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Search Results: Boat type Launches. 94 boats were found that matched your search.
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  IDBoat DescriptionPrice (USD)Picture
2723112 Feet 1969 Fiberglass Launch$2,750
This is a unique launch with great lines. It is constructed of four pieces: the main hull, front and rear seating pods, and the deck cap. The hull and both pods have been reinforced with epoxy soaked fiberglass cloth on both sides. Stringers and bulkhead have been replaced. New 19 gallon synthetic fuel tank and epoxy built rudder. Powered by a rebult Palmer single cylinder engine. New piston, rings, valves, springs, rebuilt generator, starter, and magneto. Engine is ready for reinstallation. The price is reflective of materials only. Over 400 hours invested. This is a great project that is almost complete. Price reduced
2969213 Feet 1928 Peterborough Launch$11,000
Boat is in great shape. The owner purchased the boat 4 years ago and the boat is in perfect shape. It has a beautiful DisPro 3 HP engine with a copper water jacket and is easy to start.It offers 3 seats , working lights and a bilge pump. Has a trailer and cover included. Everything works great.
3656416 Feet 1930 George Lawley and Sons Yacht Tender $7,500
This wooden launch was built in the 1930's and was designed by Charles Wells and built by George Lawley. She was originally a yacht tender to be rowed. In c.1950 she was modified with a deck and a 4 cylinder Palmer gas engine. In 2006 resoration of the deck and refinishing took place in Vinalhaven, Maine. In 2009 she was put in dry storage. The vessel is currently owned by a not for profit who are seeking a new Captain for the boat with all proceeds going to support their organizations efforts.
3717416 Feet 2004 Electric Boat 16 Lapstrake$12,000
This 2004 16 Foot Eletric Craft has been restored from stem to stern. It includes a new 48 volt battery pack, a new fiberglass table, new fusion stereo, new power cord, fenders, dock lines and a new coat of antifouling paint. The motor and drive unit have been rebuilt and it comes complete with a mooring cover and surrey top. Perfect for cruising the harbor or for your non octane lake.
2592416 Feet 2004 Adirondack Electric Boat$24,000
This is a replica of a classic 1930's launch with beautiful mahogany decks and leather seats. She is powered by a smooth and quiet electric motor. The fiberglass hull has wonderful lines, but is very low maintenance. A gorgeous surrey top , custom E-Z Loader trailer and full trailering cover completes the package.
3672117 Feet 1924 Disappearing Propeller Company (Dispro)$15,500
Found in Toronto without engine and in a partly stripped down condition in 1986. The owner had collected the correct engine, device and all other parts for a re-build. Bad health forced a sale. I stripped boat completely ready to start a restoration. Business and a farm prevented this until in 1999, I had it then restored completely, then rebuilt the engine, controls, and installed the device. Launched in 2002 and was at many Dispro regattas and finally on Georgian Bay at mouth of 12-mile Bay. Many happy hours on the Bay until about 2009, when she (Penelope) was brought home for some minor repairs. Has been is a shed on the property since 2010.
2652417 Feet 2005 Oceanus Classy 17$23,500
Beautiful, quality built Fiberglass launch with solid stainless steel trim, optional ladder and BBQ Grill available, large rope fender, stabilizing flaps and add an optional surry-top for protection from the sun and rain. A beautiful launch to entertain guests for a day or evening on the lake, or take guests to dinner on the intracoastal, the perfect entertainment machine.
3172217'9 Feet 1910 Shipyard Launch$9,000
The Amelia was built in the Bay of Quinte area, in 1910. Cedar launch with beautiful lines, side steer, water cooled, 1 cylinder Fairbanks Morse Marine engine. Restored in the 1970's. Seats 5. Includes a custom trailer and canopy roof frame. Gas tank is a reproduction and wiring and water hoses are from the restoration.
2859718 Feet 1993 D. F Wilmes Replica Launch$29,000
This was built by D. F Wilmes, Father and Son Craftsman. This boat was built for a Violinist of The Metropolitan Opera Company. The boat is in excellent condition and has 'class'.
2991118 Feet 1904 Fay & Bowen Designed Launch$9,900
This is a very nice launch with a design taken from Fay & Bowen. It runs very well and is in excellent condition. The boat is a Multiple show winner. It has the original canopy with early photos showing the canopy up. The boat has a rich history and is accompanied with a lot of early info from previous owners & receipts. To add to it's history the owner has passes to the Erie Canal for passage of this boat in 1912 & 1916. Only 900 of these boats were ever made. This boat was run for many years but recently was retired to being a trailer queen since it was a multiple award winner.
2714818 Feet 1905 Chestnut Canoe Co. Inboard$60,000
This is a rare multiple award winning, antique cedar strip, double planked, canvas covered, skiff. Custom built by the Chestnut Canoe Company in Fredericton, New Brunswick. This piece of St. Lawrence River history has been beautifully restored. The boat runs on the original motor, and the owners have installed an optional electric start. It has the original cedar strip.
2648918 Feet 1910 Mullins Leader Launch$4,700
This 1910 Mullins Leader launch was originally used in Northern Indiana as a rental boat from Mock's Marina. It was completely restored in 1966 and the current owner has original letters from the owner to the Mullins factory during the restoration. It is powered by the original Detroit Single cylinder 1.5 hp engine that was rebuilt during the time of restoration. The engine has a reverse gear, which was an odd convenience at the time. This is a tin hulled boat with oak decks and trim.
2837618 Feet 1930-40 Knapp Motor Skiff$14,900
Boat restored mid-90's in Gananoque. Epoxy bottom. Original 2 Cyl St Lawrence engine fitted with belt driven electric starter.
2567718 Feet 1936 Swiss Craft$30,000
Milan is a multiple show winner that was built in Switzerland in 1936 by John Faul Horgen. It is powered by it's original Kermath 4 cyl. engine. The hull is planked with Douglas Fir and is of rivetted plank and batten construction. The keel, ribs and all of the trim are white oak. This is a beautiful boat that has been professionally restored.
3593918 Feet 1941 Greavette Dispro$17,000
A well known piece of Muskoka history; the Disappearing Propeller Motor Boat, aka Dippy, along with its Patented “Device”, was invented in Port Carling in 1915. 3100 boats were produced by 4 different companies over 44 years, with Greavette being the final company to produce the popular model. This example has been nicely restored and is a great working boat. She is powered by a single cylinder St Lawrence engine, equipped with electronic ignition for easy starting and reliable running.
2841618 Feet 1947 Greavette Dispro$19,000
Includes the cushions, rope fenders, electric start. This boat is a lovely example and in very nice condition with the owner reporting that it should be a good strong 8/10.
3180818 Feet 1954 Greavette Dispro$15,000
3620918 Feet 1954 Greavette Dispro "Dippy"$11,000
This 1954 Dippy has been well loved for many years on Georgian Bay. Made by Greavette's Boats in Gravenhurst, the magnets have been recently rewound. Dippy is fully equipped with hand made spoon oars to fit. Priced to sell, if you are interested, please make an offer.
2742918 Feet 1956 Greavette Dispro$16,000
This is a fairly rare model of Disapearing Propellor Boat as it is powered by a 2 cylinder Kermath engine with a reverse gear. The current owner has had it for a few years. It has new wiring, a restored gauge panel, and fresh varnish.
3717118 Feet 1998 Electra Craft 18 Lapstrake$12,000
Fresh out of restoration is this 18 Foot Electric fiberglass launch. It offers a surrey canopy top, a four blade prop, new anti-fouling paint, a rebuilt drive unit and new 12 volt batteries. These boats are perfect for local cruising, harbors or for your no octane lake. The boat is in overall very good condition and would survey out very well.
3208718 Feet 1922 Port Carling Boat Co. Dispro$20,000
This Dippy has been lovingly cared for and has only four owners since 1922. Every bit of hardware, down to the floorboard screws has been saved. Aside from the oars, #2881 bears all the hardware it had when it left the D.P. Factory.When it required hull restoration, it was done by Charlie Amey, an original factory planker. The boat was nameless until purchased by the Wentges in the mid-90′s. She now bears the name “Frankees” after my Mother and Father who loved cruising around Lake Joseph; each in their own “Dippy”. Seating in the dippy is made comfortable through black leather cushions.This Uncle Sam had been the Port Carling Dippy Factory’s demonstrator boat.The trailer, bumpers and custom canvas cover and anchor with canvas bag are included in the selling price. The light and flag are intact. Photos, history and maintenance records will be sold with the boat. The engine, a 3.5 hp., has been maintained by Paul Doddington (“The Dippy Doctor”) since the mid 1990's.
3697918'6 Feet 1919 Disappearing Propeller Boat (Dispro)$19,000
Florence, a turn-key 1919 Disappearing Propeller Motor Boat (dippy). A rare, flip start, copper jacket, 18.5’ Uncle Sam dippy (#1984), 1919 Kingfisher A2, 2.5 HP motor (#19254) . Florence is one of the few oldest running dippys known. A full hull/motor restoration was completed in 2002. This dippy is a user boat, kept in show condition since restoration. Awards include: Best Disappearing Propeller Boat (2003 ACBS AGM & Boat Show - Ottawa), Best Canadian Built (2009 Ottawa International Antique Boat Show), Antique Boat of the show (2011 Ottawa International Antique Boat Show), Oldest Boat of the show (2011 Ottawa International Antique Boat Show), Best Disappearing Propeller (2011 Montreal Classic Boat Festival), Oldest Boat of the show (2012 Ottawa International Antique Boat Show), Included: a rare Dippy folding light, trailer, cover, tools, Shaw & Tenney reproduction dippy oars and an 8X10 print of Florence on the Summer 2015 Lee Valley Tools Catalog.
3072018'6 Feet Lindsay Sport Special Dispro$17,000
Disappearing Propeller Boats are widely known for their collectability and utilitarian nature. This Lindsay Sport Special model is a fairly luxurious model with laminated decks on both the bow and stern along with a mother-in-law seat up front. Hatch covers hide a single cylinder Caron engine, a fairly uncommon engine option. The dashboard, fittings etc appear to be all original. Decks on this boat are bright and rot free which is remarkable for its age. The ribs are in nice shape, even in the bottom of the boat. There is one small hole in the planking above the waterline that should be fixed. I'm told by a member of the Dippy Club that the keel will need to be refastened but otherwise the boat is solid and would be a great boat for the right owner.
2919718'6 Feet 1921 Dissapearing Propeller Boat Co$19,000
This is a gorgeous Dippy " Uncle Sam" model. I am the third owner and have all of the history with the boat- The boat has never been restored only revarnished. A museum quality example. The boat does have faint vestiges of a manufacturing label on the spoon oar tips and oar locks. All the toys,lite aqua scope antique compass upholstery new and orig. Hand start. facinating history.
2841718'6 Feet 1928 Lindsay Dispro$24,000
1928 Lindsay-built Dispro, Uncle Sam model. She is 18'6" in length and was rebuilt by Fred Forster (hull), Paul Dodington (engine)and John Thomson (device) and re-launched September 1996 (all well photographed). Gently used since then. She is in excellent running condition and comes complete with hunter green seat cushions and boat cover, spare prop and original bow lights. Her trailer is in excellent condition. Located near Dorset, Ontario The boat is described as an 8/10 and would please any discerning Dippy buyer.
3142319 Feet 1998 Atkin Launch$22,000
Your modern "African Queen" awaits. This Launch built in 1998 has been thoroughly and completed restored and is in show condition. Powered by a Yanmar Diesel engine with only 55 hours, this engine is barely broken in and ready for new adventures on your favorite body of water. Hull is perfect, hardware and gauges excellent and the surrey top is complete and easy to manage. This is a proven design by a well respected design team and is handsome traditional model for cruising with friends and loved ones at a leisurely pace in a classic style. Imagine this at your dock..
2958319 Feet 2009 Pine Cone Boat Works Launch$34,000
Designed by Bob Stephens of Stevens White Yacht design, Built by Pine Cone Boatworks, Cold moled construction, Hull fastened with Silicone Bronze screws, Unique skeg provides additional protection to prop. Full sunbrella cover and custom fitted trailer come with boat.
3644419 Feet circa 1901 Lozier Launch $5,000
Boat was purchased in Burkhaven Harbor, Lake Sunapee, NH in 1952-53. Completely restored at that time, as shown in photos 5 and 6. Currently in Lake George, NY - This boat requires a full restoration but is a worthy candidate given that it is a very rare 100+ year old Lozier Launch.
3692319 Feet 1950's Bartender designed by George Calkins$21,000
19 foot Bartender designed by George Calkins during the mid '50's. It is a Pacific Northwest design. Powered by a new Mercury 50hp, 4 stroke. Built of marine grade plywood, lots of epoxy and fiberglass cloth. The trailer is a 2012 Yacht Club single axle. A Marine Survey was completed in December 2014.
2982220 Feet 1915 E. M White Motor Launch$25,000
This gorgeous E. M White canoe pre dates the purchase of the company by the Old Town Canoe Company. This boat has been restored and re-canvassed. The hardware is original and freshly nickel plated. The acorn gas cap is polished brass and the boat is offered with 4 original chairs. The Dubrie is the correct engine for the boat and is in a crate. It runs well and strong and has the original copper gas tank in place.
2956020 Feet 1926-28 Custom Brodhead/Fairchild Launch$55,000
This is a very interesting boat to the Finger Lakes folks. Built by a couple of Cornell grads in the late twenties and originally powered by a huge Hall-Scott this is a wonderful example of custom craftsmanship. Only 20 feet in length and easy to handle and trailer to shows and destinations. In excellent condition, restored by John Ford, and ready to provide pleasure to everyone on the wine trail of the Finger Lakes. Able to be seen by appointment.
3643020 Feet 1927 Nevins Coupe Yacht Tender$40,000
This Coupe Yacht Tender has been in the same Family for over 30 years. Built in City Island, New York this boat was hung on the starboard side of the "Parthenia" when it was owned by the F.W. Woolworth Family in the 1920's and 1930's. It has been in the fresh waters of the Muskoka Lakes in Canada since 1968. The boat has been lightly used and well cared for during that time. The engine has very low hours and the hull is in very good overall condition. The upholstery, hardware and gauges are in good condition. The boat could use a coat of fresh varnish and after that is ready to be taken home or to your favorite boat show.
3081220 Feet 1930's Peterborough Launch$4,000
A beautiful piece of Canadian Craftsmanship and worthy of a restoration. The boat has varnished mahogany planking on steam bent white oak ribs. The boat has mahogany decks and transom and includes an original 4 cylinder Buchanan "Junior" engine.
3056220 Feet 1940's Canadian Built Launch$12,000
This would be an easy restoration or preservation project. Could be used as is or brought back to show condition! Needs upholstery.
2605920 Feet 2000 (Hull) Mills Fantail Launch$42,000
Hull built from plans dated USA 1901. Constructed 1984-2000. Very rare fully restored Simplex marine engine and gearbox. Trembler coil and magneto ignition with original instruments and lubricators
3586820 Feet 1930's Peterborough Launch$1,500
Varnished mahogany planking on steam-bent white oak ribs. Mahogany decks and transom. Original engine was a 4 cylinder Buchanan Junior. This once lovely vessel has been repaired many times over the years. She will now require all new steam-bent ribs, a new bottom, transom, decks, several planks, and complete refinishing inside and out. She is a rare model of Peterborough and worthy of an ambitious restorer's efforts!
3727921 Feet 1895 Gas Engine & Power Company Launch$59,000
The Cathedral was built in 1895 and was originally a Naphtha launch powered by a steam type engine, boiling a low grade gasoline called Naphtha. The vapor would run through the engine similar to a steam engine. Her first home was in the San Francisco Bay area where she remained until 1924, at which time she was transported to Lake Tahoe. The original engine was removed after this point, and replaced with her current Union Marine engine. The boat was sold and moved to Fallen Leaf Lake in 1939. Subsequently, the owners sank her in 1951. She laid on the bottom in 60 feet of water until raised in 1972. The current owner restored the boat entirely over a 2 year period and she is quite a piece of history!
3076621 Feet 1902 Lozier Launch$29,000
This historic Lozier launch was purchase by Dr. Harold Clark in 1903 as demo on Toronto Bay, then she was shipped to his new cottage on Lake Muskoka. She has remained in the same family since new and has been in use every year except 2007 when the boat underwent some woodwork and restoration. Makalika has exquisite lines and is one of few remaining launches of this era. This is a great opportunity to own a beautiful launch with a known history!
2724021 Feet 1911 Fay & Bowen Torpedo Stern Family Launch$25,000
This was a popular model for Fay and Bowen although very few still exist. This boat remains in very nice shape. The structure is sound and in good condition with no rot. The hardware is all present and also in good shape. Boat is a cedar on oak construction and is a very fine example for this era. Boat runs well and has won ACBS awards as recently as last year.
3088021 Feet 1915 Aeolis Boat Works, Fantail Launch$25,000
The boat was built by the late Bill Grunwald (Aeolis Boat Works) in Davenport, CA in the early 80's, off an old hull. The Easthope engine is a factory rebuild, originally from the late 20's. The engine and boat runs and drives great, and easy to start by hand.
2953321 Feet 2008 Glen-L Skiff$15,000
21' skiff. Delicately hand made over 4 years. All marine wood encapsulated with west system epoxy. Outside painted white. Inside all mahogany and ash with 5 coats of varnish. Great boat for yacht tender or shallow water cruising. One of a kind. Way more $ into this boat than selling for. I need room for a new project. Boat and motor - new condition.
3723821.5 Feet 1939 Steam Powered Fantail Launch $24,000
Rebuilt in 1986, diamond tufted leather seats, skipper's chair is wicker. All deck hardware, smokestack and genuine antique lamps are solid brass. Modern brass Trawler lamp. Canopy frame is powder coated steel rod covered with brass tubing. Complete ground tackle, dock lines, hand woven linen bumpers full black Sunbrella cover with zippers. brass bell and steam whistle, 50 sq. foot water tube boiler with about 40 hours total time on it. Four gallon water supply tank and two gallon hot tank. Engine,foot and hand powered water transfer pumps. steam condenser so you don't run raw water. Side tiller steering, antique, and modern fire extinguishers, and four life preservers. Runs on wood or propane and has both burners and fire grates. Has two see-through five gallon fiberglass propane bottles. Every thing is first class on this boat. Old age and ill health forces this sale.
3086222 Feet 1922 McNeil Norris Launch$85,000
This boat was purchased in 1924 by the current owner's grandfather for the worldly sum of $900 as a used boat. She was built by McNeil Norris of Bala, Ontario 2 years earlier and was powered by a Buchanan Junior engine. The boat sat unused for a number of years and received a complete restoration between 1986 and 1996. At this time, a Gray Marine 4-70 engine was installed. After heading down south to a new owner, the boat returned to her original home in 2004. She is a wonderful example of Canadian craftsmanship and is a very beautiful long deck launch. Previously she was awarded the Best Canadian Built Boat Preserved at the prestigious ACBS Toronto Show held annually in Gravenhurst, Ontario.
3191920 Feet 1925 Dowsett Motor Skiff$14,000
This is one of the oldest Dowsett motor skiffs known to exist. Originally built by WJ Dowsett & Sons of Portland, Ontario. Found and completely restored in the early 1990's. New stems, new ribs, nearly all original planking, decks, seats saved and restored. Original St Lawrence twin cylinder engine, made in Brockville, ON, restored. Period correct surrey top added at a later date. The boat is still in lovely condition and needs nothing but a new owner!
3066622 Feet 1930 Dowsett Inboard Motor Skiff$12,500
This beautiful motor skiff was built by W.J. Dowsett & Sons in Portland, Ontario. Dowsett was known for making some of the finest skiffs, motor skiffs, launches, and runabouts in the region. This skiff was commissioned by the current owner's grandfather and was launched in 1930. It has been well maintained and very original. Boat was in the water, running last season! Powered by a twin cylinder St. Lawrence engine.
3678022 Feet 1915 Brooks Longdeck Launch $22,500
Rare, beautiful longdeck 1915 Brooks 22-ft launch ready to cruise or compete in any boat show. "Camille" has been lightly used and shown in 1000 Islands and Fingerlakes by current owners. Many upgrades since since she was completely restored by Chris Mattoon of Berkshire Wooden Boat Works include new windshield, beautifully built floors and seating, with brightwork and fittings upgraded. Universal 4-cyl 25-hp engine in excellent condition. Custom trailer excellent, with disc brakes. Covers included. This is an outstanding boat.
2760323 Feet 1916 James Basset Motor Skiff$17,500
This launch has been completely restored and is powered by a 4-cylinder Sterling engine. The keel, some bottom planks, and the ribs were replaced in the late 1980's.
3651424 Feet 1905 Lozier Launch$12,000
This very rare Lozier Launch was acquired from a Family in Saranac Lake, New York who owned the boat for many years. It is a very original example of a Lozier Launch with few examples remaining ion this length. All hardware is with the boat but it will require a well deserved restoration.
3076224 Feet 1907 Joe Walters Launch$47,900
Being offered for sale is a 24 foot 1907 Launch built by John Walters, known as the "Edmonton Boat Builder" who built large steam boats used in the northern rivers. He became prominent in the Edmonton business community, eventually having a museum named after him. "Otter" was built for the Bow River Boat House at the world famous Banff Springs Hotel. "Otter" is a classic displacement laucnh with carvel planked cypress on oak faming. She has an attractive and now rare drake tail stern and very closely resembles some of the early Fay & Bowen launches as well as designs used by Gidley and Ditchburn. She is powered by a 4 cylinder Kermath engine, complete with the original operators manual. Complete with all original hardware, Otter is now ready for restoration.
2775524 Feet 1917 Mullins Launch$89,000
This is a rare Launch produced by the Mullins manufacturing Corp of Salem Ohio. Mullins originally produced decorative pressed steel items and got into boat manufacturing in the 1890's. At one time they were one of the largest producers of boats. Very few of these boats are known to exist and this launch is one of only two known of this size. The more familiar Sea Eagle was the last of the line produced in the early 1930's. This boat has been in the same family since nearly new and is very original with the exception of the unusual Ford Flat head V-8 conversion which was done in the 60's. The decks are Oak and the hull is riveted and solderewd galvanized steel. The hull has built in flotation tanks as Mullins were advertised as "unsinkable".
2682924 Feet 1917-1920 Wiswell Double Ended Lapstrake$25,000
Built in Clayton New York by Wiswell, this boat is in good restoreable condition. The hull and decking is sound. The boat comes with a restored St. Lawrence 12 HP engine with electric start or a Model A Ford marinized enginealso with an electric start. This is a rare and unusual boat and a true piece of St. Lawrence River history and deserves to be in a museum.
2608124 Feet 1918 Wiswell St. Lawrence Guide Boat$20,000 
Built in Clayton, New York by Burt Wiswell this boat is currently restoration and has a terrific history along the St. Lawrence River. Current owner has enjoyed the boat for 9 years and is prepared to either sell the boat "as is" or to complete the restoration process and sell it "restored". Engine has been completely restored at a cost of over $4000.00 and is completely redone and perfectly detailed with 0 hours on it currently. the bench plank seats reflect it's original use as a guide boat on the St. Lawrence River. Boat is missing hardware.
3690424 Feet 1920 Fay & Bowen Launch$65,000
Purchased from Lake George in 1994 and brought to the fresh water lakes of Muskoka where it has been lovingly carded for the last 20 years. Multiple Boat Show award winner and in overall very good condition.
3216225 Feet 1907 Fay & Bowen$52,000
Purchased new 1907 to lake Sunapee NH used constantly until 1969. Sunk at her mooring raised sold 1978 in barn storage since. A complete basket case missing only the original Linoleum cockpit flooring. Awaiting complete restoration.
3121325 Feet 1907 Fay & Bowen Launch$119,900
AIDA II, one of the most photographed and documented launches of the pre-1920 era, was built by the Fay & Bowen Engine Company in Geneva, New York in 1907 and originally shipped to nearby Tupper Lake. AIDA II is a 25-foot “torpedo stern family launch” boat, one of a few hundred the company built between 1905 and 1920. In 2005, it under went a total restoration. Well over 1000 man hours have gone into bringing it to “as new” condition. While the hull and most of the seating is original, many of the ribs have been replaced and the decks replanked with a combination of white oak and mahogany, as originally had been done in 1907. The majority of the hardware is original to the boat. Custom built trailer and canopy are included.
3152925 Feet 1912 Fay & Bowen Special$29,000
Considered to be the pinnacle of classic boat styling, Fay & Bowens have a distinctive refined shape with brass fittings. Only 900 of these boats were made prior to the stock market crash which closed the company. This boat had new decks and coamings in 2005. Hull 476. This is indeed a very collectible boat
2821025 Feet 1912 Fay & Bowen Special$30,000
Excellent example of a classic Fay & Bowen launch. New decks and coamings in '05. Hull and ceilings original. Partial bulkhead aft of engine box with helm station Hull #476.
3663125 Feet 1916 Fay & Bowen Special Launch$84,900
Very nice original Launch. It went through a full restoration in 1989 and has been exceptional taken care of since. Comes with 2 Wicker chairs. Engine went through full rebuild in 2009. This is a solid boat and a great piece of history.
2636625 Feet 1919 William Hand Launch$104,000
Beautiful 1919 William Hand Long Deck Launch. This boat is presently powered by a 1934 Chrysler Ace 70 hp engine, but the original Model T conversion and transmission are included in the sale. The interior is upholstered in soft blue leather in mahogany bucket seats. This boat has a lot of brass including a fully operable fold down windshield. Included is a 2001 Tandem Axle Cradle Ride trailer with surge brakes that has custom fitted bunks for the boat. This boat is a multiple award winner that is turn key ready.
2944125 Feet 1960 Thames Whippet Launch$40,000
This Thames slipper stern launch is in wonderful shape and has fresh paint and varnish. Hull #064. She is currently disassembled and need to have hardware and engine reinstalled. These boats have very nice lines and glide through the water effortlessly. Excellent for canals and other smaller bodies of water. Driving a long deck, slipper stern launch is an experience like no other!
2567525 Feet 1961 Andrews (U.K.)$80,000
Built by Andrews Boathouses of Bourne End in England in 1961, hull # 451 Full professional restoration in the UK in 2003. Authentic fittings, Lloyd loom chairs, convertible top. A magnificent example of an elegant English classic, possibly one of the finest on the water today. Located on Lake Muskoka near Port Carling.
3108825 Feet 1992 Thames Slipper Launch$59,000
This beautiful slipper launch was built by Peter Freebody of Hurley along the Thames River. She is 25 feet in length and is powered with a 48V electric motor that pushes the boat comfortably. The current owner only knows of one other Freebody launch that has come to North America. Always stored under cover and complete with a custom fitted tandem axle trailer.
3650926 Feet 1902 Lozier Launch$29,900
This boat was acquired in 1955 from the original owners. The boat then in storage through to the 1980's when it was put in the water and used for a few years. The boat has all of its original hardware including the Lozier name plate, but is deserving of a full restoration for one of the few remaining Lozier Launches.
3065326 Feet 1905 Long Deck Launch$37,000
This is a very early racing launch believed to be built in the 1000 Islands region. Current owner has original photos of the boat being restored in the late teens, after the boat had already been in service for several years. She is in outstanding condition and requires a light cosmetic restoration. Comes with a recently overhauled Buchanan midget, an interesting brass steering mechanism and a beautiful bow light. Boat is 26 ' long with a 48" beam. Historically described as a "needlenose" due to the very narrow beam. Long and narrow for speed in the day.
2842126 Feet 1905 Fay & Bowen Torpedo Stern Launch$195,000
A gorgeous and very rare Fay & Bowen Launch with a a torpedo stern. This boat is pristine condition, circa 1905. Rare and collectible Fay & Bowen 26' family launch. Recently restored in Muskoka to her original glory. Has won awards at virtually every show she has attended since restoration.
2924626 Feet 1906 Charles H Wilbur Launch$39,000
Built by Charles H Wilbur he was part of the shop known as Wilbur and Wheelock of Clayton, NY. There is no nameplate other than the engine plate which is on a 1916 Ford Model "T". The serial no on the engine is 21 which may refer to the year converted by the St Lawrence marine Co. The engine was rebuilt by a restorer in Iowa who has rebuilt hundreds of model A's, B's and T's. The hull has been faired using cedar strips and epoxies with West System. The area along the keel however has not and it takes several days to soak up. The launch has been adapted to 8V power for the bilge and period lighting. The fuel tank has been cleaned and lined. The seating was non-existent when I purchased the boat, so the layout was adapted from observing other launches and built to fit the hull.
2904926 Feet 1907 1000 Islands Built Long Deck Launch$50,000
Although not in its original configuration, this Canadian built launch has been beautifully restored. The boat originally had a forward cockpit, but the decks have been extended for a more traditional long-deck launch style. Believed to have been built in Brockville, Ontario as a St. Lawrence Parks maintenance boat. Very nice lines, all brass hardware. Repowered with a newer Gray Marine for reliability and appropriate power.
3133826 Feet 1912 L.E. Fry Launch$27,800
L.E. Fry was a small builder in Clayton, New York. This 1000 Islands builder built very good boats but very few were built and even fewer remain to this day. This boat is in excellent condition and comes complete with a full package of documentation to support its rich history in the 1000 Islands. The boat needs nothing. It does not have a trailer but delivery can be arranged.
3691726 Feet 1913 Matthews Launch$149,900
This is a beautiful launch that has been fully restored and has a very rich history. This boat is the oldest Matthews know to exist according to Matthews records. Seller is the 3rd owner who has all the history on the boat since new. It was used to shuttle 4 to 5 different president's of the USA back and forth to a private island. The windshield is not on the boat but comes with it. The engine and top frame are original to the boat. The boat is professionally restored, always boat house kept, and comes with a tandem trailer. Very original boat and a great addition to any collection.
3174526 Feet 1925 Ditchburn Long Deck Launch$220,000
The name Ditchburn is synonymous with some of the finest pleasure craft ever made. This family had boatbuilding in their blood and have earned their pace in marine boatbuilding. The company was a prolific builder and known for their excellent craftsmanship but the company suffered during the depression and never returned to their former selves. This 1925 Long Deck Launch has the original 75 HP Kermath engine and maintains all of it's original. The hardware and upholstery are in great shape as are the gauges. The hull, bottom, sides, ribs, frames and decks are also solid and sound with very good integrity. The boat has always been in the fresh waters of the Muskoka Lakes and is ready for a new owner to continue her stewardship.
2662126 Feet 1926 Johnson Laker Launch$60,000
This beautiful Launch has a original 4 Cylinder inboard engine and is in MINT condition! Has been completely gone through and has new motor box, new decks, new sides, new floors and new upholstery.
3160526 Feet 1928 Gilbert Long Deck Launch$80,000
26 ft 1928 Gilbert Launch built in Brockville Ontario. Boat is in Very good condition. Last restored in 2000 with a West System hull. Runs beautifully with freshly reconditioned seats in 2013 that are in excellent shape.
2774827 Feet 1918 Fay & Bowen Launch$75,000
This is an excellent example of Finger Lakes builder Fay & Bowen. Bearing Hull # 588 it is very original and in great shape. The decks are new, but it is believed that the rest of the boat is all original including the bottom. It has the original Fay & Bowen model LC-41 engine which has 27 HP and will move the boat along smoothly. The engine has been rebuilt and is richly detailed and in show condition. The boat needs some very minor cosmetic work but the chrome is all excellent as is the interior and the guages.
3656827 Feet 1927 Fay & Bowen Launch$125,000
One of the most striking Fay & Bowen launches we have ever seen! She has been expertly restored with no detail overlooked. Very original boat with nearly 95% original wood! Beautiful mahogany sides and decks. Only a few bright sided 27' launches were built by Fay & Bowen, and this is a wonderful example. Powered with the original Fay & Bowen 115hp, 6 cylinder engine. Custom trailer and cockpit cover. Out of approximately 875 boats built by Fay & Bowen from 1900 through 1929 this is hull # 841. Of these we believe only 5 of the all Mahogany ( “Bright” ) 27’ Long decks were built. “Keego” is a multi Best of Show award winner, including the prestigious 2008 “Best on the River” award at the annual Clayton Antique & Classic Boat Show.
2985627 Feet 1953 R.A. Newman & Sons. Ltd$975,000
Original 27 ft Jolly Boat, from the Royal Yacht 'Britannia'. Finished in royal blue and carrying the royal crest, she has her original Perkins p4m diesel inboard and all her original chrome fittings. Built in 1953 by the famous R. A Newman and Sons. She is made of double diagonal mahogany on oak and elm, she will take 26 persons. Her engine has completely been re-built and her original Identity no. is 5340 which is stamped throughout the boat. We have all the original plans and paperwork on her and rare photographs of the Royal family on her. This boat is very rare and beautifully built.
3143828 Feet 1909 Goodhue & Hawkins Launch$30,000
This rare Goodhue and Hawkins Launch has a rich history in the State of New Hampshire. It is beautifully supported by a 2013 custom made trailer with electric brakes and wooden bunks. It also has a new fuel tank and a newer Gray marine 25 HP engine with a 12 volt ignition and a new mooring cover. The bottom has been re-done with a 3M solution, epiphanes finish and refastened. This elegant boat needs nothing and is one of the very few boats still in existence by this prestigious builder.
3171128 Feet 1915 Dowsett Long Deck Launch$37,500
Henry is a Long Deck Launch built by the Dowsett Boat Company of Portland, Ontario. She was originally built for an Ohio based businessman who summered in the Rideau lakes region. She ended up back in the mid-west and lived in indoor storage between the 1970s and 2011 when she was brought back to Henderson Harbor, restored and re-powered. She is featured on page 99 of Bob Speltz's Real Runabouts Volume 1. She is now in reliable condition for every day use as well as showing. She was shown at the Clayton Antique Boat show in August, 2013. Henry is one of a handful of these boats produced and is consequently a rare commodity. She has a distinct design and old world look.
3714128 Feet 1921 Hutchinson Long Deck Launch$75,000
This beautiful 1921 Hutchinson Launch was once owned by the silent screen movie star, Irene Purcell. At a War Bond fundraiser meeting in the Waldorf Astoria, Irene met Joan Marlowe, another silent movie star. The conversation moved to the 1000 Islands, where Irene owned an Island. Joan told here that owning an Island was one of her life's wishes. Later that night Joan Marlowe became the owner of Fancy Rock Island which is located quite near John Keats ( writer) Island. This boat is from that island and is in excellent condition and worthy of any collection.
3075328 Feet 1928 Morris Long Deck Launch$150,000
This classic 1928 Morris Long Deck Launch has its original 6 cylinder Scripps engine which has been adjusted with a dual ignition. The boat has an epoxy bottom and was completely restored such that it needs nothing. It offers a new leather interior, wicker chairs, tandem trailer and a new cover. This boat is a great part of pre-war history and a great addition into your boat house or collection.
2987928 Feet 1930 Fitzgerald & Lee Custom Launch$15,000
This is a 28' custom built, mahogany-planked, chauffeur-driven fishing boat that was ordered and delivered to Dewey Island, just opposite Alexandria Bay which opertaed from 1930-1950. While similar to other social/fishing launches, it differs from most in that it was planked smooth skinned design of lapstrake and has a large cockpit layout with a separating roll up window that gave the hull an opulence afforded by people such as the owner whom was the chairperson of the Republican party for the State of Delaware. Requires restoration but this boat has an incredible history. the boat was featured in Bob Speltz "The Real runabouts, Volume V" on page 145.
2662228 Feet 1947 Goodhue Hawkins Launch$75,000
Cover for the rear deck and brand new snap in covers. Totally restored and used very little. Boat needs nothing. Has new decks, new floors and has been completely gone through. Fully documented
3010129 Feet 1920 Hutchinson Long Deck Launch$75,000
Beautiful show winning Hutchinson, with awards taken at Clayton, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Hudson River including "Queen of Show"! Equipped with a convertible top, she is a real stunner. She is one of 4 long decks built in 1920 for C. M. Stone of Binghamton, NY, C. L. Hayden of NYC & for George Hutchinson himself! She is the sistership to Idyll Oaks. Her bottom and other restoration work was performed by Elco approx 15 years ago.
2701829 Feet 1937 Chris Craft Model 758 Cruiser$9,800 
1937 Chris Craft 29' Sedan Cruser, needs bulkheads, has a rebuilt engine. It is complete with all original hardware. She has crank down windows. The hull is mahogany, and there is a curved mahogany swim platform custom built to that era. First owner was Judge Gray from NY & 2nd was Governer of NY, Paul D. Graves. Originally sold by Mercier Boat Works Clayton New York.
2900329'6 Feet 1916 Louis Esteses Launch$75,000
This boat was completed in 1916 for the current owner's grandfather [Edeson J Weeks]. Restored in 1993. All original brass hardware, cypress wood construction. Louis was a well known restorer in the 1000 Islands area living in Alexandria Bay and was known for fine work and craftsmanship but made only a very small number of boats. This enhances the rarity of boat of this kind still surviving to this day and in such nice original condition. The boat has been restored by a well known and highly regarded Canadian restorer and is currently in Show Condition. Photos are available of the work done to the boat for those who are seriously interested in purchasing this boat.
3646330 Feet Gilbert Long Deck Launch$35,000
Gilbert Boats were built in Brockville, Ontario along the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Because of a warehouse fire at the factory, many of these boats are no longer around. This 30 footer is in good overall condition. It does have the original bottom, which will need attention.
3112730 Feet 1913 Johnson Laker$24,000
You are looking at a lovely Johnson Laket built in Lakeport, N.H. In 1920 she was repowered by a Gray Marine 4 Cylinder 25HP engine. Her design is typical of the days when the narrow design did not require much power unlike the later "planing hulls". The boat worked as a charter fishing boat for years. lived in a boat house it's whole life. Lately she has been used as a stately smooth riding boat amongst the choppy waters of Squam Lake. There are very few of these boats still in existence and were very well built albeit in small numbers. The bottom is sound and original. Varnish work is being done to refresh the boat in 2012 and the boat has been in use every season and is ready for the water next season.
2920230 Feet 1924 Fay & Bowen Golden Arrow$275,000
One of the finest examples of the Finger Lakes builder. This is the very rare and sought after "Golden Arrow". This boat is in Concours Condition with virtually no flaws and has been featured in magazines and books before marvelling at her stylish lines. It is most remembered in the book Wood Through water being shown in all of her glory on page 45 and 51. The boat was for many years owned by the Lewis Family who were generous benefactors to the Antique Boat Museum. The boat is also being offered with a Fay & Bowen LN43 which is a 50 HP motor which was the correct motor for the boat when it was first delivered.
2896230 Feet 1929 Claus Engelbrecht Launch$525,000
In the glorious prewar phase of boating this vessel was the choice of only the most wealthy individuals in the country. One of the finest designs by the Claus Engelbrecht Werft / shipyard in Berlin it´s now fresh out of a 5,000 hour + complete restoration to highest concour standards. Engelbrecht, renown for his power boat for Ferdinand Porsche, build this classic power launch, motorised with a 90 PS, 5000ccm 8 cylinder Mercedes Nürburg engine. This boat is the only one remaining of its type, because the cream white hull was already zink-galvanized and steel riveted when being build. Highly original down to the last detail, elegant instruments from Daimler Benz Marienfelde. New mahagony decks with 600 year old Alaska yellow cedar, cabin windows with honed cystal glas. Absolutely stunning quality varnish and upholstery. A historically significant sublime prewar boat, that would be a great addition to every serious MB 540 K collector. Located in Berlin/Germany.
3172430 Feet 2006 Thames Slipper Launch$32,500
Larkspur of Henley is a 90% Dutch rebuild (2006) of the 30 ft slipper launch Larkspur built by Hobbs of Henley, using replicated parts meticulously copied from the originals. These were reassembled in wood core epoxy creating an extremely rigid hull.Her graceful lines and re-use of the original Honduras mahogany (unsplined) deck and cockpit make her an excellent example of a rare breed of beauty.Fitted out with modern equipment; Yanmar 3GM30 27HP diesel with tele flex engine control, water lubricated propellor shaft,hydraulic steering, VDO classic instruments (+ rudder angle indication) electrical bilge pump. Overall canvas cover in 3 parts (zipper)currently housed inside, near Amsterdam. Only 4 of these known to exist.
3212231 Feet 2008 Ditchburn Launch Reproduction$300,000
A beautiful contemporary design based on a 31 Foot Ditchburn Launch . This boat is spectacular with all of the modern building methods including a no soak bottom. Built in 2008 and lightly used this boat is now offered for sale and ready for use this season. This boat will require nothing as it is structurally sound and nicely powered.
3178332 Feet 1920 Gidley Long Deck Launch$80,000
Another fine example of Canadian craftsmanship. This beautiful Gidley Long Deck Launch has gone though a total restoration about 10 years ago. The boat has been lightly used since restoration. The owner has since passed away and the boat is ready for some refinishing.
2806634 Feet 2002 Clarion Cocktail Launch$210,000
This superbly constructed and elegantly appointed reproduction was custom built. She is appropiately named "Decked Out". Fully eqipped with a sink, refrigerator, and head. The boat, just broken in, has less than 80 hours. Her lines were inspired by classic cocktail launches of the 1920's The interior was customed designed by the owner.
3015436 Feet 1922 McNeil & Norris Long Deck Launch$225,000
McNeil Norris boats were built in the Bala region of Muskoka during the 1920's. These boats were built to order, and this 36' model is a very fine example of their craftsmanship. She is a very large launch with sleek lines and a roomy cockpit arrangement. She receives frequent use on Lake Muskoka by her present owners.
3721570 Feet 1903 Polson Iron Works$850,000
This Polson Iron Works Launch was built in 1903 for Mr. Alexander McKenzie. Since then it has been a well recognized feature on the Muskoka Lakes. The boat has been well maintained for many years by Paul Brackley of Brackley Boats and is supported by a recent survey. The boat is powered by a 170 HP Diesel engine which cam propel the boat up to 12MPH. The boat unquestionably is one of the most stately boats today in the Classic boat world and recently was equipped with bow thrusters to make docking a breeze for a boat of this size.
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