES and using 5200 on all laps. Every single detail truly was addressed and well documented, from remanufacturing missing parts, rechroming all original hardware, custom upholstery, electrical, fuel systems. This unique Ditchburn is powered by a Buchanan Flathead 6 and offered with a custom single axle trailer. No pictures or words can do her justice, truly must be seen to appreciate.
2924520 Feet 1937 Port Carling Seabird Triple Cockpit$45,000
This Classic Port Carling Seabird Triple Cockpit was restored by Duke Marine in 2000. This gorgeous example of Canadian craftsmanship is all mahogany has it's original bottom and a new deck. it was also equipped with a new aluminum fuel tank, restored steering wheel and instrument panel. It offers the very rare optional rear windshield and has all of the correct fittings and original 95 HP six cylinder Flathead Hercules engine. The engine has been completely rebuilt with only 25 hours on it since the rebuild.
3640720 Feet 1938 Golden Era Classic Reproduction of Chris Craft Racing Runabout$39,995
Reproduction of the 1938 Blue and White Chris Craft Racing Runabout. Made from solid mahogany, laminated with West System throughout. 80% of hardware is vintage and has been replated. New Classic Instruments gauges. Sharp, new boat, pristine condition, never registered. With this new boat, you can enjoy the ride and elegance of an antique wooden runabout with the minimal maintenance of a modern boat. Comes with custom made front cockpit cover.
3195920 Feet 1946 Chris Craft Custom$64,900
This woody is beautiful and in excellent working condition. Bottom has been replanked. All it needs is a captain to drive it into the sunset. Complete with a trailer and custom cover.
3103120 Feet 1948 Ventnor Runabout$85,000
Rare boat, only one built with dual windshields. Boat has been fully restored, still has it's original wood decks. engine has been rebilt, all restoration was professionally done. This is a very strait mand clean boat.
3725420 Feet Chris Craft Custom Runabout $54,900
Very clean full restored boat with 5200 bottom done about 6 years ago. Rebuilt 350 engine was also installed then.. Sides and decks were refastened and sides were inner skinned. All the chrome, wiring, interior and more have been done. The boat has always been professionally maintained since restoration. Comes on a tandem axle trailer custom made for the boat and 2 custom covers, one is for trailering the boat.
2852320 Feet 1953 Hackercraft Double Cockpit Runabout$30,000
The current owner of this lovely piece of Hacker history has owned the boat for the past 25 years. It has spent almost all of it's life in our Family. Previously it was owned by Y. A Tittle of the NFL 49"s . From 1953-1957 it was used as a livery boat. The boat runs very well 40 MPH and had very little use each year and was coddled. The engine turns over the first time every time and runs very strong. The boat was rarely even stored overnight in the water even though it has a no soak bottom. The hull is sound and strong, the leather interior is very good and the chrome is all intact and in very nice shape. The boat is ready to go this summer but could use a fresh coat of varnish next year to make it boat show ready. These are very desireable and very hard to find and are true collectors pieces.
3631320 Feet 1954 Chris Craft Holiday$26,900
Boat was delivered to 1st owner in Lake Pleasant then came to the 1000 Islands/Alex Bay region. Original bottom is in good condition. This is 1 of 101 built, only 38 with MBL motor. Recent rebuild on motor with few hours since.
3709320 Feet 1954 Chris Craft Riviera $75,000
Grace is a full restored and custom Riviera that has under gone an extensive restoration. The exterior was restored to the factory correct colors and has 14 coats of varnish. The interior has custom book matched mahogany ceilings, book matched front and rear mahogany dashes and is finished in leather. The engine has been completely overhauled and the bilges painted and countless other upgrades. This concourse winner is stored indoors and is a 3 owner boat that has been professionally cared for its whole life and is in immaculate condition.
2990820 Feet 1959 Riva Super Florida$79,900
Purchased in 2005 out of Lake Geneva , WI. It underwent a 2 year restoration.All hardware and components removed, refastened theoriginal bottom with the correct bronze screws. Finish was wet sanded and buffed. Chrome and Instruments redone and researched for correctness.Engine redone by Van Ness. All wiring is correct and original and every single component of this boat has been restored to new condition and or replaced with factory correct Riva parts. Includes all Riva accessories including swim ladder and surrey top. Only has 15 hours since restoration. Won Best of Show at the 2007 Keels and Wheels show in Texas and of course first place at the 2007 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance.
3724020 Feet 1961 Lyman Runabout $24,500
Sorry to say For Sale. Completely restored in 2013 by Wood Master Marine. New stem, ribs, bottom planking and Philippine mahogany transom. Decks sanded to bare wood, stained and eight coats of varnish applied. Interior was painted and is covered with varnished planks. All of the interior wood was sanded and varnished. Exterior planks sanded and three coats of paint applied by Wooden Runabout Co.. They also checked the engine for proper planing angle for cruising and full rpm on the water. The boat has been rewired. A new vinyl floor, shaft and propeller installed. The cushions for the seats and engine box are customs and match the green stripe on the boat. Ventilating windshield with canvas top and side curtain. Also has custom cover for entire boat. The original spotlight and a teak swim platform come with the boat but are not mounted. No expense has been spared. The boat and trailer are in excellent condition, trouble free and ready for the water.
3728220 Feet 1964 Riva Super Florida$50,000
The Super Florida was introduced by Carlo Riva to address customer requests to handle larger engines that we being produced. These models were built from 1953 through to 1969. A total of 711 of these were made although ONLY 2 were made in 1964. This unit is one of those two. This boat is great user boat and will allow one enter the world of Riva ownership at a more affordable price. The bottom on this boat has been sealed, chrome has been replaced and upholstery is in good condition.
3587720 Feet 1964 Riva Super Florida$70,000
Owner has had this boat since 2009 and has recently restored the engine in 2013. The boat has a basic trailer but satisfactory for short haul or roll on roll off situation. Very few of these boats are found in the United States and great chance to add a Riva Super Florida to ones collection.
2782420 Feet 1967 Greavette Runabout$50,000
This inboard/outboard is a pleasure to drive beacuse it is very easy to maneuver and gives has the ability to tilt the drive for shallow water or towing. Repowered with a Mercruiser 5.7L V8.
3638620 Feet 1980 Glastron$1,950 
Motor runs good, boat needs restoration. Will make excellent project for someone that enjoys vintage speed boats.
3039120 Feet 1990 Grand Craft Utility$49,900
Very nice Grand Craft Utility that had a full refinish done by Grand Craft in 2012. This boat has low hours and is in great shape. Grand Crafts are known for being well built and good performers on the water. This one is equipped with a swim platform, classic tan upholstery, and a 2/3 second row seat. Only 2 of this particular model were made in 1990 with the only other one being purchased by Actor. Director Robert Redford.
2604920 Feet 1991 Classic Craft Racing Runabout$49,500
A cold molded custom made Mahogany deck, matching hatches for aft cockpit. This is a fresh water boat that resides in Lake Tahoe and is in very nice condition throughout. A blue slate interior sets off the boat quite nicely and needs nothing other than a new owner. Original and only owner used this as his perosnal boat and notes that the kids have discovered girls and seem not to be so interested in boating.
3716820 Feet 1991 Elite Craft Riviera Runabout$24,000
This 1991 Elite Craft is the top end 20 footer. Always fresh water used. Get the look of a wooden boat with a fiberglass hull is what made Elite Craft a unique and desired boat. From yards away this boat looks every bit the part of a classic craft with less maintenance. This oat has been carefully preserved by a seasoned car collector and used sparingly. This boat is really clean and shows very well. It could use a fresh coat of bottom paint but is structurally sound throughout and would survey out well.
2788820 Feet 2008 Vintagecraft Custom Runabout$88,500
Allow Classic Restoration to introduce "You" to our New Line of Classics...Vintagecraft! Combining old world craftsmanship and modern boat building methods, Vintagecrafts are easy to maintain yet possess the beauty, quality and traditional styling of the original classics of summers gone by. Built to the highest standards of construction! Call for your free consultation. We value your business and look forward to building you on of these beautiful crafts. Enjoy life... It's time to make your dreams come true.
3140220 Feet 2010 Moomba Outback V$48,000
This well maintained Moomba Outback V is offered in Red and has only 130 hours of use since new. The package includes a trailer and cover and is perfect for skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and tubing. It also includes Moomba cruise control, ski pylon, wakeboard tower, built in cooler, bimini top, speaker system and ski platform.
3703920 Feet Barrel Back Reproduction$165,000
When I started my vision was to build classic beautiful wooden boats. This gorgeous 20 Foot Barrel Back hull planking is mahogany, frames are white oak, bottom is double planked 5200 membrane between, finish is 10 coats varnish, all fittings are bronze/brass, bronze propeller, silicone bronze fasteners, hydraulic steering, transom is triple laminated double curve(spherical).
3650220 Feet 1929 Dodge Watercar Runabout$29,000
Completely restored with west bottom and topsides, new decks, transom, upholstery, fuel tank, wire and chrome. Rebuilt original 0 hour Universal Six by Mark Wilson Brant Lake N.Y. Rare boat in excellent condition. Tandem trailer included.
3720820 Feet 1952 Chris Craft Riviera$28,500
Boat is in very good condition. New ineterior. Boat refinished in Fall of 2011. Comes with a custom configured tandem axle trailer. Shore Station electric hoist with vinyl roof also available, made for the boat.
3632520 Feet 1954 Chris Craft Sportsman$20,000
Beautiful Sportsman sitting on a brand new trailer....reconditioned gas tank feeding a ground up 2005 documented rebuilt M....12 volt system with electronic ignition.....all chrome bilge....Iva Spotlight....all fresh varnish in and out.
2684020' Feet 1961 Nordskog Golden Venus Runabout$89,000
Built by Legendary Boat Racer Bob Nordskog, designed to be the Cadillac of Boating. Equipped with a 1960 Cadillac windshield,custom twin cowl instrument dashboard.A power convertable top, electric power windows, with the comfort of air conditioning,plush bucket & rear bench seating. Marine engine with Borg-Warner Velet Drive transmission, with push button electric shift control. All is mounted in a finished Oak framework.Exterior sides and transom are planked mahogany. Golden Venus won High Points in its class at Lake Tahoe Concorce De Elegance, Lake Arrowhead-People Choice and Chamber of Commerce,Long Beach Boat Show-1st place out of 140 entries . It was featured at the 40th Annual So Ca Boat Show in the main lobby. Golden Venus was on the front cover of POWERBOAT magazine in the June 1994 issue with a feature article.
3097820' Feet 2011 Destino Yachts 20 Runabout$199,000
This boat is in pristine condition. Built by Destino Yachts. Coldmolded construction with a vacum bagged mahogany veneer and a long lasting polished clear coat finish, all hardware is stainless steel 316l or better. Some hardware is custom designed and made for this boat. A custom stainless steel windshield with laminated tempered glass is inlcuded. A closed cooling system and a Hamilton jet drive boat draws 13" features a 20 deg. dead rise, lifting strakes and chine flats, for a comfortable and dry ride even in adverse conditions. Custom designed and built bucket seats, ivory interior, black walnut sole. Every thing on this boat from the first moment of the design phase. All through the construction process, has been with possible use in saltwater, low maintenance, ease of use and ownership in mind, without sacrificing the glorious looks of a proper mahogany runabout. This boat needs to be experienced!!!
2960920'11 Feet 1994 Correctcraft Ski Nautique$15,900
Ski Nautique in good shape. Includes cockpit and full mooring/trailing cover. 2007 Performance single axle custom trailer.
3710921 Feet 1933 Port Carling Boat Works Triple Cockpit Runabout$25,000
1933 Port Carling Seabird custom built 21 ft triple cockpit complete with dual axle custom trailer. Fully restored in 2004. Varnish freshened plus engine tuned and new floorboards in 2015. Always boat house stored. A very nice Canadian built classic from the right era! This boat was owned for 55 years by a Medical Doctor near Orillia. The boat is now undergoing 2 coats of fresh varnish and new battleship linoleum on the floor.
3048521 Feet 1936 Greavette Runabout$150,000
Tom Greavette only made 6 of this fabulous model and today there are only 3 remaining. The boat has all of the Greavette hardware and fittings and was repowered by a Chevy 327 in the 1960's. Since then the engine has been rebuilt and always kept in a boathouse and beautifully maintained.
3640521 Feet 1948 Hacker Triple Cockpit Runabout$49,900
Beautiful boat with a unique Canadian flare. Hacker design built by Dorner Furniture CO. in Canada. They built about 4 boats per year according to the story. The boat went through a complete restoration about 8 years ago and has been used very little since. seller says bottom was replaced during an earlier restoration. This boat has very distinctive styling.
3586221 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Cobra$225,000
This boat is fresh out of a bottom up total restoration. The boat is in show condition and nothing was over looked to make this a 100 point boat. This boat would win any show, hands down. Every piece of this boat has been restored to new condition and the boat is ready to show and enjoy. It has won several shows in the 2013 Season
3129221 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Cobra$195,000
Hull #35 Completely original, cosmetic restoration 2009, shown at Tahoe boat show,New custom built trailer, none finer, the best of the best!
3212721 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Cobra$325,995
This 1955 21' Chris Craft Cobra is a beautiful boat. (The Last 21' Chris Craft Produced.) This boat is powered by a Cadillac Crusader 285HP 8 Cylinder Engine, 5200 Bottom.
3111921 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Capri$49,995
Very clean 21 Capri. There were only 170 21 Capris made and this boat is the LAST 21 Capri MADE. It has the big Cadillac V8 engine, interior, chrome, and gauges are all in very good condition.This boat is ready to use or show.
3677421 Feet 1956 Century Coronado$25,000
First production year for the legendary Century Coronado! Century boats were well known for futuristic styling queues, power, and performance. This thoroughbred has been nicely restored with a new bottom, correct interior, and a nice finish. The original Gray Marine engine runs strong.
3673221 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Capri $22,900
1956 CHRIS CRAFT 21' CAPRI. This boat is in good overall condition but would need some TLC to be show worthy. Has not been in the water for a number of years but has been stored indoors. When surveyed 10 odd years ago was said to be structurally sound with no major problem areas. Chrome hardware is showing its age along with the finish but should be relatively easy to address. Seating/Upholstery was modified at some point and has new upholstery. Has the original Chris Craft (Hercules) MBL six cylinder flathead engine - condition unknown at this stage having been in storage for a number of years. Comes with a newer Cradle Ride tandem axle trailer and full storage cover.
2965321 Feet 1959 Guido Abbate Runabout$25,000
This is a unique boat for the true connoisseur and enthusiast. Abbate is an hystorical italian producer of power boats since beginning of 1900 and was the closest competitor of RIVA during the ‘50s up to the ‘70s. Its construction and style is very similar to Riva. Even though Abbate had a great success (especially in Italy), it never reached the popularity and exclusivity of the Riva brand. This boat was fully restored in 2005 and shows very well: twelve coats of marine varnish, mirror like surface, very nice decks, chrome, etc. All hardware and fittings are original. The original engine dating 1959, was replaced twice. The last time in 2004 with an identical engine dating 1970, supplied directly by the original engine producer BPM, and totally renewed as far as block, rods, pistons, pipes bank, oil pan, flywheel housings, seals, bearings, rod bearings, chain and shoes, and all spare parts, supplies such as fuel filter, spark plugs, sockets, etc
3688821 Feet 1962 Lyman Utility$12,500
The "Lady J" a 1962 Lyman 21' runabout boat. Restored 4 years ago including some new planking, completely new African ribbon stripe mahogany decks and transom (work was done by Cornell's Marina). Solid mahogany liners inside. All hardware has been re-chromed including cleats, exhaust and deck hatch. New cushions throughout. New canvas top and complete boat cover. Chevy 350.
3696621 Feet 1967 Greavette Runabout$9,500
Beautiful boat, mahogany strip deck and hull, deck needs to be refinished.
2676421 Feet 1967 Greavette Executive$22,000
1967 Greavette Executive Beautiful mahogany in all original condition. Professionally maintained 327 Buchanan Inboard. Used very little. Hull repainted and resealed (2005) Immaculate original interior. Trailer not included, but can arrange for delivery.
2880721 Feet 1968 Cobia Runabout$2,000 
Nice st. lawrence river boat. Well kept all original. Runs great and still used weekly.
3180521 Feet 1972 Greavette Runabout$8,500
This 1972 Lapstrake Greavette Runabout is powered by a very reliable Mercruiser 165HP engine. It has been in one family since new and used in the Georgian Bay area. This model offers lots of room with plenty of room for entertaining or for water sports.
3193721 Feet 1976 Greavette Executive$39,000
Built specifiucally for the current owner's Father in 1976 this is Greavette's final production with only six of these Executives ever built. This is the last Executive motor launch ever built. She has been well maintained by a well known local restorer and is in good overall condition. Boathouse kept in Muskoka its entire life. Equipped with a convertible top, 225hp Mercury Marine engine. White oak keel and bottom frames, 1/4" mahogany ply inner bottom, 1/2" cedar outer layer. Sides and deck are planked in 5/8" African mahogany.
3207121 Feet 1989 Hacker Craft Gentleman's Racer$90,000
This single cockpit Gentleman's Racer was built in 1989 by Hacker Craft. Since then it has been gently used and well maintained. It has had the engine re-built with new seams and varnish. The boat has a West System complete with a double layer bottom. It is a sharp looking boat and ready for a ride on a calm morning across your favorite lake.
2871221 Feet 2008 Custom Runabout$84,000
"My Obsession" is a 5-seater 21 ft Custom Runabout with a 350 Chevy. The outdrive and motor have been rebuilt. The West System has been applied to the entire boat except under deck.
3214721 feet Feet 1936 Port Carling Boat Works SeaBird Runabout$30,000
Custom made in 1936 for a family on the lake. Called the "Rainbow". It is one of a kind and was full restored in 2004. Runs well. Looks great.
3183821' Feet 1957 Chris Craft$12,500
This model is rare, and looks like a million bucks when finished. It would be a fun winter restoration project either for you, or for my devoted team of experts and I to restore for you.
3007822 Feet Donzi ZX Classic$29,000
A great looking 22 Donzi Classic with a cuddy cabin. Offered with a 350 Magnum engien with silnet choice exhaust. The boat has a snap in carpet, low hours and is in mint condition in every way. The boat has alwasy been used in fresh water, stored indoors and is ready to go to the water.
2581522 Feet 1927 Chris Craft Cadet$48,000
Pictured in Classic Boating in 2003 this boat was originally delivered to Mercer's Marine in Utica, New York and is only a 2 owner boat and is Hull # 1185. This boat has undergone a complete 1200 hour restoration with new planking, new sides and new framing. This boat is stunning and needs nothing.
2823922 Feet 1927 Chris Craft Cadet$25,000
This boat could be your next show winner. This is a true beautiful survivor. One of the few Cadets with the original Chrysler Imperial (matching id numbers between boat and motor) Engine has been fully rebuilt (2009) and updated to 12 Volt system. This boat is completely solid with no rot and is completely original. Has only had varnish. Bottom is original but when soaked will seal tight enough to not worry about your bilge pump. Engine was rebuilt two years ago and used very little since. Do your research contact your favorite surveyor and then come look at this boat you won't be dissapointed.
3210622 Feet 1927 Chris Craft Cadet$35,000
This beautiful 1927 Cadet was completely restored in 2005. New traditional style bottom, new decks, fresh interior, and a total refinish. She has been enjoyed each season since her restoration and the current owner would now like to find her a new captain. 136hp Gray Marine engine runs great. Packaged with a nice tandem axle trailer.
3140922 Feet 1927 Chris Craft Cadet$79,900
Early Cadet Hull number 1087. Owned by seller since 1980. This boat was fully restored 2 years ago with 5200 bottom, all new sides and decks, new gas tank, and interior. The boat is very original with all original gauges, chrome and engine. Boat has always been boat house kept. Comes with newer waterline cover.
3715922 Feet 1927 Chris Craft Cadet$49,000
This 1927 Chris Craft Cadet has been comprehensively restored and is a true "sleeper". She appears stock on the outside, but sports a hot 383cid Mercruiser Scorpion 383 cubic inch stroker small block V8 engine. Beautiful finish, interior upholstery, and chrome. All new wood throughout, bonded construction. The hull sides look as good today as they did when the boat was fresh out of the shop. This gorgeous prewar Chris Craft triple is turn key and will perform well.
3003822 Feet 1928 Chris Craft Cadet$37,500
This boat was purchased in 1992 and used on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. In 1995-1996 the boat was re-finished, used for the summer of 1996, and has been in indoor storage ever since. It was regularly serviced while in use, and ran great when the boat was last in the water. The boat is pretty much original and is in excellent shape. It has been reduced in price in October of this year and the owner is motivated as he has the pleasuer of now owning 2 boats.
2973422 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Cadet$79,500
Triple cockpit. Completely restored in 2010 by Bronson Boat Works. Repowered with a small block 350 for power and reliability. Leather upholstery. Excellent overall condition!
3032722 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Cadet$19,900
This is a "barn fresh" Chris Craft Cadet! Restorable examples like this are getting to be few and far between. The boat is in very reasonable shape with most of its original hardware. The windshield has been removed and it was repowered at one point in time. This is an excellent opportunity to desirable, unrestored early Chris Craft!
2719022 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Cadet$39,950
This is a very nice, original boat. The engine was completely overhauled in 2000. Electircal has been upgraded to 12 volts. It was used in summer 2006. Stored inside when out of water.
3155722 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Cadet Triple Cockpit Runabout$36,000
Stunning show winner! If you are looking for a prewar CC triple you need to see this beauty.
3155922 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Cadet$69,900
This boat has been completely restored with over 90K in wood work and finish done in 2010. A custom trailer was built for the boat is 2011, and in 2012 the boat engine went through a full rebuild. The boat is in show condition and would be a value to any collector. Picture trail of restoration and full receipts are available.
3042222 Feet 1930 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$98,000
A beautifully restored boat, "Gypsy" has won awards in shows throughout the Northeast including "Best of Show" in Montreal and "Best Gar Wood" in Clayton, NY and Lake Winnipesaukee. Her restoration included a new bottom, complete refinish, leather upholstery, correct restored gauges and chrome plating. All of the mechanical systems were rebuilt and attention was paid to details throughout the boat. The engine was restored and a second spare engine is included. Boat comes on a trailer and with tonneau and trailering covers.
3725522 Feet 1930 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$89,900
This 1930 Gar Wood Triple is a wonderful piece of 1000 Islands history! She was sold new by Fitzgerald & Lee of Alexandria bay and is now back home in the area. She was comprehensively restored on the west coast by one of the best in the business. Ready for evening cocktail cruises, or take it on the ACBS show circuit; this is one of the finest 22 footers we have seen. New West System no-soak bottom, new sides, new decks, engine entirely rebuilt from the crankshaft out, converted to 12V for easy starting. Complete with full cover and custom trailer.
3665222 Feet 1931 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout Model 22-35$74,900
One of only eight made in 1931! Two of these models are known to exist today. This 22 foot Gar Wood triple is in excellent condition and shows very well. Older restoration, kept on a lift and used sparingly. New no-soak bottom, excellent topsides, nice chrome and interior. Originally powered by a 125hp Chrysler Imperial 6cyl engine. Currently powered by a similar-era Chrysler 6cyl. This boat was built in 1931, but was not sold and delivered until 1934. She was titled and subsequently registered as a 1934 model!
3134622 Feet 1935 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit$100,000
With the economic depression behind them the boating market was slowly recovering. Gar Wood increased his prices that year and the Model 22-35 was sold for an impressive $ 2400. Gar Wood 5 units that year of this triple cockpit open runabout. This boat is one of the 5 that were built and still remain to this day in excellent condition. The boat is solid in all ways and recently had an engine rebuild done by Danny Acierno. It also has a new 5200 bottom. Chrome is excellent, finish is good and interior is very nice. This boat is a strong boat to have in your collection or as your main vessel in the collector hobby.
3655822 Feet 1936 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$85,000
This rare 22 Foot Gar Wood 22 Foot Triple Cockpit Runabout has been in the Family since 1989. The boat has not been in the water since 2010 and was lightly used prior to that time. It has been a boat show winner previously and is very original.
3672822 Feet 1938 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$55,000
Rare 1938 22' Chris Craft Triple. Fully restored and lovingly taken care of since restored. Boat went through full restoration in the early 1990's. New traditional bottom was installed in 2007, MCL engine has been rebuilt with low hours since rebuild. Comes on a tandem axle trailer. This would be a great boat to add to any collection.
3067122 Feet 1946 Hunter Triple Cockpit Runabout$16,900
Hunter boats were built in Orillia, Ontario for a short period of time and were known for their lovely lines. This boat was owned by a devout Hunter historian & enthusiast and much time & effort was put into her restoration in order to keep it period correct. This Hunter came from its original family in Indianapolis, IN. The Fellmeth family, who originally commissioned the boat, had a summer home on Lake Simcoe where the boat was used. It was restored 7 years ago and has only been used once.
3210022 Feet 1946 Hunter Triple Cockpit Runabout$49,999
This gorgeous example of Canadian craftsmanship was delivered to Mr. C. Peterson of Lake of Bays in Muskoka, Ontario in 1946. It was Hull # 17 in the production run for 1946 and was delivered in July. It was well appointed with a split seat in the front another amidships in front of the engine so as to allow for mores sociability. The boat was then, and is still, powered by a Gray Marine Fireball Six cylinder offering 150 HP. Its smooth skin sides were mahogany and the bottom was British Columbia cedar. The boat is still in very nice condition and has been in the same family for many years. It has been carefully stored away and is no longer being used. It is indeed one of very few Hunters still remaining and shows the distinctive craftsmanship found in Canada, such as the hand carved air scoops. It is complete with a tandem axle Continental trailer.
2715222 Feet 1947 Greavette Streamliner$175,000
This is a very rare triple cockpit. Unlike the more common "S" cockpit, this boat features a hatch over the rear cockpit. Other unique features include the prewar SW instrument panel and the external rudder, which only appeared on prewar Streamliners. It was likely commissioned before the War but was registered in 1947. This boat has just undergone a 2 year "frame out" restoration, complete new bottom bottom,Hullsides,and an entire new deck planked properly without any visible bungs. The hardware is original and complete which is essential to a boat this rare. Unique are the 2 fuel tanks that are on each side of the engine. Included is the original Buchanon Flathead 6 cylinder, but the boat is currently powered by a Big block V8, freshly rebuilt and detailed. Streamliners are among the most collectable runabouts on the market, custom built for the most part. If you are in the market for something rare and unique that stands above the rest, this is the Streamliner for you.
3018522 Feet 1947 Hacker Triple Cockpit Runabout$54,000
This boat has been completely restored with a 3M 5200 bottom. 90% of hardware and all instrumentation is original. The engine was rebuilt at the same time and has less than 50 hours of operation. This model was only made for two years and there are probably not more than 4 or 5 still in existence. This boat is in the water and in use this summer in the Clayton area of the Thousand Islands. It needs only some cosmetic work to put it in show condition. All offers will be considered.
3719422 Feet 1948 Shepherd Model 130 Deluxe Sportsman$35,000
This 1948 Shepherd 22 Footer is very correct and operates as new. It was called the Model 130 Deluxe Sportsman and has a rebuilt Chrysler Crown 115hp engine. The chrome has all be re-done and is gorgeous. Waldorf leather seats with original horsehair cushions and new linoleum throughout the boat. Fresh varnish, structurally sound and professionally maintained. This boat is a no apologies boat and ready for a season of boating with it's new owner.
2647822 Feet 1949 Shepherd Custom Runabout$3,000
This is and unrestored that still has most of its hardware. It was originally powered by a Packard straight 8, but no longer has an engine. The aft deck is long to incorporate the engine hatches. This is a gray pattern boat, but it would still be easy to work with at this point. A frame out restoration wil be required on this fine example of Canadian craftsmanship.
3149322 Feet 1956 Greavette Streamliner$149,000
The shapely "S" configuration Greavette Streamliner is one of the most shapely boats ever made and they are distinctive to all who see them as being a fine example of Canadian Craftsmanship. This boat is structurally sound, varnish is good, chrome is bright and shiny and engine is sound and strong. The interior is white and in good condition with no rips or tears. These boats and hard to find and even harder to find in turn key condition. This would be a fine example for your boathouse or collection.
3682722 Feet 1959 Shepherd Runabout$24,000
This big, beautiful Shepherd model 110 Runabout underwent an extensive restoration and shows well. Sharp 2-tone mahogany and blond hull sides and decks! The 135hp, dual carbureted Chrysler engine has been rebuilt and nicely detailed. Needs the windshield and a few pieces of deck hardware installed. Upholstery is new and in great shape. A new floor was installed and has been painted gray. Would have had battleship linoleum originally - serviceable as is, the next owner can decide on flooring material!
3116122 Feet 1961 Shepherd Model 110 Runabout$39,500
1961 Shepherd Model 110 22ft Vintage, antique, classic wood boat in good running condition. Mahogany construction boat has a Chrysler M431 Wedge V-drive in good running condition. Package includes a brand new 2010 Shorelandr SLR46TBL roller tandem axle trailer with brakes that was built for the boat. Carpeted cockpit includes the wicker chairs and all the vinyl is new and in good condition. All the chrome hardware is in excellent shape. Motor has good compression with a recently rebuilt water pump, carburetor rebuilt, and fuel tank re-rolled, and completely refinished bottom hull with fresh bottom application. Original flags included. Storage cover. Fresh bottom paint included in asking price. Looking for a buyer that apppreciates a classic wood boat design. Will consider serious offers. Boat starts, runs, and shifts smoothly. No hourmeter. Originally came from Lake Muskogee in Canada. One of a kind!
3713422 Feet 1964 Shepherd Runabout$49,900
A beautifully restored 1964 Shepherd, built in Niagara on the Lake! Shepherds are known for their ability to handle rough water with ease and have a reputation for their solid construction. This example has been through a comprehensive restoration and is in wonderful condition. New bottom, fresh chrome, new interior, and a rebuilt big block Chrysler engine. This design features stainless steel "flashes" on the hull sides...she is a very stylish boat that performs excellent. Hull sides and decks fully edge bonded and perfectly smooth. Comes complete with a custom trailer and bimini top!
3728322 Feet 1964 Riva Ariston$140,000
After 14 years of ownership this Riva Ariston is now being offered for sale. During that time the engine was rebuilt and upholstery replaced with correct Riva colors. This boat runs very well and was the Carlo Riva's favorite model. Only 1016 of these units were made over a 25 year period and it is believed that less than 60 of these Aristons reside with North America. Considered to be the Stradivarius of boats this iconic machine is a true collectors piece.
3108722 Feet 1965 Riva Ariston$145,000
One of the most beautiful boats ever built, the Riva Ariston is admired among collectors and enthusiasts alike. This example has been beautifully restored and is in lovely condition. Engine recently removed and detailed, new bottom installed, and original interior cleaned. The trailer has been recently serviced and will tow the boat anywhere! This Ariston was originally delivered to Wyncote, New York and later spent its life in Lake George, NY. She is ready to show and includes her original Riva canvas cover.
2754022 Feet 1967 Riva Ariston$165,000
Bearing Hull ID# 787 out of only 1012 ever made by Riva. This is an excellent example of Carlo Riva's work and unique in that it is ENTIRELY original and a multiple show winner. Original gauges, 100% wood, all original interior and never restored. This boat is gorgeous and has been a winner in Clayton, Finger Lakes, 1000 Islands, Harvey's Lake as well as taking the Silver Award for 2nd place in the prestigous National ACBS show recently. Boat has been meticulously cared for and has the original and very desireable Riva ladder, spare shaft and spare prop as well as the hook and Riva Paddles. Includes original riva cover, and another light dust cover. This is probably the only completely original Ariston in North America and has had ONLY 3 owners. It has been photographed and used in many national ad publications and campaigns for clothing and cosmetics.
3046522 Feet 1970 Riva Ariston$175,000
The favorite model ever produced by Carlo Riva and the longest model in production for 24 years. The name "Ariston" means "The Best" and Carlo Riva was most satisfied with this boat in terms of it's dimensions and appearance. Only 1012 of these were ever made and today they are one of the most sought after and desirable boats on the market.
2988322 Feet 1993 Hacker Craft Double Cockpit Runabout$60,000
This is a very attractive 1993 22 foot Hacker Craft Runabout. It has a double cockpit forward configuration and is complete with a Crusader 350 XL engine. In 2006 a new bottom was installed on the boat by Hacker Craft with a 10 year hull warranty. The boat is complete with a 2006 custom performance aluminum trailer. Although the boat is in Florida it has never been used in salt water but rather in the fresh water lakes of central Florida.
2715922 Feet 1994 Custom Hacker Gentleman's Racer$80,000
This boat was custom built by an Industrial Designer to a John Hacker design. She is a classic design bulit with modern methods. Framed with epoxy encapsulated white oak. Mahogany over double planked mahogany plywood sheathed in 10 oz. fiberglass set in West System epoxy. Decks are ½ inch solid mahogany over plywood. Stainless steel fastened, she is dressed out with custom cast, chromed bronze hardware and stainless steel. Italian leather seating, finished in dark blue hull and bright decks and interior. Powered by a balanced, twin carb 318 Chrysler MC V-8 producing 260 hp. With only 50 hours running time, this is virtually a new boat. This boat was designed for the builders personal use and has won several Classic Boat Show awards.
3040022 Feet 2001 Minett Shields Runabout$149,000
This is a faithful reproduction of the 1931 22' Minett Shields runabout. She was expertly constructed by Williams Boatworks in 2001. The boat has no plywood and is built as close to original as possible with cedar planking, oak frames, and beautiful mahogany decks. Minett Shields was a highly regarded boatbuilder in the 1920's & 1930's based in Port Carling, ON. The boat is in concours condition and needs absolutely nothing. She is a strong runner and performs very well. It boasts white Italian leather upholstery, chrome plated Minett Shields bronze hardware, a tonneau cover, and a fuel injected Mercruiser engine.
3723922 Feet 2001 Butson Boats Gentleman's Racer$119,000 
The boat was commissioned in 1999 and was completed for delivery in 2001. The boat has been kept indoors for its complete life and in the water for 2 months each summer under a boat slip. The boat is in new condition. The varnish was re done about four years ago and the boat has not beeen in the water since. The engine was replaced with a new one six years ago as the block cracked with water left in the block over the winter. Some how the person who winterized it dident flush it properly. The new engine has no more than 50 hrs. The boat new is $250,000.00
3174922 Feet 2004 Lakeland Boatworks Isle Royale$36,000
In addition to the specs listed below, the boat comes with a Nissan trolling motor and mahogany trolling wheel, and has dual batteries and navigation lights. The deck and hull are 1.25" thick mohogany planking. The fuel tank takes 20 gallons, and the boat comfortably seats 7 people. You won't be disappointed!
258496.50 m or 22 Feet 2004 Yacht Club Mircea$95,000
This is a reproduction style boat built in the Classic style of many mahogany Wood boats in two layers. A skeleton covered in oak followed by a mohagnay outer skin with an epoxy resin and stainless screws finished with 18 coats of varnish. This new 2004 model can be equiped with any type of inboard motor from 250-300 HP.
2658822 Feet 2005 West Palm Beach Runabout$18,500
Cold molded Hull using the west system. Bottom laminated with two 1/4" diag. layers marine plywood with 1/4" mahog. plank. Sides laminated with two 1/8" diag. marine plywood with 1/4" mahog. plank. Inside coat with west system. Stem, deck beams, keel, chines, shear clamp & transom frame laminated Mahog. Frame construction mahog with 3/8" marine plywood gussets, glued and fastened with bronze ring nails. Super Solid Hull! Please note the the hull us half complete. Will sell as is for 18,500. Or will complete with your options at additional cost.
3007322 Feet 2006 Donzi Classic$45,000
This is a pristine 22 foot Donzi Classic built in 2006. The boat was brought from Louisiana in 2007 and delivered to the Muskokas where it has sat ever since and has a very reasonable 400 hours on the engine. This boat has 3 power plant options and this boat is offered with the 496 Magnum High output 8.1 litre Bravo X drive engine. The seats, hull, gel coat, gauges, outdrive are all in excellent condition. It is offered with a tandem axel McCain trailer that was also built in 2006. The oil in this boat has been changed religously every 30 hours. It also has pop up cleats which is a expensive option and save wear and tear on somebody's feet each summer. This is a very nice boat being offered with current Canadian Registration on the boat and the trailer.
2900622 Feet 2008 Inner Bay Boats Streamliner$120,000
This is the only new "Steamliner" available on the market. She was built with old growth mahogany (a real rare find) and modern building techniques. She has 3 cockpits and white birch seams on the decks. LED lighting on interior, teak and holly flooring, custom steering wheel, custom seating and trim, custom nose piece and bow eye, bronze prop and rudder. 18 coats of varnish on topsides! A custom dual axle trailer and cover go with the boat. You will not find another like her anywhere and she will turn every head in any marina.
3601922 Feet 1930 Garwood Baby Gar #3025$59,000
3601822 Feet 1935 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$129,000
After original owner took delivery of the boat in 1935 he returned it to the Garwood factory to be repowered from the Chrysler Crown to a more powerful Scripps 152 along with another windshield installed to the rear cockpit. Boat was used in the 1000 Islands for 4 years then in 1939 the boat was put into storage as the owner went off to war. She was untouched for 35 years!! Current owner purchased her in the mid 80's and started the restoration around 1990 and finished in the late 90's. Boat was completely taken apart and all fastening replaced with bronze fastenings. A new 5200 bottom was installed, all new topside planks as well as the decks and transom. Danny Acierno did a complete rebuild on the Scripps with new internals with ZERO hours! Pat Powell restored all the gauges and all hardware re-chromed! New waterline Sunbrella cover, original engine manual & brochure.
3704222 Feet 1936 Garwood Custom Runabout$90,000
This stunning Garwood was restored with all new Philippine mahogany and West System bottom. All new vinyl upholstery done in original pattern. This boat is in absolute "Show" condition.
3673822 Feet 1961 Greavette Runabout$20,000
The interior was redone original design. Custom sunbrella travel cover. Much professional restoration work completed in 2009 including some electrical and mechanical upgrades. Engine has been upgraded to a 220, V8 Crusader. Trailer rebuilt, repainted, and tires replaced. Ready to go boating!
3718322 Feet 2012 StanCraft RM22 Runabout$175,000
An amazing example of how much boat you can get out of a 22' StanCraft! This boat has plenty of room for everyone and tons of power with its supercharged LSA Cadillac engine.
2649122.5 Feet 1990 Classic Craft Boatworks$90,000
This is hull #1 built by Classic Craft in 1990. It was used once in a 1990 boat show, then professionally stored and cared for after that. The boat and engine have less than 3 hours on them. This is not a used boat, but rather a "new old stock" item. It is powered by a limited edition Mercury race engine with high performance heads, intake manifold, lifters, and valves. This is the same engine that GM uses in their Corvettes and Camaros. The hull is cold molded honduran mahogany over 1" oak frames. The decks and bottom are also solid mahogany. Cutwater and trim are stainless steel and all hardware is chrome plated solid brass. Comes with a full custom cover and a custom trailer.
2778022.6 Feet 2005 Blackbird Classic$117,500
A 2005 22.6 Blackbird Classic. This modern Classic is an exceptional value and is in superb like new condition. It has less than 50 hours of use since new and is very clean. The hull offers a dry comfortable ride and is ALL mahogany encapsulated in epoxy and protected by a high quality clear coat. With annual care the finish on this boat should last for many years. The bottom is sealed and does not require any soaking up. The hardware is all unique to a Blackbird. The engine is a fresh water cooled 6.0 liter, 375 HP Crusader with a custom made stainless steel exhaust system. The gauges are Stewart Warner. here is an opportunity to have an "old School" look with modern power and modern reliability.
2989323 Feet 1930 Atlas Boat Company Triple Cockpit Runabout$89,000
This is a very rare 1930 Atlas Boat Company triple cockpit runabout. This is belived to be the last known example from Atlas which were made in Menominee, Michigan. The boat has been restored by one of the countries top restorers and the boat is a site to behold and a proven show winner. A custom trailer is included. In all ways this boat is a beauty and would be an excellent addtion into your collection.
2984223 Feet 1935 Greavette Runabout Dictator$275,000
This stunning Greavette has been painstakingly restored to its original configuration and condition. This is a true show stopper! Every single detail was addressed at the time of restoration (new bottom, sides, etc) and the entire process was well documented. This is only one of two Greavette runabouts built in 1935. She was originally powered by a Gray Marine Phantom engine (which is included but not restored). Currently powered with a new Crusader 350 fitted with Stewart Warner gauges. Complete with a custom tandem axle trailer. Needs nothing but a new owner to turn the key and enjoy her. The owner also has a beautiful line drawing of this boat which could be nicely framed for display and as a conversation piece.
2775923 Feet 1942 Chris Craft Barrel Back Runabout$150,000
The 23 Foot Custom Runabout or 23 Foot Triple cockpit Barrel Back as it is known in the collector world is one of the most sought after types of Classic Wooden boats on the market today. Only 58 of this size were evr made between 1940 and 1942 and perhaps less than 1/3 rd today are known to have survived. The ACBS Dire3ctory lists only 3 of the 1942 models of this size confriming their rarity. this boat has been immortalized in Darrell Bush's "Legend's of the Lake" Art and has modern power, a wset System bottom and a custom built trailer. the gorgeous blue upholstery is correct for 1942 and the chrome is in excellent shape.
3724623 Feet 1948 Ventnor Twin Engine Sport Runabout$295,000
An original Lake Minnetonka raceboat; Shazam was campaigned until 1955 and remained in storage until she was discovered in the late 1970's. Ventnor only made 6 of these twin engine Sport Runabouts and this is hull #6, the last of the production. Two others are known to exist, and only one other is on the water. She was completely restored in 2005 and turned many heads on the show circuit in 2006. The boat remains in wonderful, concours condition and is correct to original in every aspect. Powered by twin Gray Marine Fireball engines, she is capable of speeds up to 50mph!
3110123 Feet 1957 Greavette Streamliner$95,000
The Greavette Streamliner is one of the most shapely wooden boats ever built and they are often recognized for their "cigar" shaped lines. This model is one of the later Streamliners, very close to the end of production for this model. Double cockpit forward configuration and powered by a big Chrysler V8 with twin 4-barrel carbs. This is a very interesting example worthy of consideration by any serious collector looking to add a classic Canadian-built boat to his fleet. Used in fresh water.
3727423 Feet 1973 Riva Super Ariston$50,000
Carlo Riva's favorite model of boat. This is a rare project boat and the very desirable Series III Riva. Unrestored and ready for a full restoration this boat will provide years of proud ownership when complete and you will own one of a very small number of Riva Aristons which are in North America. This boat is available for sale only with a restoration contract from the seller.
3652923 Feet 2001 Chris Craft Barrel back by Fish Brothers$74,995
Very claen boat. Boat house kept. Burgandy interior and bottom paint, Blue faced Gauges, Banjo Wheel, Robe rack in 2nd cockpit. Engine is a MerCuiser 350 Mag MPI 300 HP. The boat comes on a tandem trailer with Brakes.
3215523 Feet 2001 Chris Craft Barrel Back by Fish Brothers$89,995
Very clean 2001 23' Barrel back with only 70 hours on the boat. The boat is in like new condition. It has 2nd windshield on 3rd cockpit, leather interior, blue faced gauges, Banjo Wheel, and fold down windshield. 5.7 MercCruiser Ski Tow engine. Comes on a tandem axle trailer with brakes.
3652823 Feet 2005 Chris Craft Barrel Back by Fish Brothers$79,995
Very clean Fish Brothers 23' Barrel Back. This boat has very low hours. Comes with Dual Horns, Blue Faced Gauges, Banjo Steering Wheel and Robe Rack in second cockpit. Engine is a MerCruiser 350 Mag MPI 300 HP. The boat comes on a tandem Axle Trailer with Brakes and a full cover.
2654223 Feet 2006 Oceanus/Classic 700 Open Bow$94,500
The elegant design of the Classic 700 Open Bow represents a glorious example of the golden age of motorboating. With its beautiful lines and modern amenities, coupled with today's technological advances in performance, it is the perfect runabout, truly a “work of art”.
3647623 Feet 2007 Baja Outlaw $32,000
Very clean and well kept boat. Bought and used exclusively in Fresh Water on the St. Lawrence River. Easy to handle, fast and fun. Runs Great!! Can be seen and driven upon offer.
2853023 Feet 2017 Chris Craft Barrel Back Triple by Fish Brothers$139,500
This 23' Fish Brothers Triple Cockpit has design features reminiscent of the classic barrelback. Modern epoxy constuction w/ no-soak bottom. These boats are very easy to own and use.
3686223 Feet 1960 Lyman Islander$16,900
Beautiful 1960 Lyman Islander, 23 footer! Over $10,000 spent on rebuild of original fireball engine. Interior is in really nice shape. Complete with full canvas and a trailer.
3685923 Feet 1999 Boesch Monoco Classic Runabout$49,000
Here is a stunning example of a Swiss built Boesch Monoco......powered by a powerful Crusader 454. This beauty exudes elegance at ever angle. This boat is in like new condition and will turn heads everywhere.
3043123' Feet 2017 Chris Craft Barrel Back by Fish Brothers$169,900
2014 Fish Brothers 23 Barrel Back Signature Series - Fish Brothers will make a limited edition of Signature Series Boats. This 23 Barrel will be equipped with Dual Windshield, Dual Horn, Blue Faced Gauges, Banjo Wheel, Robe Rails in 2nd & 3rd Cockpits, Leather Interior, 350 Mag MPI 300hp Merc Engine.
3684124 Feet 1928 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$79,900
Totally restored, 5200 bottom with new stringers, frames, and keel. New deck framing and planking. hull planking re fastened with bronze. All new interior woodwork. Stainless steel 40 gal fuel tank. Chrysler 331 hemi installed in the early 1950s totally rebuilt with upgraded electronic ignition and Holley carb for flawless operation and performance. 12 coats of Epifanes varnish and bonded leather finish this boat off nicely. She comes with her original "unrestored" Dietritch sedan top. It is missing a couple of pieces of hardware but they are available. Includes a custom trailer fitted to her hull, ready for the water! Lots of history documentation included
3704124 Feet 1928 Sea Lyon Triple Cockpit Runabout$29,900
A very rare and old Sea Lyon built in 1928. The boat has been partially restored with a new traditional bottom, new decking and is ready to be completed by the new owner. It has the original gauge panel, new shaft and a new custom stainless fuel tank. All hardware except the name plate and the step pads. In 1926 Howard Lyon was Gar Woods National Sales Manager but a falling out occurred when Gar Wood learned that Lyon was building his own brand of boats. The market crash closed his enterprise but his boats ( few as they were) were highly regarded and sought after today as a fine example of craftsmanship during that time period.
3691924 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$89,900
Very clean boat that has gone through a bottom up restoration a couple years ago. 5200 bottom, refastened, chrome redone, interior, gauges, wiring all done at the same time. Engine also went trough a complete rebuild. Always boat house kept. This boat is ready to use or show today.
3654024 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$94,900
Show condition boat that is just out of a complete bottom up restoration to include 5200 bottom, rebuilt engine, all chrome and gauges redone, interior done to original and more. All work was professionally done by a well known shop. This boat is ready to show or use and have fun with.
3085724 Feet 1929 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$37,000
This beautiful Chris Craft Triple was completely restored and launched in 2010. The battens have been replaced, but she retains her original bottom and hull planking that are in very nice shape. Totally refastened, bottom bedded in 5200 and fastened with stainless. The transom has been replaced, along with frames, knees , and battens. The hardware has all been re-chromed or polished, new Stewart Warner gauges to complement the fresh Chevrolet 283 engine. New fuel tank installed and the boat has been rewired to a 12 volt system. EZ Loader trailer has 4 new tires and pulls nicely. Needs nothing but a new captain.
3182124 Feet 1930 Chris Craft Triple$10,500
Gray pattern boat. Very rare model. Deserves complete restoration. Hardware included. Farm-built trailer.
2811324 Feet 1930 Sea Lyon Model 35 Triple Cockpit$119,500
There are many collectors who know the story of Gar Wood giving exclusive rights to selling Gar Wood boats to Charles Lyon only to later build his own boats. This is a beautiful triple cockpit Sea Lyon, fresh out of complete restoration. Show quality varnish, upholstery, engine rebuild and chrome. This boat was advertised in the brochure to attain 35mph with the 110hp Chrysler. This is a true "collectors boat" as there are a limited amount of Sea Lyon's available. Also noteworthy is the bronze hardware and the fact that this boat was screwed from the inside giving it a magnificent look. All Sea Lyon's are triple cockpit models because the company was after the "luxury portion" of the market. Truly a wonderful example of a limited edition boat.
3706024 Feet 1930 Hacker Craft Dolphin Runabout$125,000
A keel up restoration was completed June 2015. New 5200 bottom, West System epoxy sides and decks, 12 coats of varnish with 3 coats of urethane for uv protection. No swelling or cracking of any seams, finish is like glass. Everything has been refinished. New custom venture trailer 2015. 440 Chrysler Marine engine equipped with closed cooling system. This boat took two awards at its first show. Very rare and a must see!
3662024 Feet 1935 Triple Cockpit Runabout$49,900
This 1935 Garwood is in exceptional condition. Has been carefully inspected and the bottom has new paint and caulk. The 5.7 GM Engine has been completely gone through including compression test tune up oil change and all filters. Runs Perfect! New Bilge paint and updated wiring. Shaft packing boxes have been completely renovated. Steering and wiring have also been updated. Great Boat for daily use. The pictures do not do this boat justice. A must see!
3181324 Feet 1935 Hunter Runabout$45,000
The year after leaving Ditchburn as an employee, Al Hunter opened his own shop as Hunter Boats. This gorgeous boat was one of the first results that he produced and the quality shows to this day. It has been meticulously cared for by the present owner and he has kept the boat up to a high standard. The hardware, upholstery, gauges and wood are all in very good shape. The boat has a Navy top which is in good condition and is powered by a modern Mercruiser V-8. The original Scripps 158 is also available to the purchaser who may wish to have it the correct engine installed.
3012324 Feet 1938 Greavette Streamliner$200,000
This boat is one of the very rare and sought after 24 foot Greavette Streamliner. This popular streamliner was built from 1937-38 and was characterized by its unusual exterior chrome cut water and hull side rub rails. Very unusual is that the running lights are built into the hull of the boat. Lots of room thereby increasing its functionality and sociability. Greavette's were known for such unique features as the rounded, non pounding hull, fireproof and explosion proof compartments and sound insulated bulk heads. Greavette made only 24 of this particular model and very few are believed to still exist. This boat was in the water last season and could be used again this season in the water. It shows well and is in fully restored condition. It has always been used in the cool fresh water of the Muskoka lakes.
3178624 Feet 1939 Greavette Streamliner$70,000
This early designed Greavette 24 Foot Streamliner is one of the Doug Van Patten designs and a fine example of the era. This boat has been in the family for generations and has had the original engine replaced with a 1970's Chrysler 317. This past summer, the engine and the Borg Warner transmission were fully rebuilt. Approximately 5 years ago the upholstery was replaced and it remains in great condition. Perfect boat for entertaining! The Greavette Streamliner is a shining example of Canadian Craftsmanship from its hand-crafted vent scoops to its beautiful lines.
3176524 Feet 1940 Hacker Design by Les Staudacher Double Cockpit Forward Barrel Back$79,900
Unique Hacker design boat that has a barrel stern. Boat went trough complete refinish and restoration 2010/2011. modern power was installed at that time. The bottom was replaced late 80's and entirely checked during 2011 restoration. Includes a custom shorelander trailer that was built for the boat and custom made bimini top. Seller has receipts and pictures of bottom replacement and 2011 restoration.
3178524 Feet 1940's FS Crate Triple Cockpit$20,000
This is a project boat which has no Manufacturer markings on it. Due to the rounded bow, and high freeboard, it most resembles FS Crate Triple Cockppit boats of the late 1940's. All of the major wood work has been done. It needs caulking and varnishing. The boat comes with a Chris Craft Marine engine which is in running condition. The winshield segments, Nav lites, engine vents, and lifting eyes have all been rechromed. All the pieces to the puzzle are here. It just needs to be put back together.
3178824 Feet 1947 Greavette Streamliner$92,000
This is the only known Greavette Streamliner with this very rare seating arrangement. this 24 Foot Streamliner has a very large center cockpit with 2 removable seats and 2 permanent ones. The center compartment has 3 storage compartments and a small fold down table. The rudder is external and gorgeous and was the 3rd boat built by Greavette in 1947. It has a new 5200 Bottom which was installed in 2004 and was also repowered at that time with a Chrysler 360, V-8 engine. At the same time the upholstery was replaced, the boat re-wired and a new fuel tank added. This is a beautiful example of a Streamliner that will easily seat 8-10 people.
3031424 Feet 1947 Greavette Sheerliner$10,000
This is a 1947 Greavette Sheerliner which is in need of a full restoration. The boat has been in storage for almost 30 years and is now out of the "barn" and ready to be rejuvenated. It has NO motor and NO trailer but does have all of the hardware and windshield and components needed to bring it back to its original lustre. Very few of these boats exist today and even fewer which are in their original condition and unmolested.
2856224 Feet 1948 F.S. Crate Triple Cockpit$65,000
These boats were the pride of Lake Simcoe as they were made in Keswick, Ontario. The plant burned twice and was rebuilt by Lloyd Crate , one of Fred's sons. These boats are very rare and as is the case with most Canadian boats...these are appreciated for their fine Canadaian craftsmanship. This is the ONLY triple cockpit F. S. Crate that we know of in existence and one of only a handful that we know to still exist to this day. The boat itself is in excellent condition overall and will make a superb addition to any collection.
2744424 Feet 1954 Shepherd Runabout$97,000
This boat is number 9 in a series of 42. It was professionally re-done three years ago. It has a new bottom, new decks, new wirng, new gauges, all re-chromed fixtures, new uholstery, new interior lining, new egg-crate floor, new stain and varnish. Engines were overhauled three years ago and run well. This is a fabulous boat which is very rare. As well these boats are fabulous for entertaining as they are roomy and offre a very comfortable ride. The boat is registered in new York currently.
2626424 Feet 1954 Shepherd Model 120-S$95,000
This is a prize winning, completely restored (2005)Shepherd. It has brand new gas tanks to feed the twin Chrysler Crown 135hp engines. This "Best in Show" is to be featured in the Canadian ACBS 25th Anniversary Commemorative Book. This boat is hull number 13 of only 43 built.
3082224 Feet 1955 Shepherd Runabout$69,000
This beautiful 24 Shepherd makes a wonderful day cruiser that can accommodate 9 people in comfort. She was completely, thoroughly restored in 2003 and has been repowered with 4.3L V6 engines that are lightweight and powerful. Some plank work was completed in 2011 along with fresh varnish. Trailer was custom built by Marine Cradle Shop in 2003.
3034024 Feet 1957 Shepherd Runabout$85,000
This big and beautiful Shepherd was completely, professionally restored in 1985. The restoration included new interior framework, a complete new bottom, all wood stripped, stained, and varnished, 12V conversion, new leather upholstery, and new engines (twin V6 Crusaders). She was revarnished in 1993 and has been in dry storage since 1995! This boat is worthy of a look and will survey out perfectly as being "show ready".
2856424 Feet 1957 Shepherd Sportsman Runabout$39,000
This is a fine and rare lodge boat. Great rough water design with high freeboard. She is very strong, stable, and dry. Seats up to 10 passengers. It was recently used as a tour boat by a 5 star resort inn. The boat is very original and correct, ready to be enjoyed with nothing else to add. Boathouse kept, well maintained to high standards with 2 different annual inspections by Canadian Marine DOT for commercial passenger duty. Remodeled interior seats and topsides using classy white & turquoise color leatherette. Much like the '57 Cadillac seats ribbing style with white anti skid floor. Winter 09; the bottom and hull were totally stripped and redone with high quality varnish and anti fouling paint. Motor, V-drive, and reverse gear also rebuilt, new bearings throughout. Electronic ignition added for easy starting and reliability.
2872724 Feet 1973 Sea Ray Runabout$5,800
New short block installed in 1990's with very low hours. recently replaced canvas that includes camper back, mooring cove, and normal top. new seats etc-2000,new gas tank-2001, new boot,out drive and lower unit-2003, new paint-2003, new batteries-2005. All receipts akep and this boat was used always in the 1000 islands and has always been stored indoors in both the summer and the winter.
3119824 Feet 1980 Grand Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$66,000
This gorgeous 1982 Grand Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout has been carefully and meticulously maintained since new and has had only 65 hours put onto the boat. Modeled after a Chris Craft Model #13 and chronicled in a Wooden Boat magazine article this boat is flawless with a perfect hull, gleaming chrome hardware and a perfect black convertible top.
3113224 Feet 1990 Grand Craft Triple reproduction$65,000
In 1990 the Chris Craft Mahogany Runabout Company embarked on the reproduction of the 1930 Chris Craft Model 103 24' under the personal supervision of Christopher J. Smith the grandson of the founder of Chris Craft. There were only 24 of these wonderful boats ever to be produced and this is hull #5. They were built with modern methods and the finest Honduran mahogany. Each limited edition is signed and authenticated by Mr. Smith. This is truly a rare find and one to provide many years of service and enjoyment.
3212024 Feet 1990 Grand Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$99,000
In 1990 Grand Craft Corporation set about to build a reproduction of the 1930 Chris Craft Model 103 which was a 24 Foot Runabout. Only 15 of these would be made and they were set off by the famous Dietrich top. The boat was built from the finest Honduran mahogany, a no soak bottom and a beautiful finish. The boat won the prestigious Lake Tahoe Boat Show at one point and has been meticulously kept over the years. It has fresh varnish on it now, is solid throughout, structurally sound and ready for a new owner. The boat needs nothing and the trailer is greased and ready to go.
3711924 Feet 1997 Hacker Craft Extended Second Cockpit Runabout$79,900
Clean boat with extended 2nd cockpit for a roomy interior. Boat has a custom Deitrich top, full waterline cover, table, stereo, fire ext system, new interior and recent varnish. This boat is water ready and just needs a new captain!
3722524 Feet 1998 Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$61,500
This is a fine solid example of current production Hackers built in 1998. Refinished in 2008 and is still flawless in all respects. The brightwork, stainless, interior and engine compartment needs nothing. It has a green vinyl interior and has not flaws. The Chevy 454 has less than 300 hours of fresh water only cruising time. We have enjoyed this boat completely and hope that it will go to a loving new home. It has two waterline covers, winter and summer. 36 gallon fuel tank. Three cockpits. Drivetrain is perfect. Turn key at its finest.
2788324 Feet 2007 Portage Boat Works Triple Cockpit$145,000
This is a brand new boat that has been demonstrated and will continue to be until sold, so engine hours may incease. Not a demo per se, boat has never been titled. Custom interior, LED navigation and stern lights, electric hatch lifts, electric trim tabs, LED convenience lights, mahogany grated flooring, tilt steering. Comes with a custom fitted tandem axle bunk trailer.
3720924 Feet 2017 Danalevi Furina$189,000
THIS BOAT WILL BE FEATURED IN THE ANTIQUE BOAT AMERICA BOOTH AT THE SUNNYLAND SHOW 3/18 - 3/20. Furina is well thought out with every detail provided for your pure enjoyment. Classically inspired, Furina is twenty-four feet of powerboat sophistication. High-end finish, luxurious interior and stainless steel accents add to her appeal. Designed with a deep-V hull Danalevi Powerboats Furina glides through uneasy waters with confidence. Whether in salt or fresh water, you will appreciate her smooth ride with effortless and responsive handling.
3148524'3 Feet 2007 Comitti Portofino Coupe$169,500
The Portofino Coupe'7.4 model was designed for lakes racing on the northern Italian lakes circuit. Seating 5 comfortably in the deep cockpit it provides a safe thrilling wind in the hair ride. Sunbed aft for lounging after a swim. Aggressive V hull tracks and turns like an Italian sports car.
3119224'8 Feet 1932 Hacker Double Cockpit Runabout$33,000
Built 1932 by Sinclair and Son, Chesapeake Shipbuilding Co, Oxford, MD using white oak substructure provided by Brooks Boat Co.,John Hacker-designed. Bottom and topsides in 5/8" Norway white cedar using copper rivets. Decked in 1/2" Phil. Most hardware is original and replated. Blue leather upholstery, linoleum flooring, new wiring, shaft, prop, rudder. Original building contracts, Brooks literature, Dept. of Commerce Registration. Correct MD title. This is a preservation class boat. Solid and clean throughout, and beautifully detailed. Outstanding survey. Selling out of long-term layup, as is. This one is truly rare.
3611225 Feet 1937 Gar Wood Custom Runabout$150,000
This is # 19 of 27, 25ft Gar Woods ever built by Gar Wood, Hull # 6110. She was originally delivered to Alexandria Bay on the St Lawrence River and came to me through the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY. She was completely restored in 1999 by Dave Wright and won Best of Show at Tahoe's Concourse de Elegance. Fresh varnish was put on in 2013. The original Chrysler Majestic straight 8 engine is available. She rides better than a 22' and handles better than a 28'. She is a perfect show and user boat.
3119125 Feet 1938 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit Runabout$100,000
Here is a very rare 1937 (sold as a 1938) Gar Wood Triple...originaly owned by the founder of O'Bexer Boat Yard of Lake Tahoe, Jake O'Bexer. Hull #6189 of only 24 ever built. The boat has been rewooded by Dave Lobb and ready to have the finishing completed. Included are the gauge cluster recently restored by Clausen, all hardware remade by Al Shinner including all flagpoles, steering wheel, lights & etc. Also there is the prop shaft, prop & rudder. Missing are steering column, cutwater, interior & engine. There is no trailer.
3654925 Feet 1969 Bertram Sport Fisherman$19,500
A fresh water 25 Foot soft top Bertram with a recent repower of a 2007 Mercruiser 454 Magnum. The engine churns out 385 HP with only 300 hours on it since new. This design of Dick Bertram's offers a great cockpit layout with 9 feet 11 inches of beam and a small V-Berth under the front deck.
2672825 Feet 1971 U.S. Coast Guard Launch$152,000
Turnkey operation decommissioned launch. Shown at 2002 Tahoe Concours d'Elegance. Reconstruction of my grandfather's personal gentleman's racer. The boat has won People's Choice awards in every ACBS show it has been in. Honduras mahogany deck, all fiberglass hull, veneered walnut sides, bronze castings, exceptional detail.
2916925 Feet 1979 Chris Craft MXK-8$130,000
Boat has been completely restored. Absolutely stunning, repowered with a 2009 425hp Mercruiser engine. Low hours since restoration.
3198225 Feet 2008 Hacker Triple Cockpit Runabout$79,500
This 2008 custom built Hackercraft Designed triple cockpit combines the unequalled styling of John Hacker from the 1930's with today's state of the art power and construction technology. Traditional plank-on- frame Honduras Mahogany, with a cold molded triple planked bottom makes "soaking in" a thing of the past. Just turn the ignition and go with the powerful fuel injected MerCruiser 350 MAG MPI. Fast, dry, and elegant, this exqusite runabout has been covered and lift kept with low fresh water hrs on Lake George,NY. Also includes Sierra dual axle trailer
3724326 Feet 1905 Milwaukee Yacht and Boat Co. Launch$30,000
In the first decade of the 20th Century, advances in boating gave rise to what was then called "auto-boat". In the style of a touring car with the engine under the driver, who sat upright with a steering wheel and dashboard. This X-Celo Launch is but one of only three in existence and was one of the first using this design. The boat is carvel planked over oak with a mahogany deck that was originally canvas covered. This is a handsome boat that is in very nice shape and was restored in the 1980's. Current engine is a Gray Marine 6-40 which is a straight six cylinder L- head producing 40 HP. Boat is nice but dry and seams have opened up above the water line after years of being out of the water. As such the boat is being offered at a very reasonable price.
3647126 Feet 1924 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$200,000
Owned by the same family since 1982, this 1924 26' Chris Craft Runabout has been shown occasionally. Last showing was at the Les Cheneaux boat show in Hessel, MI in 2011, where she won the Mertaugh Boat Works Best Chris Craft award. Power comes from a rebuilt Curtiss OX5 with less than 10 hours on it. A 1988 dual axle trailer is included in the sale.
3633226 Feet 1925 Rochester Triple Cockpit Runabout$60,000
Until just recently it was believed that there were only 3 Rochester Boats still in existence. We now know of a 4th. These boats were designed by A. W. "Bill" MacKerer during a brief tenure who worked at Rochester Boat Works from 1925 to 1928. Many of these boats were originally powered with Sterling engines since Sterling was located in Buffalo, New York but a few also had Hall-Scott engines based on the preference of the buyer at that time. This boat has been in the same Family for almost 30 years and well preserved. there is no denying however that it is a full restoration project but a very worthy project based on the rarity of the boat. The Auburn Engine is believed to not be the correct engine for the boat. The boat does have hardware and gauges and has been indoors for many years in a protected environment. The boat could easily put onto a trailer as a hoist is available.
3648126 Feet 1925 Chris Craft Tiple Cockpit Runabout$234,900
Very clean fully restored boat with replaced bottom. Scripps engine has just come out of full rebuild. Comes with original folding soft top, on a custom trailer with full waterline cover. Originally a northern MI boat. Always been in fresh water.
3640826 Feet 1926 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$60,000
Boat is in excellent condition. Zero hours use since restoration completed. Upholstery is leather; seat bottoms restored with springs; cushions have kapok filling. Wood steering wheel custom-made to replicate original. This boat was originally sold to F.A Sieberling, Co-Founder of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The wood restoration does include new decks and deck frames including a new transom. The third cockpit was modified to add a ventilating windshield and glove box. Excellent condition with zero hours since restoration. New West system painted bottom, dark blue really offers a handsome look.
3705826 Feet 1926 Hacker Dolphin Triple Cockpit$89,500
In 2008 she had major restoration done, including new frames (15), some ribs replaced as necessary, new 5200 bottom, keel, stem, transom and rear deck, and fuel tanks. This is a rare and desirable boat that is a high quality user that shows extremely well. Cockpit layout is very desirable with easy access in forward cockpit and original style windshield. Gauge panel is original as is the hardware. Upholstery looks fantastic. Celebrate her 90th year with her next year, a rare opportunity!
3156326 Feet 1926 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout$75,000
Current owner has owned this boat since 1982. After spending all of it's life on Lake Placid in the Adirondacks. The boat has had a new bottom after receiving a full restoration and is a high scoring concours condition boat at this point. The boat requires nothing and is offered with a full mooring cover.
3712026 Feet 1927 Indian Lakes Triple Cockpit Runabout$49,900
Very rare original Indian Lakes runabout. Sides and decks are original wood in good condition. All hardware and gauges are original to the boat. The boat was in the water last season but does really need a new bottom. This is a rare opportunity to own one of these unique boats.
3197726 Feet 1928 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout $69,000
Hull #588 special order from Chris Smith with black sides by the movie actor Bill Boyd aka"Hopalong Cassidy" Fully retored in 1988 and placed 2nd at the classic Concours d' Elegance in Lake Tahoe.
3121426 Feet 1928 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit$169,900
Showboat is in near-perfect driveaway condition, very lightly used since its total restoration in 2003 by one of the country’s premier restorers, and hull number 543 is a wonderful example of Chris-Craft’s 1920’s “flat deck” series. It has won several major boat shows in its distinguished “career” under its present owner of 25 years who currently has limited use for it. It has a uniquely interesting and fully documented historical provenance (from its original owner to a feature on Antiques Roadshow). Its original Kermath 150 is fully restored, the hardware is 100% original and nickel-plated, and its rollup top even has the ORIGINAL side curtains in flawless condition. The bottom incorporates West Epoxy, and the boat is complete and faithfully restored to original condition from the tacks covering the cloth wiring all the way to its tool kit. A spare running Kermath block is available separately. All details fully documented.
2820126 Feet 1928 Stanley Runabout$32,000
This is a very rare 1928 Stanley Runabout. It was originally owned by a fishing guide from Wolfe Island, Ontario, later spent most of its time in Cape Vincent, NY. It is 1 of 2 known to exist on the St Lawrence River. It is powered by the original Kermath engine.
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