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Search Results: Boat type Classic Fibreglass. 119 boats were found that matched your search.
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  IDBoat DescriptionPrice (USD)Picture
2645011.5 Feet 1961 Leavens Bros Outboard$2,000
The owner has owned both the boat and the motor since new. leavens Brothers in Toronto stopped manufacturing this model and this was the last one in stock. This is a unique craft with a small deck, wood trim, seats, and backrests. All wodd recently replaced and looks like new. The fiberglass has some craze but no cracks or leaks. This is a great little boat and almost unsinkable. the motor still runs great. it was gthe onl;y motor in it's day to use 50/1 oil. having more horsepower than it calls for this boat will plane nicely even with a full load.
3193212-6 Feet late 1950's Classic Fiberglass Boat$950
This is a very unusual boat of unknown origin. Very sharp! Features embossed wood decks, fore and aft. Inset transom. Aft also has a lot of tumblehome and nice lines. Very unique project and you won't find another one like it!
3052513 Feet 1961 Boston Whaler Outboard$6,500
1961 Boston Whaler for sale: Sport 13 foot runabout. Comes with 1961 Johnson 18 h.p. electric start. Battery, controls, amd depth finder. New custom trailer. All restored to new condition. $6,500.00 for complete outfit.
2956613 Feet 1962 Arkansas Traveler$1,400
Good condition - has only had light usage - has never leaked - Engine overhaul in 2005 '(new fuel pump, carb, points, coils) - starter & plug wires replaced prior to this.
3121813 Feet 1962 Vanguard Kildonan$6,000
Restored inside out with new paint, floor and fiberglass, foam in floor, wiring, lights, steering system, stereo, seats, cushions, battery, ski pole, removable twin tanks, bilge pump, mahogany installed on boat, polyurethane finished.
2761013'6 Feet 1975 Angelo Molinari Model 391 Outboard$2,000
This is a rare Angelo Molinari, open fisherman. The boat was built in Italy and shipped to the United States. Only 300 of these boats was produced for the US. It is complete and in running condition.
3594713'6 Feet 59 Glaspar G3$1,400
Was last on the lake 8 years ago. Ready for restoration but appears to be complete!
3013314 Feet 1955 Cutter Outboard$1,300
The interior has been painted with a 2 part epoxy paint and the original deck color matched with a boat deck enamel. This boat has a classic look that is accentuated by the deck color, a true head turner with the wings! This boat has lots of potential, it is very comfortable with high sides. It does float and has NO LEAKS. The chrome deck hardware (cleats, brackets, etc...) will need to be reinstalled. I rebuilt the cable steering system with new cables and hardware. its all ready for you to add your classic outboard for many summers of fun.
2949214 Feet 1956 Firberglass Outboard Runabout$895
Built 1956 and used until 1965. She was stored from 1966 until 1976. It was used for a few years in the late 1970's but has mainly been kept in storage. The decks are in need of a bit of work but the boat is in overall decent condition. This is a pretty early glass boat, not sure of the builder.
2807514 Feet 1957 Crosby Aeromarine Fish & Ski$950
This has been sitting, hull is solid, no instruments, but a good restoration project for a classic buff.
2871914 Feet 1959 Glaspar Sport Lido$3,950
This classic Glaspar is in original condition and requires restoration. Complete with original engine (4 cylinder Mercury) and original trailer. Great project.
2986514 Feet 1965 Lake Flight Open Outboard$25,000
This Boat is all original. It runs great. She is in unbelievable original condition! Current owner has all the paperwork. This is a fine example of classic fiberglass.
2940114 Feet 1966 Duracraft Outboard$2,000
This boat is in very good condition for it's age. Original paint and engine. The seats have been recovered. A very good boat to restore to new condition.
3120814 Feet 1968 Alpex / Alumacraft Alora$7,500
It is a 1968, 14 foot Alpex Alora (by Alumacraft). She is completely original including the 33hp Evinrude, Ski Twin. I found her in a barn in North Dakota, where she had been sitting for nearly 25 years. I have the original convertible top as well, but it is the only thing the mice seemed to like... I did paint and update the trailer, but it is the original trailer.
2872615 Feet 1957 MFG Cambridge Model $5,800
This boat was made by a molded fiberglass company in Ashtabula, Ohio. The actual brand is unknown, but the serial tag dates the boat at 1958. Beautifully restored in 2002.
3143915 Feet 1959 Larsons Falls Flyer$15,000
Own a piece of '50's era style! The Larson Falls flyer is a collectible model that was originally produced in wood and then later models produced in fiberglass. This example is in good overall condition and adequately powered with a 50hp Nissan outboard.
3664415 Feet 1959 Herters Allstate Outboard$3,500
Very cool classic fiberglass boat! Complete with bimini top, depth finder, and compass. Good single axle trailer. Engine turns over but needs a tune up.
3668815 Feet 1959 Car Aqua Classic Fiberglass Outboard$15,000
Very cool piece of Classic Fiberglass from Atlanta, GA! The Car Aqua "Station Wagon" bears a striking similarity to the '56 Chevy, right down to the color scheme. Complete with stereo and a newer 50hp Mercury engine with only 5 hours of run time! This boat is a real head turner and is the epitome of 50's automobile styling on the water. Complete with a nice custom cover.
3133015 Feet 1961 Performer Havoc$14,999
Low profile extremely rare classic fiberglass flat-bottom ski boat made in California marked No. 24 by the manufacturer Performer was only making these boats for a few years in limited numbers. Marked Bellflower, CA. This boat was ordered by my father so only family owned since 1961. Used on family weekends in 1960's in Lake Berryessa. All original except seats and steering wheel.
3648215 Feet 1956 Glass CraftLuxury Line Outboard$4,500
2 year completed restoration. Gloss black topsides, double cockpit, mahogany deck and stern. One of the early conversions from wood to fiberglass hull.
2832015'6 Feet 1971 Glasspar$4,900
Last 2 years new seats and seat frames, carpet, auto bilge. CMC power trim / tilt. Was used entire summer of 2007, not used in 2008 but stored inside.
2783316 Feet 1950's Aeromarine Outboard$4,500
This is an Aeromarine classic fiberglass boat that was made in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Currently stored in a barn, owner is open to offers. Appears to be complete, has original windshield and removable hard top.
2917316 Feet 1959 Crosby Capri Outboard$3,950
Relatively good shape with no hull damage; motor has not been started in two years. Nice example of classic fiberglass!
2827016 Feet 1960 Larson All American$600
A decent 1960 Larson All American with trailer, this would be a great fixer upper that requires no major work. Have a vintage 60's motoe sitting around? Here is a perfect boat to hang it on. The the vintage fuel tanks you see in the photos go with it. The original hardware appears to be all there, especially the very unusual bow light assembly and steering wheel.
3114316 Feet 1960 Bell Boy Outboard$3,500
Looks like a Cadillac from the back and sides, with the wing/fin type rear fenders. I am the second owner - it was in the previous family since new. Comes with bimini top.
3108016 Feet 1962 Brunswick Ventura$1,500
This is a classic boat with very nice lines. It has been in use by me for the last 12 years shunting back and forth from my cabin basically for utilitarian purposes. I am the 3rd owner and the boat has been on Lake Nipissing and Lake Talon for 50 years. It is solid and needs a good restorer to easily bring her back to pristine condition. It is still in the water and can be demonstrated by arranging a convenient time before November 2012. Location North Bay, ON.
2783116 Feet 1967 Donzi Sweet 16$9,000
This is one of the great original configured Sweet Sixteen's. It is the model that all other Donzi's followed. This is a classic boat that is in wonderful condition. Always garaged when on land and well cared for all it's life. Own a piece of history with this great little Sweet Sixteen. 1967 Donzi Sweet Sixteen, this boat has been in Central Florida all it's life. The hull is solid and original with a 302 ford motor and a volvo outdrive. The upholstery and Tonneau cover are in perfect shape. The boat is turn-key. More photos available at
2954616 Feet 1967 Correct Craft Mustang$9,000
This is a Classic Ski Boat, mid engine. With center post for ski rope connect Has new upholstery and top end of engine was rebuilt. Owned by one family for 42 years and always used in fresh water. Garage kept, Fiberglass hull is in very good shape & looks almost new.
3218016 Feet 1969 Thunderbird Formula Junior$17,500
This 1969 Thunderbird Formula Junior is similar to the Donzi Sweet 16 but has a slightly different hull design with a barrel back shape. These boats are very stable with a deep V hull. These are gerat boats for water activities and this boat has been used all of it's life in the 1000 Islands. Very attractive design and might quick at 50 MPH!!
3142416 Feet 1972 Pere Marquette Outboard$995
Vintage Pere Marquette boat. 60 Evinrude. - $995 (Neenah WI) 1972 Pere Marquette 16' with trailer and great running Evinrude 60 HP. Fun, easy, inexpensive, restoration project, or use as - is. Good canvas, cover, keys, title.
3074916 Feet 1972 Century Resorter$6,000
Boat is as close to original as you can get! It has been in the same family for decades but has not been used in the last 6 years. She has always been garage kept. Needs some work, including a water pump.
3135216 Feet 1973 Bomber Raider$1,500
Classic tri-hull bass boat seen in the early years of the B.A.S.S. tournament series. Good working condition
3113416 Feet 1975 Century Ski Fury$5,995
Muskoka Ontario boathouse kept boat its whole life. All original interior and totally restored mechanically with rebuilt original motor, trans,carb,new gas tank,water pumps(2),hoses,tune up parts, and trailer with new wheels and tires, lights, etc. Interior is original and shows some wear but totally useable and looks good. Original front and rear flag poles. Has full custom made canvas cover that fits great. New carpet. Floors and stringers are like new. Ready to tow anywhere and put in the water and run. Runs very well and is a blast to drive. Will pull as many skiers as you want and great for wakeboarding. Has factory ski tow bar in front of engine box.
3100816 Feet 1979 Glastron Carlson CVX16$9,900
This classic Glastron Carlson is in outstanding original condition and has been well preserved. The gold metalflake sparkles in the sunshine and turns a lot of heads. Interior is upholstered in luscious tan Naugahyde. She is stylish from bow to stern! Complete with original Glastron trailer..don't miss out on a very collectible boat!
3027116 Feet 1980 Glastron Bowrider$2,500
16 Foot Glastron Ski Bow rider Boat, 90 Horse Mercury, Cox Trailer $2.500 Everything is a 1980 as far as I know, History is boat was last used in 2006 then winterized boat and motor and covered all for winter and not used since. Motor turns over and has ignition but I am sure carburetors need cleaning, and a new battery before it will run properly. Everything need a little TLC to make a nice ski boat. I have clear titles for all.
3160616' Feet 1963 MFG Outboard$3,900
Beautifully restored 2 owner classic fiberglass new trailer with full boat cover. Also included are a set of classic water skis, 2 gas tanks, life jackets, lines, fenders and paddle.
2875916'6 Feet 1963 Riviera Outboard$5,500
This classic Riviera was restored in 2008. New seat brackets and wiring, Rhino coated floor for durability. The current engine is a 1963 75 HP Johnson Sea Horse. The original motor also comes with the boat (Mercury). The motors also come with extra props.
3170816.5 Feet 1963 Larson Outboard$3,000
Inboard/outboard motor,dual carbs, new tarp made of canvas, refurbished gas tank and all lines, 3 props refaced
2911616.5 Feet 1964 Hydroswift Runabout$7,000
This is my restoration project that is still unfinished, but about 80 percent. I bought her from the original owner in Michigan who had had her for all his life and gave it to me in pretty good shape, just needed the TLC to get her water ready again. Every connection was unplugged electrically and was to me assumed long term winterized. I got her tuned up and back in the water this past summer. Carb rebuilt, new seats, new carpet, outdrive still needs some more attention but was working for 3 times out this summer, note picture in water. I want to keep her but I just have to much going on right now and I know someone out there is looking for one of these very very rare boats. I'm passing her on.
2725816`6 Feet 1966 Grew Inboard/Outboard$3,000
1966 Brew I/O powered by a rebuilt 120 Hp OMC. Electric tilt is broke, but all parts are available to fix it.
3122017 Feet 1960 Flare Runabout Outboard$7,500
Complete restoration in 2012. New wires, gauges, floor, stringers, non-skid, vinyl, Sony stereo and 4 speakers, steering, stainless, 24 gal aluminum fuel tank with deck fill. 3 grab bars, 4 blue LEDs (2 forward, 1 aft, 1 underwater). Engine recently serviced and runs excellent. Fun runabout boat.
3099717 Feet 1963 Hydrodyne$13,000
The boat has been completely restored. It's beautiful and is the only one made with this engine in it.
3053617 Feet 1968 Slickcraft SS 170V$6,500
Current owner has had this boat 3 years ago and underwent a complete restoration. Many pictures are available of the restoration but the boat is great and needs nothing. It is offered with a Mercury 70 HP oil injected motor.
2925117 Feet 1968 Century Resorter$23,950
This is a vintage 1967 Century Resorter. It's been in our family since my uncle bought it in 1967. Everything is original except the top and exterior upholstery. I just replaced both of those items.
2840817 Feet 1970 Century Ski Boat$2,999
Classic ski boat. Needs restoration. Motor runs and transmision works. Battery dead, block is externally cracked and repaired, manifolds are both bad. We do have a good replacement motor but do not have manifolds. Boat seems pretty original and would be a nice project.
2959317 Feet 1970 Formula Open Bow Runabout$16,500
Hull Number 09. 3rd owner and has been stored for 26 years. Has the original interior which is in nice shape. Great runner. New Mercruser Outdrive in 2006, Original Outdrive still working and included. New Prop in 2006. Dual fuel tanks.
3186417 Feet 1970 Chris Craft Corsair$1,200
1970 Chris Craft Corsair, one of ONLY 53 built! This is a very restorable example, no engine, but opens up the option to add modern power. Be the only one on your lake with a classic 'glass Chris Craft. I Do Not have a title or any paper work on this boat. It was left here at my place about 12 years ago.
3147617 Feet 1971 Century Mark 2$8,000
I bought the boat two years ago from a gentleman who had the boat stored for over 20 years. He had bought it from the original owner in 1976. The boat is in excellent condition. Always garaged, and in very original condition. It was well maintained under my control and I replaced the fuel tank, lines, fuel pump, exhaust and rebuilt the 4 barrel cater carburetor and water pump. It now has new gauges and carpet. It runs well and shifts smoothly. I am now looking to sell the boat so that I can purchase a bigger boat for my family.
2664717 Feet 1971 Century Mark II$8,500
Great for the classic fiberglass enthusiast. Photos updated April '08.
2943017 Feet 1972 Aero Glass Javlin$2,500
the hull is in good shape ,has new floor(3/4 plywood&new foam underneath all fiberglassed in), carpet, seats. The sides have been recovered (padded with studded accents). The speedometer, temp, oil gauges all work, the gas gauge does not work but you can fill it up(18 gal.) and go all day. Starts easy and runs quiet. This is a 1972 model.. it's not perfect but it is a nice boat and ready to get on the lake.
3123517 Feet 1974 Correct Craft Mustang 17$7,995
Custom Teak Removable Swim platform, New Front Seat, Fresh Water Only, Includes Trailer, Engine Professionally Maintained, Stereo w/ 4 Speakers, Includes some ski and wakeboard accessories and rope
3116917 Feet 1978 Correct Craft Ski Tique$8,500
This boat has been reconditioned and is ready to pull barefoot skiers. New vinyl, new carpet, new starter, JBL stereo, teak swim platform and ski pole.
3059617 Feet 1984 Century Resorter$12,500
Absolutely stunning original boat in like-new showroom condition. Included are the original sales documents, and brochures for operations, maintanence & safety. Boat has always been stored indoors and on covered lift. Storage cover included. This owner has an outstanding 1999 Suburban 4X4 with "woodie" sides and tailgate, it can be seen on listing #30595.
2921317 '3 Feet 1963 OMC Deluxe Outboard$10,000
Last run in 2006, started restoring top and interior upholstery. Has Johnson inboard and outdrive. Currently in usable condition, needs a prop. The top unhooks from the windshield and folds back under the like rumble set in the back of the boat.
3645517 Feet 1958 Glastron Seaflite $3,000
17' Glastron Seaflite, 90hp Mariner runs good looks good. Great example of classic 'glass with tail fins!
3163717' Feet 1975 Century Sabre$5,400
Very original Century Ski boat with teak swim step and very low hours!!
3641518 Feet 1984 Century Resorter$4,500
Boat has been in Storage for 6 Yrs. I started having interior restoration when it went in storage. Started and ran the engine, summer 2014. It ran strong. All wood stringers are in great shape.
2953017.5 Feet 1967 Slickcraft SS175$3,500
This boat is in great shape but needs outdrive work . It has been in storage for 6 years and has not been run . Owner wants it out of storage, good project.
3215118 Feet 1958 Dorset Pocket Cruiser$4,600
Classic Dorset pocket cruiser. Nice example classic glass. This boat has no leaks and is ready to be restored.
2983718 Feet 1959 Cutter Cuddy Cabin Outboard$5,000
Boat is all original 0 rot Garage kept from new. was in use from 1959 to 1969 with lite use. Great restorable shape. Rare boat From Cutter Boats Tell City Indiana. 1957-1959
3608418 Feet 1962 Aristocraft Funliner$5,000
This boat is a lake boat never seen salt water the boat, motor, and trailer were all bought together from a dealer in Saratoga, NY. The boat is in great original, never been touched, condition. The motor runs great and the trailer works as it should all have been maintained properly
3141418 Feet 1964 Buehler Turbocraft$1,000
I got the boat as a restoration project. Complete and solid, but has some delamination on port side stringer. Needs paint or gelcoat. Engine is stuck from sitting in a barn for about 30 years. Seats were gone when i got it but the floor is solid. Hamilton jet drive unit appears to be in good shape. Original Holsclaw trailer. Excellent restoration project!
3117118 Feet 1967 Donzi Barrelback$16,900
Donzi boats are highly collectible;e today and this boat has been extremely well cared for during the four years that the current owner has had it. The boat was brought from a fresh water lake in Missouri and has always been flushed after each use since it came to North Carolina. The boat is in excellent condition and the owner has always been careful to replace anything with the correct or original hardware. The Holman and Moody is original and correct for the boat. When not in use, she is always stored on a trailer. Trailer is in good shape and pulls nicely.
3207518 Feet 1971 Buehler Turbocraft Bolero$16,900
This boat is one of the last examples built at the Buehler factory. Just went through a complete restoration including Imron paint on whole exterior, new stringers, new flooring, new gas tank, new wiring and more. Comes on a nice galvanized trailer
2960818 Feet 1974 Precision Marine Services Outboard$4,995
This original owner classic has had complete engine overhaul 1992 with power tilt and trim, new gel coat and trailer paint 1994, new upholstery and carpet 1995, new wheel bearings 2004, new throttle and gear shift cables 2007, new wood floor and transom 2010. This classic beauty is ready to be enjoyed for many more summers!! Includes ski vests, life jackets, anchor, throwables, oar, 3 props, ski rack.
3153018 Feet 1982 Century Resorter$12,500
The interior has been modified with rolled and pleated seats, custom steering wheel, depth finder with speed indicator, stereo with dash remote, stored in boat house and covered.
3587818 Feet 1977 Sea Ray SRV $4,000
I purchased this beautiful blue and white 18' open bow boat new in 1977. Nothing has been added or altered on the boat, engine, or trailer. It is all original, as it was when new. My occupation as a farmer only allowed me enough time for one outing per year with my family. When my wife and I became elderly, we couldn't launch and dock the boat any longer, we decided to sell it. There is no hour meter on the boat, but it is a relatively low hour unit. The pictures show the excellent condition of the boat and it's interior. The engine may need a new oil pump. Equipped with a stainless steel propeller. An EZ Loader trailer is included. This unit has been stored inside when not in use. This unit sells "as is". Buyer is responsible for shipping from, or pick up in Fort Benton,Montana.
3073718' Feet 1964 Peterson O/B$18,900
Fully restored Classic Glass boat that looks new as the day it left the factory. The whole boat has been re-gel coated and everything has been restored to new condition. This is a very unique boat that would be a prize to any collection.
3049219 Feet 1958 Bell Boy Convertible$1,000
Bought new by the current owner's father. The boat was converted to Merccruiser I/O in approximately 1967. Restoration was started and now divorce forces sale.
3037919 Feet 1967 Evinrude Rouge 200$3,000
This classic Evinrude is in nice condition and has had some restoration work completed. Powered by a 200hp Buick V8 engine - big and quick!
3199819 Feet 1968 Evinrude Rogue 2$3,500
1968 rogue. 350 Engine that was rebuilt last year. Has less than 15 hours on it. It has original top new flooring and new front seats. New exhaust. I have installed a CD/aux player and speakers. It does need a little TLC here and there but I really enjoy it and always get comments on it. It has a tandem trailer that could use a coat of paint but works nicely. Titles available for both.
3625119 Feet 1971 Slick Craft SS-195$9,500
Clean early fiberglass runabout. Very sporty design. The boat is in exceptionally clean condition, interior is like new, new custom eagle trailer comes with the boat. This boat has to be seen to really be appreciated.
3625319 Feet 1971 Chris Craft Lancer$2,000
My father is the second owner of this boat and has been a Buckeye Lake Ohio boat for many years. It was purchased from Sayre Bro. Marine of Buckeye Lake Ohio. The boat has always been stored undercover and runs fine. She needs someone to make her pretty again. She is all original (Bimini top is not original canvas) and everything is complete. Last in water and ran in 2012. This boat would be a great restoration project for someone interested in a classic glass CC.
3065719 Feet 1971 Chris Craft XK-19$39,900
Beautifully restored from bow to stern! Finished with epoxy marine paint on the exterior. All stainless and aluminum trim has been polished. All chrome replated. The seats were rebuilt and reupholstered in light beige. The fuel tank was replaced with a new all aluminum tank fabricated to the original design. The entire boat was rewired. All gauges were rebuilt. Engine is freshly rebuilt with only 25 hours of use. This XK is a beauty and would be a prize in any discerning collector's fleet!
3128619 Feet 1974 Century Arabian$1,300
Project Boat! This is a restorable, Classic Arabian...desirable Century made boat. No engine, but the original v-drive, propeller shaft, prop and rudder are all there. I believe all hardware, trim and interior components are there and included. The engine stringers are soft and need to be replaced and re-fiberglassed...other than that, a straight forward reassembly. Have transferable registration for both boat and trailer...will provide buyer with a bill of sale for each.
3147219 Feet 1975 Century Arabian$9,999
I've owned the boat for the last 14-years. Many hours of fun. Great boat. Very fast, waterline exhaust, new interior. Turns heads everywhere I take it. Great for wakeboarding, or just cruising.
2902119 Feet 1977 Reinell Fiberglass Runabout$9,000
In perfect condition! Always stored inside, and unused for 8 years of its' life. Comes with 3 tarps, storage tarp, custom made travel/mooring tarp as well as complete driving tarp set with zip in windows. Custom made swim platform. This boat is all original, with the exception of the swim platform and stereo. We have the original ladder and new spare lenses for the rear of the boat. Should you choose to add it to your private collection. No rips or tears in the material, no mould or mildew anywhere. We have decided to sell our baby.
3038819 Feet 1984 Century Arabian$6,900
Overall clean boat, engine and drive just gone through by a Certified MerCruiser Dealership. Gel is very clean. interior and chrome need some TLC. Comes on a nice trailer and is a bargain at the price. Will consider offers.
3164019 Feet 1994 Butson Runabout$54,900
This gorgeous 19 Foot Runabout has been boathouse kept all of its life. It is a one of a kind with recessed hardware and a 5.0 Liter Mercruiser with very low hours. It has a Fibreglass Edson hull; mahogany deck and interior; custom hardware; leather seats; always kept on a lift in a boathouse; good condition; never used for water skiing etc.
3151519' Feet 1987 Sea Ray Pachanga$6,900
Great little Pachanga with new sunpad and rear seat upholstery and new belts on engine.....also brand new Sony Marine stereo. These are high quality built boats!
3107419'4 Feet 1974 Lyman Sebring$16,500
Ready to go, turnkey LYMAN classic glass Sebring 19'; perfect manageable size and to trailer. Totally restored over many years by antique boat show judge; now looks new and a real head-turner. New marine blue gelcoat on lapstrake-like hull; typically Lyman overbuilt (3" transom thickness). New upholstery, upgraded 185 hp engine like new with heavier outdrive; expensive folding teak swim ladder and teak wheel; stern mast light, horn, radio, VHF, fish finder, bilge pump and blower; life jackets, anchor, lines, fenders, Bennett trim tabs. Only sell to a good home (back problems force sale) where famous Lyman quality, history and value are appreciated. $16,500. Lovely riding boat.
3664120 Feet 1966 Chris Craft Sea Skiff Fiberglass$19,995
One of the first fiberglass Sea Skiff's ever built. Being sold by its original owner. This boat has gone through a full restoration and is ready to be used or shown. The engine was also rebuilt to include GAS 283 Chris Craft conversion GM HO Marine Cam Marine Pistons, Crank and parts balanced New Valve job and Head gasket 2010, Chris Craft Intake Manifold aluminum exhaust manifolds 2010. New prop, shaft, gas tank, interior, lights, wiring and more were also done.
2805120 Feet 1969 Bertram Baron$75,000
Very rare classic, few or no more made with this performance package. This boat is turn key with many extras. 2008 ACBS Tavares boat festival award winner! This vessel looks showroom NEW! Complete new fused wiring system, twin cell batterys with locking switch. New Faria gauges, new 60gal stainless fuel tank. Teak deck + step pads, LED & neon lighting, Hi power CD 4 speaker stereo, nonskid foredeck with boweyes + lifting cleat. Finished locking fwd cabin. Dupont Imron paint with clearcoat. Chrome fire ext., lines, bumpers, jacket, handheld VHF and more. Everything is new and in mint condition.
3177120 Feet 1977 Chris Craft Lancer$1,500
This was a Pennsylvania lottery boat that was given away in 1977. It came equipped with Mercruiser power, rather than the standard Volvo option. Current owner purchased it as a project. Comes with a project tandem axle trailer, all hardware intact and in good condition.
3152620 Feet 2007 Chris Craft Speedster$38,000
Very low hour Speedster with Captain's Choice exhaust and Kenwood stereo with subwoofer. Custom outdrive trim lever mounted on steering post and power engine hatch lift. Matching tandem trailer with polished wheels.
3630420.5 Feet 1974 Penn Yan$3,000 
Drop curtains, canvas cover and interior upholstrey are in excellent condition. Boat has been stored inside for many years and before that it was shrinked wrapped. This is a great cruising boat.
3115021 Feet 1967 Sportser Seabreeze Day Cruiser$15,000
1967 Sportser Seabreeze day cruiser with small cuddy cabin. Fully restored and runs great. Real Americana!
3044421 Feet 1971 Sea Bird Cuddy Cabin$5,000
21' Seabird cuddy cabin, repowered with Mercruiser/Alpha 1, 260hp. Has custom hardtop w/rod holders, stainless steel dash and rails, clear front & side removable curtains, full sunbrella aft storm canvas, trim tabs. Aluminum dual axle trailer. Needs minor work, alternator. Boat is winterized.
3192221 Feet 1972 SeaBird Utility$19,000
This boat was lightly used from 1972 to the early 1980's in fresh water. It was then put in a heated/AC warehouse for over 30 years. It has all of the original hardware and electronics. Even the trailer is is original. This boat is in exceptional condition for its age and is a truly unique find.
2944421 Feet 1981 Grady White Center Console$5,000
This boat was in use in our local bay and offshore through summer 2009 until 1 rod bent in the motor. The boat in good shape, needs cosmetic work. It has been garage kept.
2889921 Feet 1987 Searay Monaco$7,500
1987 Sea-Ray Monaco 21' Cuddy cabin. 350 Mercrusier. Camper canvas, mooring cover. E-Z Loader trailer. Boat is in excellent condition- always used in fresh water. Eagle Fishmark 640 color sonar.
3029722 Feet 1973 Century Coronado Hardtop$7,500
This boat is in user condition. Floors and stringers are solid. Interior needs to be redone. Overall good solid boat. Comes with original factory Hardtop.
3155622 Feet 1983 Century Coronado$19,900
Clean boat, mahogany color, original interior which is in good condition, engine was gone through by a master marine mechanic last spring and runs like a top. Stringers and wood are solid on boat. Comes on new, custom built tandem trailer. Comes with cockpit cover, convertible top w/side and aft curtains. New road cover built winter 2013.
3638422 Feet 2003 Donzi Classic$45,000
Stunning Donzi with Mercury Blue 500 engine, Mayfield double external steering, bullet lower end on outdrive achieving a little over 90mph! Not for the faint of heart!!! Perfect upholstery and matching trailer that looks like new.
2808222'9 Feet 1972 Chris Craft XK-22$8,000
This boat is in solid useable condition with the original transom, gelcoat, and floor, etc. Note the engine is an updated 1977 Chev 350, not the original 1972 Chev 350. We can deliver this to the Canadian border.
3664223 Feet 1974 Chris Craft Lancer$19,995
Fully restored very clean 23' Lancer. This boat has had about everything done to it over the last 3 years. New interior, painting of sides and decks, rebuilt engine, new wiring, gas tank, new canvas, new lighting, new trailer in 2011 and so much more. These 23 Lancers are great riding boats.
3169923 Feet 1977 Chris Craft Lancer$8,400
This Chris Craft Lancer has a 24 degree deep V bottom and is one of the softest riding boats on the market as it is easy to plane and very well designed. Very collectable classic inboard Chris Craft....originally from Lake George. Complete valve job 2010...excellent compression. New shaft, strut & prop. Also new starter & battery. Very reliable and awesome River boat!!
2957323 Feet 1977 Chris Craft Lancer$12,000
Engine and Volvo Outdrive have all been totally rebuilt 5 years ago. New high end stereo, Depth Finder, Teak Dash, Electronic Ignition. Always Boat House Kept.The boat still has it's original interior which shows how well it was cared for.
2898623 Feet 1978 Chris Craft Lancer$2,500
This is a project boat that I have neither the time or the money to complete. I spent over $1800 overhauling & painting the Volvo out-drive. Never been installed. I have all the original parts and some new ones. New Holley 4 barrel marine carb. Exhaust manifolds good.
2947623 Feet 1984 Chris Craft Scorpion Model 211$5,900
This 1986 Scorpion 220 Cuddy is in nice shape and is ready to be enjoyed this season. 90's Shoremaster trailer with new rollers. Boat has downriggers, cover and some extras.
2852824 Feet 1968 Grew Cuddy Cruiser$12,500
Almost all original, lovingly updated and maintained, runs well. Believed to be a prototype, safe, reliable, sleeps 2 in cuddy, 2 on sun lounger seats. New full camper canvas, frame, & accessories. Teak accents, swim platform, head. Everything original but the seat material, berth cushions and canvass. Excellent show potential, or good useble craft. On trailer for delivery, trailer not included. Choice of Great Lake boaters, deep "V" designed for big waters. Located in Orangeville, Ontario.
3075524 Feet 1972 Lyman Utility$39,000
Absolutely pristine fiberglass beauty! This girl was completely restored to the tune of $100K! Must be seen to be appreciated. Magnificent black hull sides and brilliant white decks with a custom built, vented mahogany windshield. The engine also has a fresh water cooling system, although the boat has never seen salt water! This Lyman performs extremely well with all mechanicals responding accurately and smoothly. Also includes a custom $2500 mooring cover.
3088824 Feet 1973 Crestliner$6,000
A big water boat made with comfort in mind. In need of some cosmetic attention but, all-in-all, a sturdy island commuter or fishing boat. Port engine needs a reverse cable. Equipped with new canvas top, a swim platform, and older model fish finder.
3073624 Feet 1976 Well Craft Excalibur$26,000
This is a Vintage Well Craft Excalibur Cigarette Style boat, V-Hull, fiberglass possibly kevlar lined hull. Great boat is wonderful condition - selling due to death in family. Top speed has been 66 mph!
3662124' Feet 1978 Lyman Sportsman$4,500
Third owner. Partially restored. Getting too old to complete restoration. Needs a younger captain! Was repowered with a 305 Crusader engine in the 1990's and has low hours. All orig parts, with additional new included. Teak doors & trim included. New mooring cover (Sunbrella Capt. Navy color)
3068525 Feet 1968 Pacemaker Alglass$3,500
This classic Pacemaker needs to be restored and will need a replacement engine. Seller has one available that will be an appropriate replacement. This will be quite a boat when finished!
3640925' Feet Donzi Z-25$14,600
Very nice older Donzi Z-25 in excellent condition with new upholstery in 2000 and new engine 2001 with little use since. Canvas in great condition and ready to go!
2958026 Feet 2002 Chapparal Sunesta
Contoured U-shaped bow seating, Rear contoured bench seat, Countertop with sink, Mini fridge, Table with floor pedestal, Pilot seat, Passenger seat, Head with Port-o-Poddy, Volvo Penta throttle, Ritchie compass, Standard boat gauges, Ski locker, JVC CD sound system, Marine speakers.
3014926'10 Feet 1975 Chris Craft 8 Metre Runabout$8,000
1975 Chris*Craft 8 Meter -Hull # ORAZ-27-010. You are looking at a classic fiberglass Chris Craft, there were only 38 of these made and only a handful exist. This is hull # 10 7'10" beam- 32" draft. 5,225 lbs This boat is designed to appeal to a very special kind of individual, has a slender deep vee hull, with deep red metal flake finish which is factory. The boat was garage kept for 25 years and we acquired it in 2004 and has been kept in a hoist since, never left in the water. the deck has a small hatch opening. Seating is a departure from most traditional interior layouts with the passengers riding in front of the driver. Volvo 270 speedmaster drives and are bulletproof. Powered by 2 Chevy original blocks 350 4 bolt with bow tie heads, bow tie intake and MSD ignition. Mercury Lab racing clever props.(15x23 3 blade stainless) I have the Powerboat magazine from 1975 that featured this boat, I also have the build sheet and information from the mariners Museum.
3644227 Feet 1967 Chris Craft Commander Express Hardtop$5,000
Awesome desirable and rare hard top with a hull that buffs up beautifully!!! This is a perfect candidate for restoration. Just reduced 3/3/15, owner wants it out of his barn this year!!! The new price is less than the cost of the brand new trailer it sits on!!!
2991928 Feet 1972 Chris Craft Commander$19,500
This boat has spent its life in fresh water, one engine has been rebuilt and has approx. 10 hrs. on it and the other is original and runs great. The canvas is only a few years old. Lots of room in the stern and with dual stations it's good to get out of the weather.
2779831 Feet 1972 Trojan Fly Bridge$15,000
Fibreglass hull with a wooden deck in good working condition. Owner has had boat for 6 years and the engines were rebuilt then. Condition of the interior is good. Chrome is good, decks have been treated every year and are in good shape. The boat has a convertible top which could use some restitching. No fridge, bunks are in good shape.
2831231 Feet 1986 Chris Craft Stinger$23,000
Thirty-one foot classic "go fast" from Chris Craft. Twin 454's, sun pad, plush accomodations, small galley, porta-pottie. This boat has va new engine and needs some cosmetic work but otherwise will clean up nicely and make a great boat. Comes complete with a full sized loadmaster trailer which is also in good shape.
3068633 Feet 1977 Carver Mariner$7,500
Boat needs minor restoration and cosmetic clean up. Needs propeller and shaft replaced starboard side. One engine new at 9k other is rebuilt. Both engines need carburetors and one distributor, stolen off engines.
3649333 Feet 1978 Carver Voyager Cruiser$20,000
Medium sized live-aboard that will handle well in deep water. Aft deck can be used for relaxation or fishing. Twin 350 Crusader engines. Seller wishes to move up to larger vessel. VERY MOTIVATED! Lots of NEW ITEMS! Advertised as, "The most spacious boat under 40 feet ever built" this Carver Voyager does not disappoint! Enthusiast owned and maintained. KNOT WORK has had a major facelift over the past year and a half. Many of her major systems have been overhauled or replaced with extremely high quality materials. She will easily sleep 4 with plenty of room to move around. A full galley and head make her a real contender in the live aboard category. The current owner is using it as a weekend home and has lived aboard full time.
2703135 Feet 1980 Chris Craft catalina Dbl Cabin MY$44,000
This is an absolutely pristine live-aboard cruiser with every possible extra. She is a must see to believe the condition and see all the updates.
2908737 Feet 1975 Riva 2000 Cruiser$349,000
This is hull number 1 of only 52 ever made. She is all original needing only some cosmetic work, nothing major. Powered by three Chevy 454's. Comes with a custom triple axle trailer.
367077 Feet 1961 Hydromite$5,300
1961 Hydromite. Completely restored with 9hp Johnson, restored trailer, teak dash. Has not yet been in the water!
289179 Feet 1969 Hydo-cycle Barracuda$3,200
A pair of matching 1969 Barracuda Hydro-Cycles. Great-grandfather to the modern jet skis. A very rare find . I am the original owner. Both have current registration. New upholstery, new steering helms, new cables, new fuel tanks, new bilge pumps. Both have matching 1959 Johnson 35 horse power Super Sea Horse. Motors need some work. Electric needs to be hooked on one. Comes with extra parts motor. Only one comes with a custom made trailer. One is brand new, never hit the water. Real eye catchers. I have had jet skiers come clear across the late to look at them. And always a crowd at the ramp. I'm asking $3,200. O.B.O. Make Offer! MUST SELL! Located in Northern Nevada, USA.
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